Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Night Special

Canada doesn't have death squads. It has huge amounts of taxpayer cash to give to terrorists:

"Canada does not engage in death squads," Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told CBC's Power & Politics on Friday. 

"With the battlefield activity winding down, there is a very real question about where the foreign fighters go, and all of our allies, whether they're in the Five Eyes or the G7, we've all agreed to collaborate very carefully."

Goodale said anyone who poses a terrorist risk, homegrown or from elsewhere, is viewed "with the greatest of seriousness" by Canada's intelligence, security and police agencies.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said his department's job is ensuring foreign fighters don't become a threat.

"We will make sure that we put every type of resource into place so Canadians are well protected," he told a crowd at the Halifax International Security Forum on Friday.

How do you sleep at night, you lying sack of crap? 

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan opened a security conference on Friday by saying Canada is embracing a more muscular approach to international security, touting a new peacekeeping strategy and increased military spending as signs of an "increased role."

Oh, like fun you are! 

And - a nun tackled Saint John Paul II's would-be assassin. Fustigation is permitted:

At the time of the Vespers service, two individuals about thirty years old, bearded and dressed normally, entered the Carmelite convent of Verdun.

After talking with the sister at the reception, the latter told them that the Office of Vespers would soon begin. “They asked her if they could go to the chapel,” said the bishop. “She said yes”.

Once in the chapel, “they prayed in Arabic during Vespers,” says Bishop Gusching. “They presented themselves as divine messengers and told them: if you do not convert, you will go to hell.”

No, Mr. Scheer, Jagmeet Singh is just a Sikh Trudeau:

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has suggested the new leader of the federal NDP could be a more "authentic" champion for left-wing issues than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It's time for Trudeau to pay back the Chinese businessmen who made his time in office possible

Justin Trudeau is expected to announce he is heading to Beijing early next month to launch free trade talks with China.

The trip has not been finalized but diplomatic sources suggest he will head east in the first week of December.


Another First Nation has stepped forward to lay claim to naming rights in Alberta.  

The Stoney Nakoda have applied to the province to have a long list of southern Alberta geographic features and urban areas renamed to reflect the traditional language of their nation as the “original occupants.”

But Chief Stanley C. Grier of the Piikani Nation of the Blackfoot Confederacy says his people were here first.


Just a reminder, Kathleen Wynne's friend and co-designer of Ontario's controversial sex education program, is out free:

Convicted child pornographer Ben Levin, the former bigwig in Ontario’s ministry of education, is on parole — but he is busy online, trolling academic studies on porn and leaving comments that suggest the disgraced educator still doesn’t think he did anything wrong. ...

Caught by undercover officers online, the world-renowned educator, UofT prof and former member of Kathleen Wynne’s transition team was a frequent visitor to an incest chat room where he counselled single moms on how to sexually assault their daughters for his pleasure and theirs, a site where his profile listed his sexuality as “nothing is taboo.”

In one disgusting sampling read out in court, the depraved Levin told one London “mom” he’d like to “f— all 3 (of her children) in front of you with your help…would they submit or would I need to tie them?”

Levin was denied full parole in August 2016 after the National Parole Board found he still lacked insight into his crimes. This past January, he somehow convinced them otherwise and was granted full parole. ...

Since his release, Levin’s Internet footprint is all over ResearchGate, a kind of Facebook for academics to post and review studies.

“Research Ben” identifies himself as “retired from the University of Toronto” with a newly-developed interest in criminal justice “where the link between evidence and policy seems especially wide in many countries.”

While his parole conditions state he can’t “possess or access pornography or sexually explicit material in any form or type of media,” he seems to be getting his kicks by reading and commenting on scholarly articles about the dark world in which he once lurked. Levin lists 84 papers of interest with the vast majority dealing with studies around child pornography and pedophiles.


When junk science and accommodation of those who clearly mentally ill is foisted upon people, they lash out, unsure of whether to scream that there are two and only biological sexes or complain about the logistics of it:

Harris was also upset over the lack of consultation with parents. She contacted the principal, the school board and her MLA but wasn't satisfied with the responses.

She believes the majority of the students won't use the gender-neutral washrooms, and agrees with Gabbey that they are creating logistical problems. She, too, thinks a couple of single-stall washrooms would be adequate.
Baldassarre disagrees.

"Well, imagine being somebody who's part of an LGBTQ community or somebody who has an identity or a diversity issue ... being forced to have to go use a specific washroom," the principal said. "I mean for me personally it brings back shades of 1950s segregation in the southern U.S. 

