Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fractured Nations

As Canada is only ONE nation, the above is figurative only.

Moving on....

Manitoba chiefs are considering withdrawing from the Assembly of First Nations:

Manitoba chiefs meeting in Winnipeg this week are reportedly slated to consider pulling out of the Assembly of First Nations, highlighting the fragility of a national body that some say needs a reset of its own.

Since National Chief Shawn Atleo met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Jan. 11, the assembly has been dogged by renewed doubts over its mandate to negotiate treaties on behalf of the province’s First Nations. But recent reports of Manitoba chiefs potentially channeling their frustration into outright ejection casts a cloud over the assembly’s efforts to quash internal dissent.

Reports of mismanagement and corruption have fragmented not only Canadian opinion but bands, chiefs and aboriginals themselves. The thought of accountability or even abolishing the Indian Act have polarised those who stand to gain from the status quo and those who would benefit from its complete removal. Why not abolish the Indian Act and treat aboriginals as citizens in a twenty-first century, First World nation and whose rights are measured by their responsibilities?

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