Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remains of the Day

James von Brunn has been identified as the shooter at the Holocaust Museum earlier today. A guard has been killed. Von Brunn has been described as "a white supremacist and Holocaust denier" with a history of violent behaviour, prison time and unexploded anger. Expect the usual pleas to blanketly curb word, thought or deed whenever things like this, this, this or this occur. Now is not a time to rationally point out existing laws or customs. Dammit! People's lives are at at stake!

I am not trying to make light of violence, only the reactions to them (in case someone was confused).

Freezing the money generated in Room 39 (North Korea's secret monetary chest) could hurt North Korea, some experts say. Making China accountable for aiding North Korea would be even more effective. We could stop trading with them, for starters. We can demand transparency from Chinese banks which hold North Korean funds. This would not end up being a dangerous trend as North Korea is a rogue state which uses its funds for things like weapons and drugs. Surely China wants to help.

The fate of some North Korean children.

Every single story I hear about North Korea is heart-breaking.

More then 20,000 came to see the much-maligned governor of Alaska raise money for a museum, celebrate Founder's Day and drum up support for special-needs individuals. She also went to see a baseball game with her fourteen year old daughter. The aforementioned fourteen year old girl was subject to some leering dirty old man's unfunny attempt at gutter "humour".

In case we forgot what bad taste looks like.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god - it's just another pathetic attempt of Palin's to remain in the public eye. She is thriving on this and it is HER who is bringing world wide attention and embarrassment to her daughter, not Letterman.
Letterman meant nothing more than a joke and it certainly wasn't directed at her younger daughter. My god, he's been in the business forever and has never been referred to as a "dirty old man".

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

There are several points to be made here.
First: the English language requires proper names, including names of deities, to be capitalised. Sorry. I have to mention it. It's a constant niggle for me.
Secondly: Governor Palin doesn't need the attention; she gets it. She is quite eye-catching by nature and has been since the election a figure for the public. There are many people who support her and, more specifically, can relate to her. Not everyone is an Ivy-Leaguer or a country-clubber. Some people got their hands dirty to pay for food and rent.
Thirdly: it was never Governor Palin's intention to thrust her children into a negative light. That was done by the media. I would have very little respect for people who aired their dirty laundry on Oprah.
Fourth point: there was only ONE daughter with Governor Palin at the time and that was the fourteen year old. Surely, Mr. Letterman and his writers knew that.
Fifth point: whether the joke was aimed at a child or an older woman, these sexually-based jokes are just sick. I can't see what is funny about them. This doesn't just concern Governor Palin or her family. Many so-called comedians enjoy debasing themselves and others when it isn't even funny. If this is how these "comedians" see women, then they belong in the gutter.
Last point: many have pointed out, and I concur, that David Letterman has devolved into a bitter, unfunny performer. This cheap shot at Governor Palin and her children is just an example of how unhappy and unfunny he has become. I'm sure we'll hear some timely jokes about the Titanic soon, with some filth thrown in.
Thanks for posting.

Harold Hecuba said...

What a pathetic man. And yes he has been referred to as a dirty, old man. If Palin had made a joke about a 40 yr old man in a relationship with a 14 yr old girl, the press would have been all over her. An apology is due.