Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Now Look Here


Canadian customs agents warn incoming Americans about bringing guns into the country:

The CBSA says most firearms seized at land border crossings are from U.S. travellers seeking entry to Canada.

As such, the CBSA suggests Americans check the laws before arriving at a Canadian port of entry.
"It is strongly recommended that you not carry your firearm when travelling to Canada and/or transiting through Canada to reach another U.S. destination," the news release reads. "However, should you choose to travel with your firearms, you must declare all firearms in your possession at the first Canadian designated port of entry.

"You must also have all the necessary permits and have your firearm appropriately stored."

Failure to declare any firearm may lead to the seizure of the weapon, a penalty or prosecution in a court of law and may make the person inadmissible to Canada.


A jury has convicted Quebec's 2012 election-night shooter of second-degree murder in the death of a lighting technician and found him guilty of three counts of attempted murder.

Tuesday's verdict at the trial of Richard Henry Bain came on the 11th day of jury deliberations.

Bain, 65, was facing a charge of first-degree murder in Denis Blanchette's death outside a nightclub as then-Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois was inside celebrating her party's election win on Sept. 4, 2012.

Instead, the jurors found him guilty of the lesser charge of second-degree murder as they rejected the defence's argument he be found not criminally responsible.


Homicide investigators say they believe that a man who was gunned down in a King West parking garage in the middle of the day Sunday was targeted.


Gerald Stanley, the 54-year-old man charged with second-degree murder in the Aug. 9 shooting of 22-year-old Colten Boushie on a rural property near Biggar, Sask. has been released from custody.

Carry on.

Canadians pay more taxes than they do for living essentials:

The Fraser Institute calculates that the average Canadian family paid $34,154 in taxes of all sort last year, including “hidden” business taxes that are passed along in the price of goods and services purchased.

The study’s authors conclude that visible and hidden taxes would have been equal to 42.4 per cent of the cash income for an average Canadian family in 2015, estimated at $80,593.

By comparison, the study estimates the average Canadian family spent $30,293 on housing, food and clothing last year — about 37.6 per cent of the family’s total cash income.

Where do our taxes go?

Some of them go here:

The federal environment department paid a French photojournalist $6,662 to take pictures of its minister, Catherine McKenna, and her staff during the COP21 conference on climate change in Paris last year.

Liberals are entitled to their entitlements.

I would have little problem with this if I knew that the pasty-white gated-community Liberals voters and their "quaint" voters blocks paid for the lot.

Also: teachers' unions in Ontario sway elections in the Liberals' favour. That's why the Liberals can give the teachers what they want and screw over doctors:

Ontario’s government can play tough against doctors simply because class warfare works, and though many people like their physicians, few would howl if they saw their doctors take a pay cut — which happened back in January 2015, and then again in October. If the same were to be thrust upon Ontario’s teachers, not only would there be literal marches in the streets (has the United Nations ruled on whether eliminating banked sick days is an act of war?), but the optics would be crippling: here you’d have a government claiming to stand up for average families, but at the same time clawing back the pay of the most average of workers. The teachers would never forgive the Liberals, the debate club would be shut down forever and the rest of Ontario would look warily upon any future government promise to look out for the “little guy.”

(Sidebar: class warfare? No. See above.)

Liberal voters want this.

And this, as well:

The federal treasury is doling out $1.49 billion worth of transit funding among cities in Ontario for track upgrades, new buses and improvements and accessibility upgrades to stations, the prime minister announced Tuesday.

Birds of a feather and so forth.

Alberta is in a really big hole:

After all, if Alberta is purportedly over-dependent on oil, and the government expects producers to get more money for that oil, why would companies pay less in taxes? And while the NDP raised the corporate tax rate from 10 to 12 per cent last summer, revenues are now projected to be roughly half-a-billion dollars lower than they were last year.

Oh, dear:

Emails released on Monday show that Hillary Clinton’s top State Department aide, Huma Abedin, left classified government information that needed to be burned in the front seat of her vehicle.

She also worked for a radical Muslim journal.

But I'm sure all of this is a coincidence.

Oh, heavens to Betsy! There goes the Narrative:

Scholars at Johns Hopkins University released a new report on Monday which argues that there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that lesbian, gay, or transgender people are born with this sexual orientation or gender identity.

Couple that with a judge's barring Obama's controversial bathroom legislation and this calls for cold, wet blankets because a whole bunch of people just got burned.

I keep saying this and it looks like the idea has caught on:

CNN’s Sally Kohn is being trolled in epic fashion over a Tweet she sent out trying to criticize Donald Trump’s position on Shariah law not being compatible with the US constitution ...

A sensitive and compassionate person named Jon Lo decided to hold Ms. Kohn up to her own rhetoric. He began a Change.org petition suggesting that Kohn be an example to the hate-mongers on the right. The petition says CNN should send Kohn to a Sharia law based country without any bodyguards so she can be living proof of what beautiful and tolerant societies they are...