That Mr. Baldassare even exists and is allowed to be a principal where he can spew that fatuous crap is part of the problem. That no one has the intestinal fortitude to speak a scientific truth - that there are only male and female sexes - is another. Knowing that he cannot defend his tripe (which was used to foist these poorly-designed and unwanted bathrooms for the mentally ill) logically or ethically, he played an irrelevant and obfuscative race card. Mr. Baldassare isn't fit to scrub out those bathrooms. The rest of the school body's cowardice is not going to win this battle. Of course everyone should be against total pig crap. That's a sign of a healthy society that rejects irrationality by a few. 

A graduate student, Lindsay Shepherd, at Wilfrid Laurier University, played a piddling three-minute clip in a class from an Agenda discussion on the hypnotically engaging subject of personal pronouns.

As a consequence, she ended up on the sharp end of the “transphobic” stick, and had her teaching put under immediate supervision by the higher beadles of WLU.

Shepherd was summoned to the high office of the Adria Joel, acting manager of the “Gendered Violence Prevention and Support” program, in the company of program coordinator Herbert Pimlott, and her professor of communications, Nathan Rambukkana. They were perturbed.

It was the clip from The Agenda that did her in.

A disgusting reality about the wounded North Korean soldier who defected and many others:

A North Korean soldier’s bold attempt to defect by crossing the heavily guarded border with South Korea galvanized attention this week.

But perhaps more surprising was the disclosure by surgeons struggling to save his life of what they found while repairing his intestinal wounds: dozens of parasitic worms, some as long as 11 inches.

“In my 20 years as a surgeon, I have only seen something like this in a medical textbook,” said Dr. Lee Cook-jong, a lead surgeon.

The discovery opened a window on the dire conditions in North Korea, including poor hygiene and nutrition. The news shocked many people in prosperous South Korea. ...

Experts in parasitic worms were not surprised, however. They said that the finding was consistent with the broad sense of conditions in the isolated, impoverished North.

Defectors to the South have cited the existence of parasites and abysmal nutrition. Because it lacks chemical fertilizers, North Korea still relies on human excrement to fertilize its fields, helping parasites to spread, the experts said.

In a 2014 study, South Korean doctors checked a sample of 17 female defectors from North Korea and found seven of them infected with parasitic worms.


“The secret to North Korea’s survival is the reign of terror. Why do you think North Korea has public executions? Why do you think they block all communications? Why do you think North Koreans leave, knowing that they will never see their families again? It shows how bad things are. All our rights as people have been stripped away.”


The top commander of U.S. nuclear forces says he would push back if President Donald Trump asked him to carry out an order he deemed “illegal”.

Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, commander of Strategic Command, told a panel at the Halifax International Security Forum on Saturday that he and Trump have had conversations about such a scenario.

In the event that Trump decided to launch a nuclear attack, Hyten would provide him with strike options, and the president would make his decision.

Hyten says if he believed Trump’s order violated the laws of armed conflict, he would tell him so and present him with legal alternatives.

Hyten would be in charge of U.S. nuclear forces in a war.

This sounds more like an opportunity to be contrary than providing sound military advice.

Oh, dear:

A Christian charity has removed mention of the Bible and simplified its version of the Nativity story to avoid confusing children who don't go to church. 

The Scripture Union slimmed down its annual book telling the Christmas story, which it aims to send out to 100,000 children, because it said many of them did not know the basics. 

While previous versions have included references to Bible verses and prompts for children to compare the story to the Gospels, this year's story is a simplified nativity which assumes children know very little about the birth of Jesus. 

Jennifer Babb, church and community fundraising manager at the Scripture Union, said the removal of explicit references to the Bible "takes that barrier away - it makes it more of a simple story."

Uh, no, it's removing the context and - more importantly - one of the greatest spiritual messages in the world.

Also - despair isn't going to save Christmas, Father:

Father Desmond O’Donnell said Christians of any denomination need to accept Christmas now has no sacred meaning. ...

“We’ve lost Christmas, just like we lost Easter, and should abandon the word completely,” O’Donnell told the Belfast Telegraph.

“We need to let it go, it’s already been hijacked and we just need to recognise and accept that.”

I love this bit right here:

A couple decades down the road, when I’m dead from chronic bitterness and drinking too much expensive cabernet that I buy with the Social Security money you’ll be toiling to pay me, you won’t have families or careers. You’ll be my age and still making coffee for the next generation of ingrates, the children of the immigrants and super-religious Christians who represent the only portion of America still making babies. You’ll come home to your used Mitsubishi love robot named Olive, reheat some Sara Lee avocado toast sticks, and watch Saturday Night Live as it tries to make fun of President Donald Trump, Jr.

