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When my parents came to this country, they had to work even to have someone return their phone calls (because foreigners really like it when you're rude to them). Imagine an immigrant not taking a dime from anyone; imagine a Toronto where they all will:

On Thursday morning, City Council will vote on Motion CD 18.5 — the so-called 'access without fear' motion — which could put Toronto on the path of giving undocumented migrants the ability to utilize city services such as food banks and homeless shelters.

The rationale, of course, is that some undocumented immigrants are causing themselves and their families harm because they don't access services out of fear of detention or deportation?

Thank you for stabbing legitimate, hard-working immigrants in the back, bleeding-hearts.

This yahoo, unsatisfied that Christmas wasn't ruined, is intent on making more of a nuisance of himself:

A Saskatoon man already fighting Christmas greetings on city buses says the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission has agreed to hear his complaint against a city councillor who said grace at a volunteer appreciation banquet.

“This isn’t supposed to be a Christian city or a Christian country. This is a secular nation filled with all kinds of religious and spiritual people, atheists and agnostics,” said local activist Ashu Solo. “We need to respect everybody. We need to protect the rights of the minority from the misdirected will of the majority in a constitutional democracy like Canada.”

Only a militant atheist would take upon himself the mission to rid the world of things that personally bother him and no one else. I wish to register a complaint against this man and I hope that others will follow suit with this. Aren't there more serious violations of liberty than saying Grace or Merry Christmas? If you are a paranoid leftist with nothing better to do than see conspiracies where none exist (and therefore are too stupid to live) instead of acknowledging that real persecutions are going on in the world and need concrete action not political equivalents of cause-de-jour ribbons, then yes, someone is out to get you and they are using mealtime prayers and Christmas to do it.

Or you can get a life.

Oh, really? The Liberal Party is just a personality cult? Really?

This guy knows what the capital of Israel is:

In his first official visit to the country, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio told Israel’s president on Wednesday that Jerusalem is “of course the capital of your country.” He reiterated America’s bipartisan support for Israel.

This guy, not so much:

Obama's claimed phone call to Hillary and Hillary's statement would occur approximately six hours after the attacks had started. 

The White House made this assertion only after outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told Congress that Obama did not contact him the night of the attacks after a "pre-scheduled" 5 PM meeting. Panetta said neither he nor General Martin Dempsey heard from Obama after this meeting and that no one from the White House called at any point during the attacks.

White House spokesman Jay Carney insisted that the President remained in contact with his national security team: "Like every president before him, [Obama] has a national security and deputy national security adviser. He was in regular contact with his national security team directly, and spoke with the Secretary of State at approximately 10 p.m."

Carney's claims also run counter to Counsel to the President Kathryn H. Ruemmler's intimation that no phone calls were made by Obama while the Benghazi consulate was under attack. At 10 PM Washington DC time, the consulate was still under attack.

Who's lying, Barry? Panetta? All those who testified that the State Department did nothing while four people were killed in Benghazi?

Related: the war on women- he may as well have said: "I know you're filling in and I think that's adorable but men are talking now":

Press secretary Carney sneers at female reporter; ‘I know you are just filling in’

It's alright when liberals do that. A hypocrite is as a hypocrite does.

When retrospect really hurts:

In a speech to the Cato Institute in July 2007, then-Sen. Chuck Hagel claimed that relations with North Korea were "moving in a positive" direction because of multilateral talks with the regime of Kim Jong-Il, rather than the path of confrontation the Bush administration had chosen with Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Hamas in Gaza.

There is no such thing as a perfect plan, and the idea of pressuring North Korea through international financial sanctions is no exception.  Like money launderers everywhere, the North Koreans have adapted to get around anti-money laundering controls.  Reuters has an excellent, must-read report on North Korea’s use of bulk cash transactions to avoid the scrutiny of banks and law enforcement.  The report features an interview with Kim Kwang Jin, who defected and revealed his role in an international re-insurance scam.

North Korea has also responded by splitting its income streams via more banks.  South Korea claims that it’s difficult to associate specific accounts with illicit activity, which is always the case with money laundering.  That’s the whole idea of such classic money laundering methods as “structuring” — dividing large payments into smaller ones to evade reporting requirements — and “co-mingling” — mixing illicit funds with the proceeds of “legitimate” activity.  The usual law enforcement approach to such tactics is to impose special measures on all of the suspected launderer’s income and assets.  That approach shifts the burden to those handling the suspect’s transactions to establish the legitimacy of the origin and use of the funds.  It was also the clear intent of Paragraph 8(d) of UNSCR 1718.

All of which suggests that an appropriate U.N. sanction would be to ban bulk cash transactions with North Korea, its nationals, and its agencies.


The New York Post reports on the incident that occurred Sunday morning involving the "30 Rock" star and a Post reporter and photographer:  

Baldwin had first been approached by a Post reporter while walking his dogs outside his East 10th Street pad at around 10:50 a.m. He was asked for comment on a lawsuit against his wife, Hilaria, involving her work as a yoga instructor.

The “30 Rock’’ star grabbed the reporter, Tara Palmeri, by her arm and told her, “I want you to choke to death,” Palmeri told police, for whom she played an audiotape of the conversation.

He then called G.N. Miller — a decorated retired detective with the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau and a staff photographer for The Post — a “coon, a drug dealer,’’ Miller’s police statement said.

"This pipeline is so that we can start selling to China and other places. Which they would say was about creating some jobs and it’s about bringing in money, but most of that money isn’t trickling down to anybody....

"What is trickling down to us is leakages, spills, bad health, um, contaminated water, contaminated air, radioactive materials, property values dropping, our health. That’s what’s being trickled down to us, and we have to say no to that."

I imagine she will refine the hemp from its oil.

Earlier this month, the Facebook Inc. released its first “10-K” annual financial report since going public last year. Hidden in the report’s footnotes is an amazing admission: despite $1.1 billion in U.S. profits in 2012, Facebook did not pay even a dime in federal and state income taxes.

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