This is exactly what leftists should do: see how the other half of the world really lives, not theorise about over vegetarian pho. Actually interacting with people they suppose about in lengthy made-up words may reduce the logical disconnect they have.

That's a big maybe.

I'm sure it's a lone wolf with mental issues:

Roanoke County Police say they contacted FBI investigators immediately after a knife attack outside an apartment complex over the weekend. 

The suspect in the attack is identified as Wasil Farooqui, 20, of Roanoke County.

The stabbing happened Saturday night at The Pines Apartments where witnesses told police the attacker was yelling "Allah Akbar" during the assault.

Yes, Europe will have to live with terrorism because it's not like anyone is going to do anything solid about it:

Westerners better wise up: in the field of behavioral psychology, “systematic desensitization” is a well-known and effective form of graduated exposure therapy used “to help effectively overcome phobias and other anxiety disorders.” Consider the following succinct definition with my examples in brackets:

Systematic desensitization is when the client [the West] is exposed to the anxiety-producing stimulus [Islamic violence] at a low level [reports and images of Islamic violence “over there” in the Mideast], and once no anxiety is present a stronger version of the anxiety-producing stimulus is given [reports of violence closer to home, in the West]. This continues until the individual client [the West] no longer feels any anxiety towards the stimulus [Islamic violence].

Is this the plan?

North Korea launches yet another ballistic missile:

North Korea on Wednesday fired a ballistic missile from a submarine off its east coast into the sea, the South Korean military said, at a time of heightened tensions between the two Koreas.

North Korea launched the missile from a submarine off the eastern coastal town of Sinpo on Wednesday morning, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. The launch comes just two days after the U.S. and South Korea began their annual joint military exercises that the North considers a rehearsal for an invasion.

South Korean defence officials said it wasn’t immediately known whether the launch was successful or not.

North Korea has previously fired several submarine-launched ballistic missiles into the sea, but outside experts said the North has yet to acquire operational submarine-launched missiles capable of striking distant targets like the mainland U.S.

And now, a politician everyone can get behind:

Duke the Great Pyrenees is the only mayor, canine or otherwise, to govern Cormorant and its about 1000 residents. The town held its first election for mayor in 2014, after 140 years without one. A total of 12 votes were cast, and Duke accumulated enough write-ins to claim the title.

Duke! Duke! He's our dog! If he can't do it, no one ... will.


Monday, August 22, 2016

For A Monday

A child suicide bomber killed fifty-four people at a wedding party in Turkey:

Turkey vowed on Monday to "completely cleanse" Islamic State militants from its border region after a suicide bomber suspected of links to the group killed 54 people, including 22 children, at a Kurdish wedding.
Saturday's attack in the southeastern city of Gaziantep is the deadliest in Turkey this year. President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday it was carried out by a suicide bomber aged between 12 and 14, adding that initial evidence pointed to Islamic State. 

Using children to kill children.

Elizabeth May, the only Green party member to have a seat in the House of Commons, has decided to stay and revisit that pesky Israel issue:

Elizabeth May will remain Green party leader despite a controversy over the Middle East that divided members and prompted her to consider stepping down.

The party will revisit a convention resolution to support a movement to boycott Israel, along with any other recent policy decisions that lacked genuine consensus, May told a news conference Monday.

Meantime, May will focus on her work as a member of a parliamentary committee studying options for remodelling Canada’s electoral system before the next national ballot in three years.

Yes, focus on getting seats you don't deserve, Elizabeth.

Does one know who else had frequent meetings with China? Pierre Elliot Trudeau:

The Liberal government is moving toward a policy of constant engagement with China, working on a deal guaranteeing annual meetings for Canada’s Prime Minister and Finance Minister with their Chinese counterparts, sources said. ...
Mr. Trudeau will travel with his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, and their daughter, Ella-Grace, on the eight-day visit that will aim in part to promote the rights of women and children in China.

Yes, about that:

According to Choi, the child’s parents, escapees from North Korea, had been working with him at his farm. And since they were good workers, Choi suggested that the defector couple could use the land of a farmer in his village who had left for South Korea a few years earlier. This gave the couple an opportunity to make a living. They quickly began building up their new life on their own, and soon their baby arrived. The father often told the village chief proudly about his baby boy, and at last report, the boy would be entering kindergarten soon.

However, three days before his visit to us, on October 1, local policemen came to the village and headed straight for the boy’s house. As soon as Mr. Choi heard about the policemen, he went to the child’s home and begged them to let the defector couple stay in the village. He strongly stated his willingness to pay any penalties for them. The policemen rejected his offer, saying that they had to take the couple to their station for interrogation. Thus, the boy’s parents were taken away, leaving him behind.


Human rights groups estimate there are tens of thousands of North Koreans secretly residing in China. Women are believed to make up the majority of these escapees because they can be sold into brothels and as wives or concubines to Chinese men. Since they are regarded as "illegal economic migrants" by the Chinese government, they have no legal recourse and remain in the shadows.

