Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Because the world never stops....

Well, of course:

Now that the House of Commons has tucked itself in for a long Christmas nap, Canadians still rejoicing the defeat of the Harper Conservatives had best not hang their stockings by the chimney with any pre-notional care, and expect them to be filled with electoral promises kept.

Sorry Virginia, but if you were old enough to vote for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, then you are old enough to know the truth. You’ve been duped.

But Liberal voters like being duped. This is why no one should feel sympathy for them when more and more of their paycheques disappear or when they lose their jobs and homes or when those unvetted refugees cause them to lose life or limb.

They were all told.

Because sick people can't vote but unvetted Syrian refugees can:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised Quebec’s approach to assisted dying on Friday as he and Premier Philippe Couillard hailed a new era of co-operation between Ottawa and the province.

Justin Trudeau is an @$$hole. That can't be said enough.

He also witnessed cruelty under Kim Jong-Il yet didn't do anything about it then:

The uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has described how concern about a possible power struggle in Pyongyang drove him to defect to the United States in 1998. 

Lee Kang said he and his wife, Koh Young-Sook, were deeply concerned of what would happen after the death of Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il. As guardians of the young Kim Jong-un, they feared they would have been in danger in the event of a power vacuum. “I had felt the cruelty of power while spending almost 20 years near the North’s former leader,” Lee said. “I thought it was not a good idea to live close to that.”

Ukraine: the war everyone forgot:

So what is Putin’s aim, I asked the general. “He wanted Ukraine east of the Dnieper (river),” he replied. “Now, he’ll have to settle for a dysfunctional country he can keep in his pocket.” Putin’s other goals, Clark says, include relief from Western sanctions, a recognized role for Russia as a great power, including in the Middle East, a reduced American role in Europe (and a weaker NATO accordingly), and, of course, higher oil prices.

And now, eye of a tiger, paw of a cat:

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