Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mad Max Beyond the Freeway

Everybody else is talking about Mel Gibson, I might as well, also.

If the reports are true and he did say those disgusting things then he and he alone is to blame, not the alcohol (or Jews as certain persons allege- insert frowny face here). Make him lose his license for driving under the influence (yes, it's still a problem and yes, it's still bad) and have him work at the local Jewish centre for his community service (come on- he works in Hollywood- he'll never go to jail).

What bothers me is how he is referred by the popular press as a "devout Catholic". How does his Catholicism fit in here? And why mention it at all? Did Catholicism make him drink too much, speed down the highway and spew out nasty words? I'm Catholic. I don't do or say those things.

Let's be honest here. If religion must be mentioned at all, shouldn't it be brought up when very pertinent? Recent happenings at home and abroad are fine examples of what should and shouldn't be said. No one brings up religion when a Jewish community centre gets shot up or a town gets levelled. After all, no one wants to admit Muslims nationwide commit crimes of all kinds, promote bigotry or commit other atrocties. In fact, virtually everyone goes out of their way not to blame Muslims or Islam. After, the anti-Semitic, misogynist, incongruent, violence-inducing religion of peace can't be to blame- can it?

I suppose it is only appropriate to mention someone's race, religion or gender in certain situations where the offender is Jewish/Catholic/Asian/female/American. Thank God I live in the twenty-first century.

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Sleeping Lotus said...

Good post.

And the irony of course is that Gibson is hardly a "devout Catholic" at all. Can a man be called devout when he openly and publicly states that he is not obligated to obey the Pope since Vatican II was a fraud and a sham? And who has wilfully placed himself OUTSIDE the communion of Rome by illicitly building his own Church in which is practiced the Tridentine Latin Mass without permission from the proper ecclesial authorities?

Methinks NOT.