Aid workers estimate that there are about 2,000 "defector orphans" in China, with a possible total of 30,000 North Korean defectors living in hiding, mostly driven over the border to look for food and work.

"Stateless orphans," on the other hand, are born out of relationships between North Korean women and Chinese men, with their mothers subsequently deported to North Korea.


It took nine years and four separate attempts, but a 35-year-old North Korean woman named Ji Hyunah finally escaped the isolated communist regime of her birth. Now, she has revealed before a United Nations commission the horrors she underwent at the hands of North Korean officials and Chinese slavers during her journey to freedom – including the loss of her father, her sale into sexual slavery, and a forced abortion performed without anesthesia that left her with such severe injuries that a prison guard begged his superiors to grant her release.


Once in China, they are picked up by traffickers and sold as brides to PRC nationals, often of Korean ethnicity. In other cases, North Korean women and girls are lured out of North Korea to escape poor economic, social, and political conditions by the promise of food, jobs, and freedom, only to be forced into prostitution, marriage, or exploitative labor arrangements once in China. 

In some cases, women and girls may be sold to traffickers by their families or acquaintances. Women sold as brides are sometimes re-abducted by the traffickers or are sold by husbands who no longer want them. In some cases, North Korean women are sold multiple times to different men by the same trafficker.


The price for a North Korean woman named Kim Eun-sun, her mother, and her sister to escape to China was 2,000 Chinese yuan, slightly more than $300.

Like thousands of North Korean women before them, they crossed the Tumen River into China and met a woman who said she would help them escape – only to discover that they’d been sold to a Chinese farmer who wanted a wife.


Mei-ming has lain this way for 10 days now: tied up in urine-soaked blankets, scabs of dried mucus growing across her eyes, her face shrinking to a skull, malnutrition slowly shrivelling her two-year old body. The orphanage staff call her room the "dying room", and they have abandoned here for the very same reasons her parents abandoned her shortly after she was born. She is a girl. 

This is Trudeau's favourite country. He said so. His father ignored Mao's tyranny.

After PM Trulander hands off jobs to China, he will be dining with the Chinese Communist Party on a regular basis.

What, exactly, have the Liberals done to combat domestic and international terrorism? Trudeau withdrew from the fight against ISIS as soon as he plastered his office with "My Little Pony" posters. Indeed, before the election, he frequented a mosque with terrorist ties, refused to call honour killings barbaric and pushed parkas as a way of stopping child rape. His own defense minister does not believe that ISIS is in any way a threat to Canada despite the failed bombing of Islamic convert Aaron Driver and a suspicious plane crash that the popular press conveniently forgot. The Liberals haven't even gotten around to ridding Canada of Bill C-51, that "terrible" vestige of the previous Harper government.

As usual, the Liberals are full of crap, just like the hacks who praise them for doing nothing:

“The Liberal government is very politically astute and (saying) ‘Let’s make sure that we consult, let’s make sure that we don’t rush to simply eviscerate C-51’ (because) that would be a national security risk and a significant political risk,” considering domestic terrorism likely isn’t going away soon, says Ray Boisvert, chief executive of I-SEC Integrated Strategies and a senior associate with Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada. He is the former director of counter-terrorism for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).


"I don't think police handled it very well at all," he said. "They did absolutely nothing to help me. At no time did they try to warn me. At no time did they try to stop my vehicle from entering the address."

Duffield attempted to return to work, but said he struggled just getting inside another car. He turned the key and started to sweat almost immediately.

"My whole body started to shake like a leaf in the wind," he said. Then he got out of the car and started vomiting.

In a followup interview with police, Duffield asked why they didn't protect him more that morning. He says he wasn't given an explanation.

He said he has retained a lawyer and plans to pursue legal action.
No one likes being nearly blown up.

More wasted money:

Thousands of aboriginals who argue the federal government robbed them of their cultural identities finally get their day in court this week but will have to wait months for Canada to make its case in the unprecedented class action Ottawa has fought every step of the way.

The brother of a child whose picture has become the new face of the tragedy of Syria has died:

The older brother of Omran Daqneesh—the 5-year-old Syrian boy who appeared, shocked and bleeding, in a photo that circulated around the world this week—has died from injuries sustained in the airstrike that hit his family’s home in Aleppo on Wednesday.

File this under "A Crying Shame":

A museum in Normandy is closing its doors, and World War II history buffs have a chance to reap the rewards. The Normandy Tank Museum, opened in 2013, will shut down in September due to lack of visitors, and it’s selling off its collection of World War II tanks ...

And now, dogs who just want to be friendly neighbours.

 Robert Frost, there is something there that doesn't love a wall or a fence or a smarty-pants squirrel.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Post

Aaahhh, the glorious week that was...

According to the RCMP, Aaron Driver had a more powerful bomb that did not explode:

Police now believe the blast in the cab was caused by the detonators and that the more powerful explosives never actually ignited, he said, although Cabana added the forensic investigation of the homemade bomb was still underway. 