Enjoy your dismal future, snowflakes. You've earned it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mid-Week Post

Your pinnacle of reason ...

The most transparent government wants everyone to know that it's back:

The Trudeau government is formally offering helicopters, transport aircraft and a 200-strong rapid-response team of soldiers for UN peacekeeping — though it will be months before Canadians know when and where they will go.


That's really making people shake in their boots.  Nothing says don't mess with Canada like "So the exact where and when is going to take a little bit of time to work out".

How decisive and self-possessed! And prudent, too. Let Trudeau spend a whole bunch of cash that isn't his on something he is not even sure about.

The upshot of this is this: thirty-nine percent of Canadians are so mentally stunted that they should be forced to wear helmets for their own safety.


Canada is turning to the North American Free Trade Agreement in its bid to stop U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber.

Good luck with that. If Trudeau doesn't turn up, it may work out for Canada.

And - why do people pay so much for oil? Because people are stupid enough to do so:

The number one reason for high Canadian gas prices, by a long shot, is taxes. Road tax, carbon tax, federal excise tax, GST, HST and, in some cases, a municipal transit tax. Metro Vancouver, for one, keeps its SkyTrains running with a 17 cent per litre municipal gasoline tax. According to the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation, the highest gas taxes in the United States are in Pennsylvania, where the total government take on a litre of gasoline is equivalent to $0.26 CDN. Compare that to Montreal where drivers are paying $0.32 per litre in federal excise tax, provincial fuel tax and local transit tax. And that’s before the 15 per cent sales tax.

What is the true meaning of the niqab? Subjugation of women by emotionally retarded men and silly puffy white liberals.

But don't take my word for it. Just as the Shafia women, Aqsa Parvez and women who are burned with acid for not wearing any head-covering:

As was widely anticipated, Quebec’s Bill 62, banning face cover in the realm of public services, will be legally contested: by an individual niqab-wearing woman, supported by the CCLA and the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is considering how his government too may “weigh in” on the challenge. ...

(Sidebar: let him also weigh losing Quebec in the next election.)

That there are relatively few niqabs in Canada is neither here nor there as a matter of principle. It seems to me strange and hypocritical that we see no problem in repressing even infrequent messaging associated with racism. But, fearful of being perceived as Islamophobic, we won’t endorse action against messaging that emblemizes gender apartheid.

Because it is easier to let bad things happen then endure some poorly thought out words and attacks from some self-loathing prats who really have no idea how the world actually is.

An ISIS spin-off promises blood for Christmas:

The Wafa' Media Foundation last week released a PR poster titled "The Specter of Terrorism," stating in English, "You will pay very expensive price for your war on Islam." The message added: "We will take revenge for the blood of Muslims on your land, we will kill the young before the older watch this."

Why not just vapourise these people? What do we need them for?

Try as they might, the conductors of one of the worst show trials in this country still can't get traction for M 103. It's like the ovine masses refuse to bleat less:

The next speaker was my friend, Yasmine Mohammed, another Canadian of North African Arab heritage. She was born in Canada in a strict Islamic environment but has today stepped back from the faith.

Mohammed introduced herself to MPs on the committee with these words: “I was born and raised in Canada. I both attended and taught in publicly funded Islamic schools in Canada. I wore a hijab from the age of nine in Canada. And later, when I was forced into a marriage with a Jihadi, I wore a niqab, here in Canada as well.”

Getting straight to her point, Mohammed said: “M103 is doing the exact opposite of its intent. Rather than quelling bigotry, it is feeding the fire because it includes the word “Islamophobia” that is not about protecting people — Muslims — it is about protecting the ideology — Islam.”

She addressed the fear of Canadians whom, she acknowledged, have “been naturally uneasy and suspicious about how a so-called peaceful ideology (Islam) could be spilling so much blood.”

Then she told her story. It moved even Liberal MPs who, for the most part, have insulted Muslims who have opposed M103 before the committee.

Mohammed said: “But to people like me, people with backgrounds in the Muslim world, this is blase. 

We have been dealing with Muslims killing in the name of religion for 1,400 years. We are accustomed to Islamists, like the Muslim Brotherhood, and Jihadis like al-Qaida and ISIS.

“I was married to a member of al-Qaida. I had his baby. None of this is a mystery to me. None of this is new.”

