Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20th

Kristos Voskreses (Happy Easter, Orthodox church-goers)!

A lot has been going on since Easter (on the Gregorian calendar).

The Narcissist-In-Chief has proven once again that being ineffective is effective in and of itself. He has denigrated the country he has been (for whatever reason) elected to lead. First was his whirlwind trip to Europe where he continued campaigning to people who could never (and I imagine would never really) vote for him. His lukewarm talk of action against bully nations of Iran and North Korea and non-proliferation falls flat and well the bully nations know it. But despite his pleading, Mr. Obama cannot get Europe to commit to his grand military plans for Afghanistan. They never did before. Keep in mind- the Balkans were their problems and history has shown us how that turned out. In short, no one is impressed, certainly not enough for action. This says flat-out what I've said before: Obama expects everyone to be inspired by his quasi-Christ-like glow and follow his example. I wonder how surprised he is that they are not. I'm sure he is even more surprised that he nothing like God. A dictatorship is a bully that hits everyone with a big stick. Not carrying one isn't going to magically transform the bully into a lamb.

Then there was the verbal abuse from tinpot dictator Daniel Ortega (he endured it- how noble). Where a strong leader would either leave the room until said dictator regained some semblance of civility or stand up for himself, Obama nodded his head and took notes. Where is one's pride when one cannot muster enough respect not to let tyrant run one down with jingoistic, socialist babble? Isn't Obama now proud of his country? Should God not damn America, the way Reverend Jeremiah Wright demanded (do not tempt God, by the way)?

Let's not forget the fevered handshake with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and the near-opening of Cuba, land of socialist bliss. While Mr. Obama glowed in the light of his own imaginary awesomeness, a real politician (however underhanded he may be) did some actual work. Should just waking up everyday qualify for praise? If so, Mr. Obama has it made.

Now enter Sarah Palin. If, as her detractors in the popular press claim, she is nowhere near being a contender for 2012, then, pray, why the publicity? Surely this self-made working-class politician cannot possibly unseat an empty suit?

Can she?

You know it's bad for the UN when scores of Western nations won't take part in an anti-racism conference tinged with elements of racism (this particular article is really rich) AND then they are reminded of their impotence by a victim of Libyan torture. Efforts have been made to silence him but I think his mere presence is far too loud to be ignored.

Watch here.

It's just too much to watch. How can any country take part in such an organisation? It's obviously so obdurate to progress. How can the UN explain its failures away? Why do we tolerate it?

This is what creepy looks like. Don't vote NDP. Ever.

I leave you with a slow loris being tickled.

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