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is a detestable, disgusting creature who continues to ruin Ontario day-by-day with the help of unions and mouth-breathing voters who are willing to ignore her destructive policies and corruption:

Just 16 per cent of Ontarians approve of Wynne’s job performance, according to a new Forum research poll. Lorne Bozinoff, the firm’s president, said in a statement: “It appears Premier Wynne’s chickens have finally come home to roost, and voters have started to notice the controversies surrounding her government.”

Expanding the hours of a harm-reduction site is not going to stop drug overdoses. If the proponents of those sites really felt that these sites did any really good, they should fund it all themselves:

Vancouver Coastal Health is launching a six-month pilot project that will see Insite operate round-the-clock on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during weeks when social assistance cheques are issued.

Right now, it is open each day from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. PT.

There have been 433 overdose deaths in B.C. so far in 2016, which is nearly a 75 per cent increase over this time last year according to the B.C. Coroners Service.

The health authority says it monitored overdose rates on a week-by-week basis from January to May.
It noted an 80 per cent increase in opioid-related overdoses during weeks when welfare cheques were distributed.

"We're seeing a dramatic increase in the number of people overdosing at Insite as well as overdose visits to emergency departments during welfare-cheque week," said Dr. Ron Joe, the health authority's associate medical director of substance abuse services.

I'm sure personal responsibility and fracking might alleviate some of these problems:

A new report by Equifax Canada says that Canadians owe an average of $21,000 in consumer debt, not including mortgages.

New Brunswick's debt is even higher than the national average, at more than $22,500, a 5.1 per cent increase over last year. This is also the largest increase of all the provinces.

These debt levels have a significant impact on both the people that are struggling as well as on the economy as a whole. ...

Adults between 18 and 25 are also bearing a large share of the load. The Equifax study found that the delinquency rate for that group increased significantly as well. In other words, millenials are struggling to pay back their debts.

"Our current credit market just makes it very easy to get credit." says Larry Crandall. "We need to go back, we need to start saving, we need to start planning our money, we need to start budgeting."

John Eisner agrees, and believes that the issue is largely that young people aren't getting taught the skills they need in order to manage their money. 

"Why don't we teach this in school?" he asked. "This should be a part of the curriculum, because this is something everyone that has to contend with in their lives."

Does one really need to be told that spending too much and limiting one's opportunities are bad ideas? 


Travellers may clear Canada Jetlines for landing, but an investment group of seven Manitoba First Nations wants the discount airline startup grounded before takeoff.

Canada Jetlines wants Transport Minister Marc Garneau to give the B.C.-based company an exemption on foreign investment rules for airlines. The current limit is 25 per cent. The company says it has an investor lined up from Europe and wants the cap raised to 49 per cent.

Canada Jetlines president and CEO Jim Scott says the company will bring new ultra low fares to Winnipeg, and 250 direct jobs and 1,200 total jobs, as well as inject $260 million into the local economy by the eighth year of operation.

The prairie city would become an east-west hub for the carrier, he said. ...

The group of seven Manitoba First Nations recently made a sizable investment in NewLeaf Travel. The Winnipeg-based ticket seller has partnered with Flair Airlines to offer discount flights, operating 60 flights a week since starting in July.

Speaking on behalf of the South Beach Capital Partners, Brokenhead Chief Jim Bear says the letter being sent to the federal minister on a rule change asks for a definite no.

"As First Nations we are always being told, 'Why don't you guys get into business? Why don't you work towards self-sufficiency?' Then when we do, to have the audacity of foreign ownership come into play," Bear told CBC News.

Bear says the partners are also writing to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett to lobby on their behalf against the exemption.

The group hopes to leverage its investment in NewLeaf into training partnerships with schools such as Red River College.

Bear noted that the port of Churchill and the rail line to the community are in the hands of foreign investors, and now the port is being closed and rail service has been cut in half.

It's called competition.

Get in the game.

Carbon taxes are scams and should not even exist let alone be raised:

The carbon tax was launched in 2008 as part of a Climate Action Plan which was considered one of former premier Gordon Campbell's signature achievements.

Clark froze the tax after she took over from Campbell as Liberal leader and premier in 2011.
Currently, the tax sits at $30 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions. The province's Climate Leadership Team review team had called for a $10 increase in the tax starting in 2018.

According to the review panel, greenhouse gas emissions in B.C. have risen since 2012, making it "extremely difficult" for the province to meet its own legislated target for 2020 of cutting emissions by one-third from 2007 levels.

Critics expressed dismay at Clark's refusal to increase the carbon tax even before she formally made the announcement.

"The commitments in the plan represent a piecemeal approach that the Climate Leadership team warned would prove economically and environmentally ineffective," said Joshua McNab, B.C. director of the Pembina Institute on Thursday.

That Pembina Institute.


Rieder and his Georgetown collaborators have a proposal, and the first thing they stress is that it’s not like China’s abusive one-child policy. It aims to persuade people to choose fewer children with a strategy that boils down to carrots for the poor, sticks for the rich.