Later, not one Liberal or NDP MP asked her a single question. It was as if she had never been there.

Just a reminder: when Iqra Khalid was the president of the Muslim Student Association at York University, she put out a book advocating wife-abuse.

Carry on.

Vaguely related - those who have lived under totalitarianism know whereof they speak:

Do you millennials enjoy having electricity on demand to charge your devices? Then you would hate Action “O.” Action “O” stood for “Oszczednosc,” which translates to “Savings.” Poland’s communist government would notoriously turn off electricity to various areas of the city to “save” energy.

They had an interesting system which they described as “customer oriented”: they would turn the electricity off for one minute and turn it back on for five minutes as a warning that a shutoff was coming. You had exactly five minutes to find your matches and candles, because after that electricity would shut off for several hours.

If that wasn’t bad enough, we suffered under a shortage of matches.

Teaching special needs students is incredibly challenging. One must be realistic: a disabled child is so called because there are things he or she cannot do. Equality here cannot mean treating him or her as one would anyone else but affording him or her the dignity and respect he or she is owed as a person. Failing to teach such children is not treating them with respect. Keeping them in a classroom with the other students is paying lip service to a platitude and neglecting one's profession to every student. However, it is clear that schools are doing what they often do - going through the motions instead of finding a solution or simply refusing to teach the child in question because the school does not have the means. Parents would have the means but people like Kathleen Wynne apparently know better or something

Jeremy Piper of Quispamsis says there's nothing inclusive about an education system that restricts his nine-year-old autistic son Alex to 30 minutes of class time per day.

Piper says the Department of Education has failed to equip its teaching staff and schools to support students with special needs and he's convinced the students are paying the price. 

"They don't have the resources," Piper said.

"They don't have the training. They don't have the experience. And they won't make themselves get it."

Piper was reacting to what he describes as his son's suspension on Nov. 2 from Quispamsis Elementary School over a series of violent outbursts, including one that may have caused serious injury to Alex's educational assistant.

"This is their solution — send him home, don't deal with it."
Piper, a 40-year-old Mountie who describes himself as evidence-driven, said the school has refused to provide him with the incident reports that led to Alex getting "kicked out."

On Nov. 6,  Alex was allowed to return to school, he said, but only from 8:15 to 9:15 a.m. and only 30 minutes of that time is in the classroom, Piper said.

"The first 25 minutes are outside time and 'soft entry,' they call it," he said.

"Then he has three 10-minute classes. Then he goes home. They consider that education, I guess."

Piper said that until this month, Alex had no history of violent outbursts and had been going to school full time, with very few issues.

And now, the hardest and easiest languages to learn.

There's a reason why most American students start with French or Spanish as a second language. These romance languages are somewhat similar to English and require (relatively) less time to learn than most.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

For a Tuesday

Oh, dear ... :

At least 530 people were killed in Iran's deadliest earthquake in more than a decade, state news agency IRNA reported on Tuesday, adding that more than 8,000 others were injured.

Iran said on Tuesday that rescue operations had ended in the western province of Kermanshah that was hit on Sunday by the 7.3-magnitude quake.


Five people are dead and two others were left wounded in a shooting spree that began at a home in Northern California on Tuesday and ended at an elementary school, officials there say.

This sort of thing is not too uncommon but is indicative of a rotten system about to collapse:

Around 40 gunshots were fired from the North at a North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea via the Joint Security Area, South Korea’s military said Tuesday. 

He remains in critical condition at a hospital in South Korea, where he has received surgery for his injuries. Five bullets – including those from an AK-47 assault rifle – were found on his body, according to South Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff.

North Korea has yet to comment on the incident, the first JSA defection to the South in 10 years. While being surrounded by military outposts and minefields, JSA is a sought-after tourist destination for foreign visitors.

“Our assessment is that three North Korean soldiers and another from the North’s military outpost chased him as he fled, firing shots,” JCS top operational chief, Army Gen. Suh Wook, said during a meeting with lawmakers. 

The soldier drove a jeep toward the Military Demarcation Line, which bisects the two Koreas inside the JSA, until it became stuck in a ditch and could not move forward. The soldier jumped out of the vehicle and ran to the South, the JCS said.

This guy wanted out.

More to come.

From the most transparent in the country's history:

The federal government is dropping a campaign pledge to waive the GST on the construction of new rental units, claiming research has shown there are better ways to boost the supply of affordable housing.


