Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What the....?

The world has taken crazy pills.

Jason Kenney, the Conservative minister of Citizenship and Immigration, has ordered a re-write of what he calls an "insipid" guidebook for newcomers to Canada. Its focus is the tired, old tripe of Canada as a "peace-keeping" nation and a "mosaic", with an emphasis on Liberal (party) values. Canada did not "keep the peace" at Vimy Ridge or Normandy beach, and it sure doesn't do so in Afghanistan. Brave soldiers fight for the freedom of others. Wouldn't it be worth the immigrants' while to properly instruct them in English and teach them what it means to be a Canadian? They are, after all, going to be taxed to death when they become citizens. We owe it to them.

The "Chosen One"- or Obama, as his family calls him- is "not satisfied" with his 100 days of pork-spending and toadying to press agents and tyrants alike. His difficulties were "unprecedented". And to think the last guy only had to deal with a major terrorist attack on American soil. Some guys have all the luck, I suppose. It's this attitude of carrying a burden only someone with superhuman strength can pull off. Obama wants to elicit sympathy and ultimately awe for taking on the tasks he is expected to deal with as the leader of the free world (not that he's done a stellar job). Suck it, whiny-pants. You have three and a half more years to go (and lots of tax dollars to spend willy-nilly!).

North Korea demands- demands- that the UN apologise or it will conduct another nuclear test. If the world is tired of these tantrums, just invade North Korea (screw China and Russia).

I will leave you with ten extremely creative holders.

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