Ethically, Rieder says poor nations get some slack because they’re still developing, and because their per capita emissions are a sliver of the developed world’s. Plus, it just doesn’t look good for rich, Western nations to tell people in poor ones not to have kids. He suggests things like paying poor women to refill their birth control and — something that’s had proven success — widespread media campaigns.

In the 1970s and ’80s, a wave of educational soap operas in Latin America, Asia and Africa wove family planning into their plot lines. Some countries did this when they faced economic crisis. The shows are credited with actually changing people’s opinions about family size.

For the sticks part of the plan, Rieder proposes that richer nations do away with tax breaks for having children and actually penalize new parents. He says the penalty should be progressive, based on income, and could increase with each additional child.

Think of it like a carbon tax, on kids. He knows that sounds crazy.

Oh, someone is not happy:

The official Korean Central News Agency also accused Seoul of using the defection of Thae Yong Ho, formerly a minister at the North Korean Embassy in London, for propaganda aimed at insulting the North Korean leadership. It also denounced the British government for ignoring international protocol by rejecting what it said were demands to have Thae extradited back to the North and instead handing him over to the South.

KCNA didn't identify Thae by name, but said North Korea had ordered the "fugitive" who had worked at the embassy in Britain to return to the North in June to be investigated for a series of crimes, including embezzling government funds, leaking state secrets and sexually assaulting a minor.

It said that Thae "should have received legal punishment for the crimes he committed, but he discarded the fatherland that raised him and even his own parents and brothers by fleeing, thinking nothing but just saving himself, showing himself to be human scum who lacks even an elementary level of loyalty and even tiny bits of conscience and morality that are required for human beings."

In announcing the defection, Seoul's Unification Ministry said Wednesday that Thae was the second-highest North Korean official at the embassy and the most senior North Korean diplomat ever to defect to South Korea. In 1997, the North Korean ambassador to Egypt fled but resettled in the United States.

Don't talk about banning the burqa; do it:

Germany could impose a ban on women wearing burkas or full-face Islamic veils at schools and universities and while driving, under proposals announced by Angela Merkel’s party.

... says the party that allowed in so-called refugees.

Ukraine readies itself for more Putin aggression:

Vladimir Putin sought to ease tensions after Ukraine warned of a possible “full-scale” invasion by Russia, even as he convened a meeting in Crimea to demand heightened security measures on the peninsula he annexed in 2014.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, fresh from his aid tour of flood-ridden Louisiana (Obama didn't go because golf supersedes any disaster and drama, according to this walking piece of sh--, just isn't his thing), strongly recommends black American voters to stop electing the same Democrats who keep them jobless and marginalised:

"Tonight, I'm asking for the vote of every single African American citizen in this country who wants to see a better future," the Guardian quoted Trump as saying.

He then presented the crowd with a start question, "What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump?"

"You're living in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose?," he added.

Heavens to Betsy! He made sense!

Because Rex Murphy:

There are some who see the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the U.S. presidency as a milestone for modern feminism and women in general. Yet Clinton’s decades-long march to the White House owes much of its success to her rapscallion, silver-tongued husband, Bill Clinton. She did not storm the citadel of male power and privilege from the outside; she was escorted in under the banner of one of its most flamboyant high achievers. She came into politics by the back door of her mate’s male prowess. She may be the first female presidential nominee for a major party, but it’s hard to say she shattered glass ceilings. She has always had Bill’s key to the penthouse.

And she has screwed over any number of people along the way.

Doctors in Ottawa want to study the link between folic acid intake and autism:

Two Ottawa-based researchers have been awarded a $9.8-million grant to study the link between taking high doses of folic acid during pregnancy and giving birth to a child with autism. 

Folic acid, the vitamin form of folate — a B vitamin naturally found in fruits and vegetables — is known to reduce certain types of birth defects, in particular spina bifida. 

Health Canada currently recommends that all pregnant women take 0.4 milligrams of folic acid per day. But a recent study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health linked excessively high levels of folic acid in pregnant women to an increase in children being born with autism.

Researchers found that women who had four times the "adequate" amount of folic acid had double the risk of their babies developing autism spectrum disorder. 

"We have long known that a folate deficiency in pregnant mothers is detrimental to her child's development. But what this tells us is that excessive amounts may also cause harm," said one of the study's authors, Dr. Daniele Fallin in a statement released in May. ...

Walker and his colleague Dr. Shi Wu Wen have been studying the effects of folic acid for 15 years. Their current work focuses on whether taking high doses of the supplement can help prevent preeclampsia — the leading cause of maternal death in the developed world — in pregnant women. 

In 2008 they published an observational study of 2,950 mothers in Ottawa and Kingston, Ont. They found taking folic acid in the early second trimester lowered a mother's risk of preeclampsia by 63 per cent.  