With an eye to next spring's election, Ontario's Liberal government will slash small business taxes as part of $500 million in new investments aimed at easing the transition to the province's increasing minimum wage.


The number of foreign citizens deported for security, crime, organized crime and international human rights abuses has dropped by about a third since 2014, according to Canada Border Services Agency figures.

(Sidebar: in case one was confused about who and what Trudeau's government truly supports.) 

The Liberals aren't worried about anything, though:

The federal Liberals are being weighed down by a credibility problem, say pollsters and a former Liberal cabinet minister and their message of fighting for the middle class is getting undermined by a series of controversies tied to taxation and finance. ...



The Liberals have issued a report card on their own performance, and it turns out they are absolutely brilliant at being the government.
The first “mandate letter tracker” looked at the 364 commitments the prime minister made in his missives to ministers and assessed whether they had been completed, were underway or were not being pursued.

The government did not quite give itself a gold star but the message was clear: great progress is being made and new challenges are being tackled every day with a positive attitude.


Not everyone is willing to support the Liberals' delusions, however:

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte attacked Canada's Justin Trudeau at the end of a summit of Asian and Western nations for raising questions about his war on drugs, a topic skirted by other leaders, including U.S. President Donald Trump.
At the traditional news conference by the host nation at the end of the summit on Tuesday, Duterte was asked how he had responded to the Canadian prime minister raising the issue of human rights and extra-judicial killings in his anti-drugs drive.

"I said I will not explain. It is a personal and official insult," the Philippines president said in the course of a rambling answer, although he did not refer to Trudeau by name.

"I only answer to the Filipino. I will not answer to any other bullshit, especially foreigners. Lay off."

Oh, that must hurt. Here Trudeau thought that he would be the anti-Trump and "cordially" speak to Duterte, who has zero fraks to give about what anyone says about him, and it backfired on him. Anyone who is aware of Trudeau's gushing love for China's dictatorship (more on that later) and his indifference to Canadian victims of terrorism, Filipino or otherwise,  knows that Trudeau is morally and politically out of his depth. I doubt that even the popular press' faithful water-carriers can spin this as a win for the Fils.

Here is Trudeau bravely running away, in case people still possessed illusions of Trudeau's alleged fortitude:


A U.S. effort to stoke the fires of coal-powered electricity didn't escape the attention of Canada's environment minister Monday as Catherine McKenna used her Twitter account to troll the carbon-based fuel just as American officials were extolling its virtues.

Yeah, whatever, Climate Barbie.

That sort of thing only works if one contributes to society and even then that's a stretch:

If a group of First Nations get their wish, Calgary will be renamed Wichispa Oyade — Stoney Nakoda terms that roughly translate to mean elbow town.

This might explain some things:

Canada's workforce has experienced a troubling slide in literacy and numeracy skills, despite higher levels of education and improvements in learning technology, according to a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute. In "Talkin' 'Bout My Generation: More Educated, But Less Skilled Canadians," author Parisa Mahboubi compares results of international surveys from 2003 and 2012 and finds Canadians' skill levels declining across all age cohorts studied.

And if people were far less worried about driving wedges between parents and children and actually taught things properly, this wouldn't be a problem.

Speaking of iron-fisted dictators:

Chinese officials and residents in a rural area of Jiangxi province have revealed a government plan to “melt the hard ice” in the hearts of Christians towards communism by denying them pivotal poverty relief packages if they do not replace images of Jesus in their households with photos of President Xi Jinping.

One official stated that the move was necessary because Christians are “ignorant” and need to be taught to worship the state, not God.

The move is the latest in a string of crackdowns against Christianity in the Xi era. Xi’s regime views Christianity, which has experienced a popularity boom in the past decade, as a challenge to the supremacy of the Communist Party’s growing cult of personality around Xi himself.

Narcissism has always been a mark of a self-conscious tyrant and destroying Christianity has been an important goal of any communist dictatorship in history. Xi would not be hard-pressed to find support for his narcissism and cruelty among the leftists angry at their dads but he must know that with every act of censorship and tyranny, there will only spring up more "ignorant" believers.

Would Xi be angered at an icon of Jesus crushing the fat Mao underfoot? After all, the Good Book does says that a snake's head will be crushed by the descendants of Adam.

Would Xi like this?
How about this?
This appears to be a Chinese version of Mary and Jesus. This must doubly upset Xi.


The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of IS fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city.

A convoy included some of IS’s most notorious members and – despite reassurances – dozens of foreign fighters. Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey.

Could one find the words to express even a modicum of disgust for such a disgraceful deal?