Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Beginning of the Week

It appears, as of this writing, the Tamil Tigers (ever fond of the human shield technique) have been defeated, thus ending a conflict a quarter century long. Whether this will translate into lasting peace or future road blockages, I cannot say. One thing is certain, however- American Liberal leaders will troll for votes. They'll troll all night if they have to.

It's been a crazy past week: a caregiver advocate questioned Ruby Dhalla's version of "Nanny-gate". Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi denied what she knew about water boarding. An unimportant film sandwiched itself between a fantastic film and yet another summer blockbuster.

And this happened:

Twelve thousand and three hundred average citizens walked to Parliament Hill to voice their opinion but because they were not a rent-a-crowd or Barack Obama and his penchant for self-congratulation while being morally smarmy, it didn't merit attention. Tired and repetitive slogans and mediocre attempts to deflect attention from obviously anti-life policies trump solid bodies any day, I suppose.


The End said...

Take every argument the pro-abortion side has against the pro-life side and apply it directly back at them. They are the ones who are emotional, irrational, violent, uncivilized and anti-women. Pro-life men have got to go Whoa!!! Their poetic prowess far surpasses anything Byron could pen. I guess by that logic, if you want to call it that, pro-abortion men have got to go too since they are involving themselves in something that belongs to women alone(how many male chromosones make a child?).
The pro-abortion argument does not stand at all. There is no scientific evidence to support their view that life does not begin at conception. They really have nothing which is why they yell, profane and use emotion driven catch phrases. When someone can't win, they figure making a lot of noise will drown out their opposition. 12,300 pro-lifers? Awesome. How many pro-abortion people can be seen in this video of the counter-protest? The people have spoken.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

You said it.
It's logic versus emotion and for some reason, people go for the latter. Why people are bought over by tiresome, repetitive slogans as opposed to facts, I do not know.

Blademonkey said...


Emotion wins because it is emotion. The visceral feeling of being right, the yearning to belong to the right group, the need to feel right, the feeling of doing the right thing, whatever it is, is easier to do than to logically debate/present a coherent position. Slogans are easier to remember and spewing it back at your opponent is quite cathartic.

Every now and then when I get close to a protest against hang nails/food injustice/poets against aluminum rust, well, any trendy cause of the moment, I try not to engage any of the protester, lest the slogan lobbing steer the hot air my way.

BTW, I just realized that you are Canadian, possibly of Japanese ancestry, and Catholic to boot.

Quite a combo if my speculations are sort of true.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I try not to engage people spewing whatever on sidewalks, as well. I do, however, feel they do a great disservice to free expression by screaming out tired, unsubstantiated things and then getting the attention for it.
I've been to Japan on quite a few occasions but I don't think I'm Asian (or Vulcan!).

Blademonkey said...

"I do, however, feel they do a great disservice to free expression by screaming out tired, unsubstantiated things and then getting the attention for it."

Yup, they turn the awesome power of free expression into a trivial matter by not presenting facts and logical arguments, preferring to go for the easy, visceral release of the clumsily made up slogans.

C'mon you're at least an honorary Asian.

But your command of the English language is really awesome for a Canadian!

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

My command of the language is awesome? You flatter me!