Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday Freakout

It's time...

Someone made it so:

Someone has finally created a device which works almost exactly like a Star Trek Communicator - a badge worn on the chest which allows users to talk to friends instantly by tapping on it.

The tiny Onyx badge is worn on the chest, and tapping it lets the user talk to contacts instantly, without diallling or paying call fees.

Just like in Star Trek, users have to tap on the badge to speak their reply, walkie-talkie style.

All the $100 badge needs to work is an internet connection, and at least one Onyx badge paired with it to start a conversation. 

Unlike the Star Trek version, Onyx badges can’t violate the laws of physics - for instance by allowing people on the ground to communicate with starships without using a satellite


Countries named in their own languages.

How people went over the Berlin Wall.

Are you throwing a wine and cheese party? Let this Shiba Inu show you the way.


Anonymous said...

That map of country names in their own languages is crap.

It's not just "Canada." It is "The Dominion of Canada," a name never officially changed and was used to separate it from previous incarnations such as "Kanata," "The Canadas," "Upper and Lower Canada" and "The Province of Canada."

It isn't "Ireland" it is "Eire" and Irish coins even reflect this fact. It's name in the foreign English language is "The Republic of Ireland"

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

But what about Hungary?

Anonymous said...

I can not comment on that country. Given the track record of this map so far, I am sure it is loaded with mistakes.

~Your Brother~