In 2011 the team recruited 2,464 mothers at risk of preeclampsia from five different countries around the world. Half of the mothers took a high dose of folic acid throughout their pregnancy, and the rest stopped taking it after the first trimester. The results of this study will be published next year. 

Now Walker and Wen intend to follow the children of those women and assess their neurological development. 

"We'll definitely have the answer in the best possible study designed to see the safety and long-term effects of higher dose folic acid," Walker said.

The last Tragically Hip concert ever.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

For A Thursday

So much to talk about....

The RCMP is treating a plane crash in Peterborough as a "national security issue":

Twenty-year-old Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham, Ont., was killed after the small Piper Tomahawk aircraft he allegedly stole from the Markham Airport crash landed just before 1:30 a.m. Friday near the Landsdowne Place mall in Peterborough’s south end about 140 kilometres east of Toronto.

His father, Afzal Chaudhary, says his son lived with schizophrenia and is shocked he was able to steal and fly the plane without a “single minute” of flight training.

Just like Aaron Driver... eventually.

The mere idea of public consultation to a Liberal energised by undeserved entitlements must strike one as an offensive yet necessary evil which is why this particular consultation went almost under the radar:

The meeting was billed on Mr. Aldag’s website as an opportunity to learn, ask questions and have your say on the issue. 

The meeting began with an hour-long presentation by a local professor of political science, who was clearly biased against the current “first past the post” system, but who struggled to explain how the alternatives work or why they would be better.

He explained how the “first past the post” system we use now is bad because Candidate A with 40 per cent of the vote could beat Candidate B with 30 per cent. He then explained that the “alternative vote” system is better, because then Candidate B with 30 per cent could beat Candidate A with 40 per cent, if Candidates C’s voters thought Candidate B was less objectionable than Candidate A. Got that?

Or, he said we could have the “single transferable vote”, which would mean ridings much larger than we have currently, but they would elect three or five MPs after a similar process of reallocating second-choice votes. He didn’t explain how giving MPs five times as many voters but making them share those voters with other MPs would improve our representation.

Or, he said we could have a “list proportional representation” system, in which people who aren’t elected — even after all the gyrations of the vote reallocation of the other systems — could still be appointed to Parliament based on lists provided by the leaders of their party. Oh great, unelected people appointed to Parliament. Isn’t that what we have a Senate for? ...

Eventually, the audience was invited to ask questions. We were told we needed to limit our comments to two minutes. In other words, no referendum because we are going to consult, which we’ll do the night after the August long weekend, and the issue is too complex for you bozos to understand, but tell us everything you think about it in two minutes. Now, smile, you’ve been consulted!

Mr. Aldag was asked repeatedly by speakers if he would go back to the prime minister and tell him that the people of his riding think they should be consulted by referendum before our electoral system, which has served us well for centuries, is overturned and replaced by something that apparently works well in postage stamp-sized countries in Eastern Europe. We didn’t get an answer.

By the end of the night there had been 20 speakers. Of those, 11 were opposed to any change to the electoral system without a referendum, while seven were in favour of change without any consensus from them on which of the alternatives we should adopt. They were just in favour of changing to something or other without a referendum. I couldn’t quite make out what the final two meant to say. 

Interestingly, of the seven in favour of anything but what we do now, four were from outside of the riding. This leads me to believe the electoral change advocates are making the rounds, attending meetings in multiple ridings, to make it seem as if there are more of them than there actually are. Great, the “consultation” version of double voting.

Immigration Minister John McCallum insists that Canada needs more tourists and workers from Trudeau Senior and Junior's favourite country despite its human rights record.

But China expects that Canada is sufficiently whipped to object:

If there is another plausible explanation for McCallum’s surprise “request” last week that Beijing allow the tripling of visa application centres in China with a view to radically boosting the number of Chinese students and temporary foreign workers in Canada, that explanation has not come from McCallum. All we’ve heard is the usual treacle about Canada’s openness to the world.

An acceleration of the availability and volume of Canadian visas accessible to Chinese citizens that the authorities in Beijing would encourage to sojourn in Canada was one of the many demands enumerated less than three months ago by Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister who made an international spectacle of himself at a press conference by barking at Canadian journalists that they had “no right” to raise questions about human rights in China.

Now we’re expected to believe that Wang’s little-noticed demand that Canada boost the supply of visas available to Chinese citizens who are in good standing with Beijing was actually a Canadian idea. We will all be expected to believe a great deal of claptrap like this in the coming days, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to China approaches in advance of the Sept. 4-5 G20 Summit in Hangzhou. So be alert.

If peace-keeping is Canada's great global pride, why have there been so many needless deaths?

In 1994, under the UN’s and Canada’s watch, Hutu Rwandans clubbed, hacked and as a last resort shot to death thousands of Tutsis every day for 100 days. “The worst eyes that haunt me are the eyes of those people who are totally bewildered,” mission commander Roméo Dallaire told PBS’s Frontline in 2004. “They’re looking at me in my blue beret and asking ‘what in the hell happened? How come I’m dying here?’ And they’re absolutely right.

