Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Postman Always Rings Twice....

...before leaving your parcel with a neighbour.

Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy the ice cream cake before it melts.

Thousands in Italy protest a "marriage" bill. It may very well be a million but the press will never admit to a thing like that. I guess Italians know a stupid idea when they see it. Couples, if you want to live together, be grown up and GET MARRIED legally. And gays, you're not a race so stuff your racism fluff.

Members of the press hoping to re-live the glories of Abu Gharib and milk the nothingness of Guantanamo will be disappointed to hear this. That's right, the West has more humanity than roving bands of fanatics whose idea of a good time is shooting women and using children as human shields. Who said the Canadian mission in Afghanistan was bad?

Girls who cry foul whenever they are cut from the team aren't helping humanity in general. Just saying.

Michael Moore- lying sack of...whatever- is at his usual tricks with his new crockumentary, "Sicko". He is under fire from the U.S. Treasury Department for taking American citizens to be treated in one of Cuba's delapidated hospitals. Cuba has come to his defence, crying censorship. Cuba has the moral authority to speak about this because they have never arrested poilitical dissidents or arrested writers or anything. Anyway, Cuba's healthcare situation is far from ideal, as you can see here and here.

Fascist Mickey and the New Low. Wow, the "religion of peace" never fails to disappoint in this area, does it?
I am so tired of people coddling these butchers, misogynists and bigots. This is what they are like. There is no perversion and there certainly isn't an excuse. Read this about pork. I mean- how do they even come to such conclusions? They are mad.

I sure hope the Pope is right about this (ah, of course he is).

Let us end this post with some ferrets.

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