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Before one can comment on Trump's insistence that Justin dismantle the supply management system, such as one sees in the dairy industry, one has to define it and illustrate why it is unpalatable to most.

In the case of the dairy industry, farmers collectively set the price for milk and other dairy products and produce accordingly. Quite simply, it is not the market, or consumers, if one wills, that sets the price but a handful of people, a practice in some countries that has either been done away with or reduced. This reduces the market size and traps the Canadian consumer in a monopoly.

While Justin could have brought up American protectionism, he instead acted like a snivelling coward and talked about Trump behind his back but with an audience that might attest to his braggadocio:

It was weaselly, self-serving and does not project an appearance of self-confidence, strength or interest in the Canadian people and economy, interests that could hardly matter to an heir of a great fortune.

It is this behaviour that Justin will use to prove that he is defending Canadian interests, not hiding his ignorance of the supply management system and his failure as a negotiator.

Oh, look - everyone is ignoring Justin. (here)

Also - no one cares about "gender studies" and Justin's panty-twitching and it's high time that someone said it:

A tardy Donald Trump created a distraction Saturday when he showed up late for a G7 meeting on women’s empowerment.

The U.S. president arrived several minutes after the start of the breakfast meeting between G7 leaders and the gender equality advisory council that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created for this year’s summit in the Charlevoix region of Quebec.

Trump missed Trudeau’s introductory statement at the meeting and entered the room while council co-chair Isabelle Hudon, who is Canada’s ambassador to France, was speaking.

His arrival was impossible to miss as security personnel had to open a path for Trump through a mob of journalists, many of whom were holding large cameras.

Trump stopped at the edge of the room and flashed a big smile in Trudeau’s direction before continuing to his seat.

And - that's not what you said before, Justin:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday rejected a U.S. demand for a sunset clause in NAFTA but said he was prepared to compromise on the issue, which is holding up talks to update the 1990s-era pact.

I'm sure someone explained things to him.

And - there is no money for veterans:

The Trudeau government announced at the G7 summit that it has raised more than $3.8 billion in an effort with other countries to send the world's poorest girls to school.

Virtue-signalling at its most expensive.

The wealthy white Laurentians would wet their shorts at the very thought of a successful African women's economic collective that didn't need "reproductive health" cash.

Hoisted by their own petard, as it were:

Doug Ford won the Ontario election on Google and Facebook, and was never in any danger of losing — despite what some public polls indicated, says one of his top campaign organizers.

The Progressive Conservative leader appeared for a brief encounter with the media Friday after capturing a majority government the day before, the party’s first Ontario election win in almost 20 years.

His adviser — speaking on condition of anonymity — offered fascinating insights into how that happened, and the importance to the victory of digital warfare.

Elections until recently were fought largely in the news media and with television advertising. But the PCs this time relied on “literally thousands” of online ads they produced inexpensively in-house, the campaign official said. With the ability to target specific demographic and geographic groups through Facebook and Google, those internet spots proved more important than any traditional media, the campaign official said.

The targeting was so precise, “a husband and a wife should not be seeing the same ads,” the organizer said.

And monitoring data suggest the Tories “crushed” the other parties in terms of the volume of their online advertising viewed by Ontario voters, he said.

The Canadian popular press has learned nothing from the American experience where it was predicted the vitriolic Hillary Clinton would ascend to the presidency handily.


The popular press is not as influential as once it was. Social media allowed millions of disaffected voters to air their views (yes, millions), very few of which were complementary to the Liberals.

Speaking of whom:

Kathleen Wynne, who stepped down as Liberal leader after the party's dramatic downfall, said she hopes premier-designate Doug Ford will change the rules to grant the designation, which currently requires eight seats in the legislature.

"I think it's important," she said. "I hope that Mr. Ford will agree."

Don't do it, Doug. Finish the b!#ch. Finish them all.

Here is one (out of many) reason why:

The Ontario PC Party led by Doug Ford was very clear in the election: They would repeal cap-and-trade and fight against the hated carbon tax.

Doug Ford repeated it over and over and over again, and all PC candidates ran on that idea.
Knowing this, the voters of Ontario gave the PCs a massive majority government, and a clear mandate to implement their Plan For The People – including scrapping the carbon tax.
But now, instead of listening to the will of Ontario voters, the Trudeau government is arrogantly planning to impose the carbon tax anyway.
As reported by the Toronto (Red) Star – who tried taking down Ford but failed miserably – Liberal parliamentary secretary to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna Jonathan Wilkinson “told the Star the government wants to work with the incoming Ford administration on carbon pricing. But if Ford scraps Ontario’s existing system, as promised, Ottawa is prepared to impose one. “We need to move forward, and the Government of Canada intends to move forward,” Wilkinson said.”

Finish the b@$#@rds. Finish everyone of them off. Scorch the earth where they stood:

Now, this makes a little more sense:

President Donald Trump said Saturday he has “a clear objective” for his upcoming nuclear summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, though he acknowledged that potential progress “will always be spur of the moment.”

He described the meeting set for Tuesday in Singapore as a “one-time shot” for Kim and characterized it as a “mission of peace,” speaking shortly before he left a Group of Seven summit in Canada to fly to Asia.
Perhaps Trump is anticipating a repeat of decades of North Korean treachery.

One hopes he is, anyway.

Also - if human rights are not on the table, then Trump's previous disparagement of the Kim regime will ring hollow:

U.S. admission of North Korean refugees has almost ground to a halt since President Donald Trump took office because of his administration’s efforts to increase vetting of overseas arrivals.


Early in the reign of North Korea’s current supreme leader, merchant Kim Young-hee shared a flea-infested prison cell for a year with more than two dozen other women, enduring regular whippings from guards. Her crime was helping her sister’s child flee one of the world’s most repressive dictatorships.

There is no reason to make Kim prosperous while this occurs.

Was it something they said? :

THE Austrian government is to order the closure of seven mosques and expel up to 60 imams in a crackdown on political Islam and Turkish nationalism, it announced yesterday (Friday).

“Parallel societies, political Islam and radicalisation have no place in our country,” Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian chancellor, said. Six of the seven mosques are being closed on suspicion of links to Islamic extremism. They are run by the Arab Religious Community, which the government has also ordered to be shut down.

The seventh mosque is to be closed on suspicion of links to the Grey Wolves, a far-Right Turkish nationalist group.

The move comes after images emerged earlier this year of children as young as four being made to wear Turkish army uniforms and salute the Turkish flag inside the mosque in Vienna’s Favoriten district.

Another reason why the popular press must be treated with contempt:
Jeff Amyx, a Baptist minister and owner of Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies, originally posted the sign in 2015 when SCOTUS ruled to permit same-sex marriage across the country.
Amyx claims that gay and lesbian couples are against his religion.

Following the ensuing backlash, Amyx took the “No Gays Allowed” sign down and replaced it with a sign reading, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who would violate our rights of freedom of speech & freedom of religion,” according to USA Today.

Try reading the sign, Yahoo.

No, it does not follow that the poor, put-upon homosexuals in the United States will be excluded after the Supreme Court's decision to defend a baker's right not to cater a gay wedding. Only a self-absorbed, mentally ill, attention-seeking ambulance-chaser would think such a thing.

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