“How come I failed? How come my mission failed? How come, as the commander, I did not convince (higher-ups to take action)? I lost soldiers, and 800,000 people died.”

That’s a big part of Canada’s recent peacekeeping history.

Not long before, under the UN’s watch, a ceasefire in Somalia fell to pieces. Canada’s contribution was the ill-suited at best, psychotically racist at worst Canadian Airborne Regiment, two members of which tortured Somali teenager Shidane Arone to death for kicks. When the ensuing inquiry started poking its nose up the chain of command, prime minister Jean Chrétien and his ministers discredited it, shut it down in the lead-up to the 1997 election, and then declared its damning findings old news.

You can't object to abortion because it kills male or female babies but then be gung-ho about it in other situations. Either abortion is the deliberate killing of a human being or it isn't:

Feminists will tell you a fetus isn’t a baby and it’s always the mom’s choice to carry the baby to term, or not and for any reason. Do they still support the mom’s choice to not have that baby for actual sexist reasons?

George Smitherman would like it very much if people stopped pointing out that anti-gay activists infiltrated the pervert pride parade because it's embarrassing. So stop talking about it or he and his friends will sue you:

Former Ontario MPP George Smitherman, the province’s first openly gay provincial representative as well first openly gay cabinet minister, told Daily Xtra that he joined the lawsuit to “do all we can to stamp this hateful individual out.”

Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition, has also received a notice of threatened legal action for his organization’s supposed publishing of the original LifeSiteNews report on Whatcott’s activities and for linking to the “offensive literature” that was distributed at the Pride Parade. The notice demands that Campaign Life Coalition remove the original news report or at least remove the link to the Whatcott blog. However, contrary to the letter’s claim, Campaign Life Coalition does not operate LifeSiteNews, which is a separately incorporated and managed organization.

Last month half-a-dozen Christians led by Whatcott paid the $100 fee to the Toronto Pride Parade organizers to register "Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association" so that they could move more easily along the parade route to deliver their message. 

While recipients thought they were being handed free condoms and sex tips they were actually receiving a pamphlet that showed graphic images of diseases associated with same-sex behaviors, including anal warts and AIDS.

“I asked them if they wanted ‘Zombie safe sex,’” Whatcott told LifeSiteNews at the time.  “Everyone loved it. But, if you try to give out a Gospel pamphlet, they swear at you and throw slushies on your forehead. But, give them some wackadoddle thing that looks like a condom, and they really can’t grab it fast enough. I had three thousand out in 20 minutes,” he said.

Stop attempting to diminish the dignity of half-naked people in body paint with sex toys and BLM manifestos crammed up their backsides.

Stop it!

Also: the Right Honourable Creep.

But... but... peace in our time!

The State Department has been investigating how and why a 2013 video showing then-Spokeswoman Jen Psaki admitting that administration officials have lied about the Iran deal to gain public support was edited to remove the comments. The edit was first noticed by reporter James Rosen, who asked Psaki the question about the Iran deal. 

Today, State Dept. Spokesman John Kirby revealed they’ve concluded that the video was intentionally edited, but they still have no idea why it was edited or who ordered it to be done...

Oh, I'm sure they don't.


The Obama administration said Thursday that a $400 million cash payment to Iran seven months ago was contingent on the release of a group of American prisoners.
It is the first time the U.S. has so clearly linked the two events, which critics have painted as a hostage-ransom arrangement.

How embarrassing for George Soros:

A leaked memo from left-wing financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations argues that Europe’s refugee crisis should be accepted as a “new normal,” and that the refugee crisis means “new opportunities” for Soros’ organization to influence immigration policies on a global scale.

The troubling ties between Soros and Clinton extend to her tenure as secretary of state. An email released by Wikileaks revealed that, in 2011, Soros instructed Clinton to intervene in Albanian politics—advice she acted upon. Soros directly benefited from Clinton pushing for the 2011 Panama Free Trade Agreement, as several of Soros’ holdings were implicated in the recent scandal there. That deal opened up the country for billionaires and millionaires to exploit as a tax haven, which was exposed in the Panama Papers leak earlier this year.

If this had been George Bush, there would be burning effigies by now:

Nope, there’s been no statement from Obama on Louisiana, although he did sign an order declaring the flooded parishes a “major disaster” area.

He’s made no comments about Milwaukee either, although he was briefed on the situation by Valerie Jarrett (not a joke).

So, what has he been up to? Well, he recently golfed on an “organic” course at a country club that charges a $350,000 initiation fee, and he spoke at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

Obama's red line:

Further proof that political multiculturalism is a failure in that it does not invite unity but does foster discord and lets duplicate failed cultural practices and norms:

Recent crimes involving refugees have brought national focus to Twin Falls, as some local residents worry that the refugee resettlement program has been forced on Twin Falls without proper oversight or public debate. From the sexual assault on the five-year-old girl allegedly perpetrated by refugee boys said to be from Iraq and Sudan, to the the recent charges that an African molested a 33-year-old retarded woman and the arrest of a refugee for coming back to Twin Falls to kill people that he’d met in the refugee program, people are asking who these refugees are. ...

