Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursdays of Christmas

...more or less.

"Human beings" killed people on September eleventh and millions in communists countries. Why politicise these kinds of things? Can't we just forget?

Another group of socio-cultural apologists who don't realise they've not only shot their foot off but have a noose around their necks:

The recent feminist "flash mob" in Philadelphia denouncing Israel and supporting the Palestinian jihadists showed yet again the abject failure of feminism and the true face of this phony movement.  And that failure has to do with more than just supporting jihadists....

These vicious, parasitical feminists are worse than useless.  They are dangerous, as evidenced by the Jew-hating, pro-jihad feminist mob in Philadelphia.  Do these women know that lesbians are executed in Muslim countries?  Do these women know that the jihad in Israel is about Islamic anti-Semitism, not land?  Do these women care about the gender apartheid in the Muslim world?  How do they look at the faces of the victims of honor killing and then look in the mirror?  The craven silence of feminists in the face of the left's withering criticism of my honor killing taxi ad campaign and freedom buses for apostates from Islam is a stunning indictment of their motives.

What a curious word- failure. What have modern feminists done for others? How have they empowered women in their communities? Women in the West can vote, own property, be educated, seek justice when wronged, wear trousers.

Yet, what do they perceive as enormous injustices to them?

The freedom to be miserable on Christmas day? That is not a goal; that is a caricature of a sad woman whose life fell apart and now lounges around in hole-ridden clothes and smelly cats. Who would not only rejoice in being miserable but declare it better than an engaging life of family, friends and involvement with those around one? This absence of introspection is telling; misery loves company. Anything one can't achieve is stupid. Over-inflate the drawbacks of one lifestyle choice to make one's own seem preferable. This woman lives with cats and she is alone, especially on Christmas day. Is she so miserable that not even her family will have her over? That's not empowerment; that's pathetic.

Then there's this:

Canada is a prochoice, modern country. Suck it up, buttercup.

Where do we start?

How about with "buttercup"? Imagine a male co-worker of this brain-trust slapped her expansive butt and asked her to waddle over to the coffee station for a freshly-brewed cup of java. A Western society might cringe at that kind of behaviour but what would "buttercup" do? Meekly get the coffee and accept that kind of abuse with gentle good humour? Sue for harassment? That's actually beside the point. When one is a feminist (the liberal, pro-abortion, cultural apologist variety), one doesn't have to have manners, introspection or consideration. One just has to be smug and rude. After all, being deluded into thinking that one can do and say whatever one wishes without thinking things through is the hallmark of any great shrew feminist. Some people are as smart as they think they are and some are just "buttercups".

Then there is that blather about "pro-choice". Well, if you support abortion, own your stance and call yourself pro-abortion. If there is nothing wrong with it, then there is nothing to be afraid of. Say it loud, say it proud, you support abortion and now you'll shut up because you are making high-pitched sounds that only dogs can hear. You might not even want to make those sounds. After all, a bill that would have given women "choice" was voted down by some rather cowardly politicians.

Oh! And look at these numbers:

Eighty-nine per cent of respondents strongly agreed that “nothing is more important than family,” and 67 per cent strongly agreed that “marriage, by definition, is between a man and a woman.”  Additionally, 60% strongly agreed that “abortion is morally wrong.”  Overall, 75% believe abortion is morally wrong and 80% support true marriage.

Not bad for a country that doesn't have an abortion law.

To paraphrase Mark Steyn, liberals will not defend the values that allow them to say and do what they say and do without thinking. Case in point:

This is strictly a cultural thing -- it has nothing to do with feminsim or rights. Perhaps you don't live in an area where everyone feels comfortable with everyone else's cultures, but I do, and I'm telling you that this is not the problem you think it is. Or trying to make it out to be.  

All I could find at her multiple links was a picture of a store window indicating that a restaurant had a "women and family" section. That in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean that the restaurant segregates, as it's quite possible that it has a specific section set aside for "women and family" if they would prefer. Plenty of western restaurants have similar sections designated. Do you have more information? I would think it might be prudent to provide some details before jumping to any "gotcha, feminists!" conclusions. 

The Jews have a separate section for women at Synagogue...

Your restaurant, your rules. I would like to see your outrage if someone posted a "No Catholic Priests" sign on their Toy Store!

It's a sad day when you have to start linking to FiveFecesofFury for confirmation of your hatred of something...  

(Sidebar: the last comment was from the same person who thought that Karla Homolka "served her time".)

There is failure if ever I saw it.

What was prevalent in those comments? It wasn't the defense of liberal Western values or even a staunch libertarian twist to the old vs new debate. It was mindless, inflammatory streams of illogical banter (even an attack on someone behind her back). Would this gender segregation be tolerated had the restaurant been Norwegian? Had this restaurant refused to serve homosexuals for whatever reason, would it be "strictly a cultural thing"? Where was the defense of Western liberal values? Did I miss something? Maybe I left my capacity to discern these things in those gender-segregated restaurants all over Canada.

Failure is a way to sum up modern feminism- failure to embrace humanity, reality, logic or reason. The stiff hairy upper lips cannot change the fact that modern feminists embrace their own demise while clamouring for their own sense of entitlement.

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