Friday, April 20, 2018

And the Rest of It

Yep ...

This is the same government that can punish one for buying beer elsewhere and can't balance a budget:

 A Liberal MP urged convention delegates Friday to support a policy proposal to implement universal access to necessary medicines, arguing it's an issue their party should own going into next year's election, not the NDP.

Oakville MP John Oliver made the remark during a workshop focused on health and social development issues. He is sponsoring a resolution to amend the Canada Health Act to include necessary medicines under covered services. It's one of 30 resolutions that have made it to convention.

"Friends, this is Liberal business. This is ours to finish, not the NDP," Oliver said. "Let's hit the door in 2019 with pharmacare in our pockets."

And there one has it. The craven lust for political advancement.

Also - an unauthorised list of Justin's lies (his gaffes would take volumes).

MP Michelle Rempel argues that making the entire Canadian border a point-of-entry would help stop the flow of illegal migrants.

FGM apologist Ahmed Hussen has no answer for that:

During a recent showdown in Question Period, Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel asked Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to stop giving excuses, and finally explain how he will end the growing illegal border crossing crisis.

Hussen responded with excuses.

He even tried to shift blame to the Conservatives, for not voting in favour of more government spending on ‘processing’ illegal border crossers.
Despicably, he then tried to attack the Conservatives on the issue of resettling survivors of Islamic State brutality (or “Daesh” as Hussen referred to it). What makes that argument by Hussen so absurd is that for many months the Conservatives were demanding that the Trudeau government do more to bring Yazidi refugees to Canada, while the Liberals slow-walked it. In fact, Rempel was a key leader of the effort to help the Yazidis.

That man is a piece of sh--.


ISIS members who return to Canada from Syria and Iraq could have knowledge of chemical weapons and put it to use in a terrorist attack, according to internal government documents obtained by Global News.

The documents said the so-called Islamic State had repeatedly used chlorine and mustard gas in Syria and Iraq, raising the prospect of their use in Canada by returning foreign fighters.
How could this go wrong?

And - this b!#ch should be a fine mist:

A mother of four from Indiana is sharing how she became involved with ISIS — and why she and her children are now being held in a Syrian-Kurdish jail.

She can stay there.

MP Scott Simms may not regret his principled stand against Justin's fascism but Justin, being the petty narcissist that he is, will hold it against him:

Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian instincts emerged once again, as he punished Liberal MP Scott Simms for voting his conscience.

Simms – the MP for Coast of Bays — Central — Notre Dame – voted in favour of a Conservative motion that opposed Trudeau’s Canada Summer Jobs ‘values test.’

The widely-opposed policy forced Canadian faith organizations to sign a statement going against their most deeply held beliefs, or have their funding taken away.
After Simms voted his conscience, Trudeau removed him from his position as chair of the Commons Fisheries Committee.

You should have crossed the floor, Scott.

Bishops back a fight against a partisan effort to humiliate Pope Francis on behalf of Big Aboriginal:

Catholic bishops were on Parliament Hill Wednesday to fight back against a motion supported by NDP and Liberal MPs, but opposed by some Conservatives, that calls on Pope Francis to apologize for the church’s role in residential schools. 

Tension over the issue has been escalating after the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a letter last month saying Pope Francis felt he could not personally respond to the recommendation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for a formal apology.

The Commons motion was temporarily blocked on Wednesday after its introduction was denied unanimous consent by some Conservative MPs, who argued it’s not Parliament’s role to tell a church what to do. But NDP MP Charlie Angus, who spearheaded the motion, said it will be reintroduced without needing unanimity, and will come to a full vote — possibly as soon as next week.

The Catholic bishops gave a variety of reasons for opposing the motion, including that the Vatican was not directly involved with the schools, that Pope Benedict had already “expressed sorrow and regret for the abuses suffered in the residential schools” in 2009, and that Pope Francis has said he’s open to coming to Canada and meeting with Indigenous leaders.

Is Doug Ford still like Trump? :

Ontario’s Progressive leader says he would end the millions of dollars in per-vote subsidies the government pays to parties like his, calling it “political welfare” and bad for democracy.

Why would Maxime Bernier even think of writing such a vengeful screed before an election? Why? :

Conservative MP Maxime Bernier announced Wednesday he has indefinitely postponed the publication of his new book in which he criticizes party leader Andrew Scheer.

“After consideration, for the sake of maintaining harmony within our party, I have decided to postpone its publication indefinitely,” Bernier wrote on Twitter.

Talk about self-defeating.

How four people attempted to save the life of an unfortunate passenger and an entire airplane:

The cowboy, the fireman, the nurse, the pilot: A foursome of strangers aboard Southwest Flight 1380 is being praised for bravery after a catastrophic engine failure shattered an airliner window, sucking a passenger halfway out at 32,000 feet.

Three passengers, who were at first described by witnesses only by their garb or occupation, rushed through the frightening chaos to help the woman drawn out of one of the plane’s side oval windows as the pilot made an emergency landing in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Ladies and gentlemen, the "Angel of Dieppe":

Sister Agnès-Marie Valois, who earned the nickname “Angel of Dieppe” for her defiance in treating Canadian soldiers on the beach of Dieppe during the disastrous Second World War raid, has died, aged 103.

Valois became an iconic hero to Canada’s veterans for defying Nazi authorities on the bloodstained beach who ordered her to treat wounded German soldiers before aiding the Canadians.

“She is known for standing up to the German soldiers; they held a gun up to her to treat the German injured first, but she just looked at everyone as equal — regardless of rank, regardless of nation, regardless of who or what you are she treats those who needed help the most,” said Hardy Wheeler, a retired lieutenant colonel with the Essex and Kent Scottish regiment, one of the first units to hit the beach of Dieppe.

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