Idaho is one of fourteen states that have withdrawn from the federal refugee resettlement program. Refugees are currently resettled there by voluntary agencies (VOLAGs) and their local affiliates (College of Southern Idaho and Idaho Office for Refugees) under the statutorily questionable Wilson-Fish alternative program. ...

The brochure also provides a culture-by-culture description that explains to employers how they need to adjust to the refugees. Rather than reassuring future bosses that the refugees they might hire have been told that since they are in America, they need to adjust to America society, the brochure—worth reading in its entirety—makes it clear prospective employers are going to be dealing with workers who view the world very differently.

Take, for example, the description of the Sudanese, one of the groups that Twin Falls has been importing:
Cooperation within the group is critical, and it is considered taboo to promote one’s self interest above the community interests. One Sudanese case manager notes that the most important cultural note for the Sudanese is to learn the importance of time in the U.S. (e.g., making and keeping appointments and following schedules). A Nuer source said the Sudanese do not accept the concept of “no.” They may need guidance setting realistic goals, managing time and making decisions.
How does that description of “doesn’t understand the concept of no” work out in practice?

Twin Falls has also been importing refugees from Eritrea and Burma…but don’t look them in the eye. As the official brochure from the Idaho Office for Refugees warns you:
Roughly half of Eritreans are Muslims and half are Christians. Eye contact in the first encounter is generally viewed as a sign of disrespect; avoiding eye contact and looking away are considered as virtues equated to reverence.
How about the Burmese?
Direct eye contact can be another cultural difference, as looking a speaker in the eye can be considered an act of challenge.
Okay, so we won’t look them in the eye. Let’s just keep it friendly and ask about the wife and kids, yes? No. Bad Move.

In the section on Iraq’s culture, which they describe as valuing “patriarchal” society, the brochure states:
In Muslim society, there is a much greater difference between public and private behavior than in Western societies. In traditional families, it is an invasion of privacy, for example, for a man to ask another man how his wife is; one asks instead how his family in general is, or how his children are.
So, don’t ask an Iraqi about the wife. And REALLY don’t ask an Afghan. In the section on Afghanistan, it says:
It is considered a breach of manners among liberal Afghans, and an act requiring revenge among conservatives, for a man to express interest of any sort in another man’s female relatives.

Mr. Chinook is up a creek:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-charity the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, has been linked to donations from a Malaysian playboy embroiled in a vast money-laundering scam, it has emerged.

Millions of dollars in donations are said to have been made to the foundation by businessman Jho Low, who is among those at the centre of a scandal involving the embezzlement of $3 billion from a Malaysian wealth fund called 1MDB.

It’s said that 35-year-old Low, a friend of DiCaprio, used some of the stolen money from the fund at lavish LDF galas thrown by the star, like one in St. Tropez in July, which saw guests flown in via helicopter.

Can you feel the Bern?

To go with places they already own in Washington and their hometown of Burlington, Vermont, the Sanders family has purchased a vacation home on an island in Lake Champlain. Price: $575,000, nearly triple the average cost of a house in the Green Mountain State.

ISIS has claims that it is responsible for attack on a Russian traffic post:

Islamic State on Thursday claimed responsibility for an attack on a traffic police post outside Moscow a day earlier in which both of the attackers were killed.
The militant group made the claim via the Amaq news agency, which it regularly uses to issue statements.

The Amaq statement said: "Two fighters of the Islamic State assaulted Russian policemen in the Balashikha area, east of Moscow".

Russia's Investigative Committee said two unidentified people armed with a firearm and two axes had attacked a traffic police post outside Moscow on Wednesday.

One of them was shot dead while attacking the post while the other was killed when he tried to put up armed resistance, investigators said.

Two police were injured in the attack, one seriously.

Now Russia knows who to bomb.

A school refuses to let parents drop off lunches for irresponsible students:

Let's say your 10th-grader forgets his lunch. So you receive a telephone call at work.

“Mom, I left my baloney sandwich on the kitchen counter,” he tells you. “Can you bring it to me, pretty please?”

So, what would you do? I’d be willing to bet a Moonpie that many parents would drop everything and rush to the school to personally deliver their little snowflake’s brown bag lunch.

But that sort of coddling is not allowed at Catholic High School for Boys in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a matter of fact -- it’s outright banned.

Catholic High School prides itself on teaching reading, writing, arithmetic and problem-solving.

“Come, boys, so that you can become men,” is their challenge -- engraved in a monument attached to the school’s bricks.

There’s also a big sign plastered on the front door -- a message to moms and dads.

“If you are dropping off your son’s forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, etc., please TURN AROUND and exit the building. Your son will learn to problem-solve in your absence.”

And now, a depressed dog finds friendship with a duck:


(Merci beaucoup pour tout)