Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Scientific Breakthrough

Scientists have found a way to reprogram skin cells and use them for any part of the human body.

(Please note: I am not claiming to be an expert in this field so forgive me if this post does not read as a medical text. The opinions, however, are all mine.)

As is my understanding, adult stem cells- cells coming from a born human being- can be used to treat medical conditions, from heart problems to muscular problems. The technique being touted in the preceding article allows a skin cell to be reprogrammed and made into another cell. The example of skin cells taken from a Japanese woman given to a Japanese man to repair connective tissue was used.

Adult stem cells have been used to treat some kinds of cancer (umbilical cords are rich in adult stem cells), create an artificial liver, restore sight and produce essential chemicals like insulin or myelin. Embryonic stem cells, though heavily touted as potential cure-alls, have not resulted in any definite cure or treatment. Apparently, in order for these particular stem cells to work, they must be fully mature (which I suppose would make them adult stem cells).

I've believe the reason why embryonic stem cells were clamoured for was to keep the abortion industry alive. I have not seen where embryonic stem cells have actually worked. They have been promised but have not been shown to be effective. Why use something that won't work when something that will work is available?

There is still much to do in this area but this current development is promising.

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Anonymous said...

I find the whole embryonic stem cell research very disturbing.
Agreed... leaps and bounds can be attained through adult stem cells.
The idea of abortion being an industry is even more disturbing. But I guess that's what it is. Where & how else are they getting these embryonic stem cells for research??
It's a crime to end a life, an indignation to a human body to hack it up after death...(or before life?).
So why "in the name of science" are these crimes allowed to be committed?
Sick & scary world we live in.