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A former senior aide to Stephen Harper says the prime minister is prone to fits of anger, that his public dispute with the Supreme Court’s chief justice is ill-advised and that Harper is the kind of leader who would want to have known details of the $90,000 payment to Sen. Mike Duffy.

Bruce Carson, a former senior aide to Harper from 2004 to 2009, also said Tuesday in an interview with CBC News that the prime minister “has always been isolated” and is becoming increasingly so partly because he does not have a regular group of advisers across the country to whom he reaches out for advice. ...

He said he believes Harper when the prime minister says he didn’t know about the payment. Carson said that had he been in the PMO during the Senate expenses scandal, the prime minister “absolutely” would have known about the payment.

Carson also said Harper has a temper and is prone to fits of anger. Asked if the prime minister would dress down people and swear at them, Carson said, “Oh yeah.”

“You couldn’t run a country or take the position that the prime minister has without emotional outbursts, without displaying temper. And certainly it was there,” he said.

Carson, a convicted fraudster, has been in the news because of his new book, 14 Days. He is also expected to be in court early next month for a  pre-trial preliminary inquiry into charges of influence-peddling, which he intends to fight.

What can anyone say other than this is a hit piece arranged by a convicted and disbarred lawyer and, no doubt, distracts one from more foot-in-mouth prone political figures.

I don't believe that Stephen Harper is in any way perfect but I will not believe for one moment that he is either temperamental, stupid or incompetent, save, perhaps, his decision to trust Carson.

Where have we heard this kind of bashing before?


Liberal MP John McKay, having had his displeasure with Justin Trudeau's iron-grip on opinions recorded, has apologised for his remarks:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promises he won't take any disciplinary action against a caucus colleague who accused him of a "bozo eruption" on the abortion issue.

"Mr. McKay and I spoke and he apologized personally," Trudeau said Tuesday. "For me the matter is closed."

Long-serving Liberal MP and environment critic John McKay was secretly recorded while making the disparaging comment during what he thought was a private conversation, but the recording was released to the media this week.

McKay also suggested on the recording that Trudeau's advisers had "no political sense" if they thought it was smart for the Liberal leader to issue an edict three weeks ago that no pro-lifers except sitting MPs could run for the Grits, and that all MPs would have to vote to support abortion rights regardless of personal beliefs.

McKay stayed out of public view Tuesday, but he is only the latest in a long line of Liberals who have publicly criticized Trudeau's decision to tell MPs how to vote on abortion.

McKay should have never apologised. Not only did he violate his principles by backing down to the Fils, he cowered to the twit. How could Justin Trudeau be right not only about an issue but in how he handles agreement or dissent?

Justin Trudeau isn't fit to lead a parade of ants let alone mount a competent and principled charge into national leadership.

Thanks for having the voters' backs, McKay.

Khadr supporters aren't the only ones ignoring Tabitha Speer, widow of Christopher Speer whom Omar Khadr murdered:

How about America’s leaders? AWOL. The reason Khadr is in Canada, in case you didn’t know, is that Obama freed Khadr from Gitmo after intense lobbying from the “compassionate” social justice crowd. He was repatriated to Canada just weeks before America’s November 2012 election. Leading the pressure campaign on Obama: the Center for Constitutional Rights, which also crusaded for the release of former Gitmo jihadist Abu Sufian bin Qumu, a primary suspect in the Benghazi consulate attacks.

Canadian conservative writer and activist Ezra Levant, who has advocated tirelessly for the Speers and for other victims of jihad, noted recently that the liberal Canadian press has mentioned the Speer children a scant six times as Khadr milks leftist sympathies.

But what does it say when the Canadian government shows more compassion for the fatherless children of a U.S. soldier than their own government?

(Sidebar: yeah, I wouldn't go that far, Michelle Malkin.)


Americans must be ashamed of their leader:

"I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being." - We know this to be untrue because he once professed to believe otherwise. An administration that took American exceptionalism seriously would not give up unilateral control of the Internet, would not submit domestic policy to scrutiny by the dictatorships of the Human Rights Council, and would not apologize over a phony YouTube video outrage.

Yes, about that:

Obama's foreign policies have been disastrous. There is no one who can take him seriously now given the mistakes of Russia, Libya, Egypt, China, Iran, Israel and even Canada.

I don't know what he is reaching for. His legacy will be one of failure. Someone else will have to clean up his messes.

Hashtags are only as powerful as the idiots who tweet them:

As the #YesAllWomen craze spread, a woman was stoned by her family in Pakistan for marrying someone of her choice as opposed to someone of their arrangement. While the #YesAllWomen crowds talked about the unbearable horror of being whistled at on the street, annoyingly being told to smile, and being given gendered McDonald’s toys, more than 200 Nigerian girls remained in slavery to Islamist extremist rebels. While we turn the murder of six into a narcissistic contest of victimhood, a Sudanese Christian woman married to an American Christian man gave birth to a daughter in prison. She awaits her martyrdom for supposedly converting from Islam (because her father, who left her family, had been Muslim). While we complain that women are expected to be considerate, Saudi women aren’t legally allowed to drive cars. While we are outraged that people treat us poorly if we’re wearing a sheer shirt and short shorts, 100 million girls have been killed in utero for the crime of being female. A bit of perspective — which I found hard to find in my visits to the #YesAllWomen hashtag — is in order.

So where is the space in the hearts of the moral poseurs in the Twitterverse? Surely a Sudanese Christian woman deserves attention, does she not? Is her being chained to a wall while being pregnant almost the same as- oh, let's say- hearing a naughty comment?

One can intellectually sum up the lack of character of the "Me-Me-Look-at-Me" generation but it's still confounding how the alleged problems and the infantile decisions of the post-modern Westerner are even similar to ones in a Third World hellhole.

Just... wow...

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