Friday, March 06, 2015

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The RCMP have released a video manifesto recorded by Islamist shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau before he gunned down Corporal Nathan Cirillo and stormed the House of Common before being taken out by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers. It has the usual hallmarks of blame one normally gets from Islamists (the West, Western leaders, Western involvement in the ever-deteriorating situation in Iraq now under the thumb of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). It also makes abundantly apparent what was already known and quickly denied: that Zehaf-Bibeau was an Islamist terrorist and clearly lucid:

Considering the thousands of attacks, assaults, acts of violence and social strife, can one say all who carry out these acts are mentally ill lone wolves, not people who swear allegiance to a particular religion? That's not a way out; it's intellectual laziness and moral cowardice, things the post-modern West has embraced to its great detriment.

Related: "lone wolves" bulldoze an entire historic city:

Islamic State fighters have looted and bulldozed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, the Iraqi government said, in their latest assault on some of the world's greatest archaeological and cultural treasures.

A tribal source from the nearby city of Mosul told Reuters the radical Sunni Islamists, who dismiss Iraq's pre-Islamic heritage as idolatrous, had pillaged the 3,000-year-old site on the banks of the Tigris River. 

The assault against Nimrud came just a week after the release of a video showing Islamic State forces smashing museum statues and carvings in Mosul, the city they seized along with much of northern Iraq last June.

(Sidebar: when choosing cities for Fat Man and Little Boy, Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, asked that Kyoto be removed from the list of possible targets given its cultural significance. Nagasaki was chosen instead.)

Pushing legislation to combat sexual violence doesn't change the fact that your convicted child pornographer friend helped you devise a sex education program for children as young as five, Premier Wynne:

Obama calls Canadian oil extraction "dirty":

U.S. President Barack Obama amplified the concerns of environmentalists about the Keystone XL oil pipeline on Friday and repeated his own reservations the project would have few benefits, but said he has not made a decision on the project.

Obama, explaining the debate over the pipeline to a group of students, described concerns about the "extraordinarily dirty" extraction methods for Canadian oilsands - a description the Canadian government has long argued is unfair.

"The reason that a lot of environmentalists are concerned about it is the way that you get the oil out in Canada is an extraordinarily dirty way of extracting oil, and obviously there are always risks in piping a lot of oil through Nebraska farmland and other parts of the country," Obama told students at the town hall event.
... says the man who takes oil from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

Oh, and about being "dirty":

Alberta became the first jurisdiction in North America to legislate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions for large industrial facilities by passing the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation

About 0.15 per cent of global GHG emissions comes from oil sands development.

Since 1990, oil sands producers reduced per barrel emissions by an average of 26 per cent - some achieved reductions as high as 50 per cent.  

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a technology that can be used in a number of industries to reduce CO2 emissions. Alberta is investing $1.3 billion over 15 years in two large scale CCS projects, the Quest Project will capture and store 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 annually from Shell’s Scotford oil sands upgrader and expansion near Fort Saskatchewan. 

Oil sands projects recycle 80-95 per cent of water used and use saline water where possible. 

Industry has planted more than 12 million tree seedlings towards reclamation efforts with many more to come. Mine operators are required to supply reclamation security bonds to ensure requirements are met.  Reclamation certificates are not issued until monitoring through time demonstrates that these particular lands meet the criteria for return to self-sustaining ecosystems. The first successful reclamation occurred in 2008. 
Go play golf, stooge for Iran.


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