Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mais Non!

President Nicolas Sarkozy declared that burqas- the full-length garb required in some Islamic societies- are not welcome in France given that they are symbols of oppression and failure to assimilate in an open, secularist society.

It is refreshing to see a European leader- a French one, no less- standing his shaky ground. Sarkozy's statement takes grand courage as France is populated with a young, restive Islamic population ready to torch cars at any moment.

Bon chance, I say nonetheless!


Willard said...

How brave of him. I fear a violent backlash too, which is the coward's way(not to be confused with the Chicago way).

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I, too, think there would be a backlash: one from the bleeding heart crowd and one from the restive crowd.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy has no courage is a duplicitous politician who, while denegrating the burka, also hailed Islam as a great, peaceful religion which has made untold positive contributions on the world. Sarkozy is dishonest, disingeuous and a liar. He also passed into law forbidding the wearing of the Islamic veil in public schools...as well as all "outward symbols of religion"...yep, that includes necklaces with religious pendants worn by Catholics.

He also did nothing with Brigitte Bardot was repeatedly charged with hate speech crimes for criticizing Islam in France.

Don't celebrate this man until he starts telling the truth by Islam, the evil power that is taking over France and all of Europe.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I thank you for your comments, anonymous, but I will make several points of my own.
Sarkozy, while hardly a champion of anything, did not denigrate the burqa but called it what it was: a form of suppression. How is a woman to function, especially in a Western society where such garb is not normally worn, in a overflowing and completely concealing garment? What would happen if she did not wear it? There are police in Iran whose sole purpose is to make sure women are wearing some sort of covering. How is this for their own good? It certainly doesn't protect them from assaults or looks.
I have seen very little evidence to suggest that Islam has made wonderful contributions to the world. We could go on and on with dreadful events of the latter twentieth and early twenty-first century.
Bridget Bardot should be free to criticise what she likes, even if she is wrong. Surely, someone could publicly point out her faults if she is mistaken. The whole exchange of ideas, good, bad or indifferent, is lacking in some societies and this partially stunts them.
Again, thanks and happy Canada day.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point I was making, based on the fact that you replied with an argument against the burka. You are preaching to the choir. I am against the burka. I agree with him for denigrating the burka. But he can't do that and at the same time claim Islam is wonderful. The burka is part of Islam. He also lied and said the burka is not about religion. It most assuredly is. He is trying to take the blame off of Muslims for everything. Like they just magically make women wear burkas, stone people, and mutilate the genitals of little girls...for some reason that has nothing to do with Islam?? We are supposed to believe that?

I'm saying don't celebrate a man who doesn't tell the truth.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I see.