Saturday, July 11, 2009


Oh dear....

It just gets worse.

An American president who has "the blood of Africa within me" praised and scolded the continent of his ancestors Saturday, asserting forces of tyranny and corruption
must yield if Africa is to achieve its promise.

"The blood of Africa in me". That's what Mr. President said. A man whose African father divorced his wealthy, white, teen-aged mother has the entirety of a continent coursing through his veins. The arrogance!

And who enables this arrogance? Yahoo News, of course, with the headline: Son of Africa, Obama scolds forces of tyranny and corruption holding back the continent

The man loves himself and the press loves him for it. Is there no shame? Not in the newsroom and not in Africa where Obama's impoverished family live.

Just read the article. It's drenched with self-serving platitudes and half-baked imagery.

From a true African: a post about Dambisa Moyo.


Anonymous said...

Any thinking person would know that any person from the continent of Africa would not refer to themselves as "African" but by their country. It would be like calling someone "North American" though they are from Mexico. I've spoken with a few of my "African" friends and they find they agree that most people from the continent of Africa find this insulting.
A side note - is Mr. Savior proud of his irresponsible "African" father?

Anonymous said...

Playing the race card, for "good" or bad reasons, is still a form of racism.

I wonder if he also said "the blood of Europe is in me" when he spoke in Munich, or would that have made him to easily identifiable with another socialist?

Anonymous said...

The blood of Hamilton is coursing through me! Please send welfare cheque so I can cash it before the beer store closes!


Osumashi Kinyobe said...

In time, Harold Hecuba. In time.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Who would find this pretentious nonsense endearing, aside from the self-conscious armchair critics? One will also note that Mr. President stayed a short time in GHANA, not Kenya where his impoverished relatives still live. Can't put on a regal air with relatives begging for cash.