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A merry Israel Day to all y'all.

Speaking of Israel:

Israeli soldiers shot and killed at least 52 Palestinians during mass protests along the Gaza border on Monday. It was the deadliest day there since a devastating 2014 cross-border war and cast a shadow over Israel’s festive inauguration of the new U.S. Embassy in contested Jerusalem. ...

President Donald Trump said in a video message played at the embassy inauguration — which took place just 70 kilometres (45 kilometres) from the bloodshed on the Gaza border — that he remains committed to “facilitating a lasting peace agreement” between Israelis and Palestinians.

“A great day for Israel!” Trump tweeted earlier Monday.


Trump has acknowledged what has been the case since King David: that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

While the Israelis fend off the perpetually angry, Justin lets them in:

According to a Global News report based on government documents detailing how Canada deals with returning ISIS terrorists, the government works to facilitate the return of the terrorists to Canadian territory, and has laws that aren’t crafted to successfully punish those who left our country to fight for an evil enemy.

How could this go wrong? As wrong as letting a stabby lunatic off the hook? Most definitely.


Andrea Horwath wants Ontario to be a sanctuary province.

The NDP said those exact words in a January 31, 2017 press release titled “Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to Premir Wynne: Declare Ontario a “Sanctuary Province.”‘
Here’s what the release said about making Ontario a “sanctuary province”:
“Ontario can and must also step up and lead. In addition, I urge you to declare Ontario to be a sanctuary province. In recent years, cities like Toronto and Hamilton have shown tremendous leadership by making local services accessible to all residents, regardless of their immigration status. Now, our province must do the same. We must guarantee that services will always be accessible to everyone in Ontario.”

Again - how could any of this go wrong?

(Sidebar: God help us all if she ends up as premier.)

The majority of illegal border crossings this year have been through Quebec:

Quebec continues to receive the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers in Canada, with 96 per cent of illegal crossings into the country so far in 2018 happening at its border with the United States, according to recent RCMP statistics.

The rapid increase in the number is spurring calls from politicians in the province and community groups for Ottawa to change an agreement with the United States they say is encouraging people to get into Canada outside official ports of entry.

Out of 7,612 people who crossed illegally into the country during the first four months of the year, 7,307 came into Quebec — 2,479 in April alone, a 32 per cent increase from March.

Manitoba and British Columbia received the remainder, with about 150 asylum seekers each entering those provinces so far in 2018.

The Quebec government said projections suggested there could be as many as 400 crossings per day this summer, compared to 250 in 2017.

This Quebec:

The Quebec government says it's unable to handle the droves of asylum seekers who continue to cross into the province and is calling on the federal government for help.

This kind of help

The Liberal government may have a hard time convincing these migrants to leave Canada. After all, asylum seekers are given access to government housing, social welfare payments, provincial health care services, and they enroll their children in Canadian public schools

On top of this, they get access to the Interim Federal Healthcare Program (IFHP), where the feds pay for healthcare coverage until the asylum seeker registers with the provincial government system. IFHP also provides supplemental health coverage during a migrant’s first 12 months in Canada, including dental care and prescription drugs — coverage most Canadians don’t receive

Even speaking to Ted Falk about his correct comment is the kind of spinelessness and douchebaggery I would expect of Justin, Andy:

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Sunday that he had spoken with MP Ted Falk, who made a controversial comment about abortion in the House of Commons, but did not confirm what he told the Manitoba politician.

“I spoke to Mr. Falk, but I don’t talk about internal management,” he told reporters following a party meeting in Saint-Hyacinthe, Que.

Scheer did not say whether Falk had been reprimanded for his comment.

People actually voted for this:

Gas prices in Canada have reached their highest levels since 2014, hitting an average of $1.38 per litre in major cities, according to analysts.

Jason Parent, vice-president of consulting at petroleum insights firm Kent Group Ltd., says it's "hard to say where prices are going to go from here."

Up. Up! UP!

Unelected judges wish to keep things from Canadians

The Supreme Court of Canada has placed a 50-year embargo on judge deliberation records, and can even move to hide those deliberations forever.

According to the Globe & Mail, “The restriction took effect last June when the court and Library and Archives Canada announced it as part of an agreement to “ensure that the case files of Canada’s highest court will be preserved and accessible to future generations.” (The announcement went largely unnoticed at the time.) What the court and the archives did not say, but the agreement makes clear, is that the Supreme Court can withdraw the files at any time, and keep the documents secret forever, without providing a justification.”

And the purpose of this is what, exactly?

Not sealed - Justin's friend has been charged with child abuse in Nepal:

A prominent Canadian aid worker has been arrested at his mountain villa in Nepal and charged with sexually abusing children, an official said Monday.

Central Investigation Bureau chief Pushkar Karki said Peter Dalglish was arrested in April at his home with two Nepalese boys aged 12 and 14 after weeks of investigation.
His case is being heard by a court in Kavre, a town near Kathmandu.

Karki said Dalglish was charged with raping the two boys and faces up to 13 years in prison if convicted.

Dalglish, 60, has denied the charges.

In hopes of discovering a motive, French authorities question the parents of the man who shouted in a loud, clear voice "Allah ackbar!" before stabbing people:

French police on Monday were questioning the parents and a friend of a 20-year-old man who attacked passers-by with a knife in Paris, amid questions about how France's radical watch list is used.

Khamzat Azimov, a French citizen born in the Russian republic of Chechnya, killed one person and wounded four others in Saturday's attack, before police fatally shot him. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility.

Azimov's parents and a friend from the eastern city of Strasbourg were being detained by police. Under French law, people questioned in an investigation relating to alleged terrorism can be taken into custody for up to four days.

A judicial official said Monday the suspect was living in the northern 18th district of Paris with his family, which had previously lived in Strasbourg.

The official wasn't authorized to speak publicly on the ongoing investigation.

Counterterrorism investigators want to know if the assailant had help or co-conspirators.

North Korean defectors are not at all giddy about the left-wing South Korean government's recent chumminess with the Kim regime:

But the most predictable and heartbreaking example is the case of the Ninpo 13, whose group defection from China was a grave embarrassment to Pyongyang and a potential threat to the cohesion of the elites. True to form, Pyongyang argued that the 13 were actually kidnapped or tricked into defecting, but the claim was preposterous on its face. First, why did seven other waitresses at the same restaurant choose not to defect? The seven admitted that they knew in advance of the manager’s plan to “move” the restaurant to Southeast Asia. Knowing this and failing to report it to their minders would surely have exposed them to severe punishment. Only by claiming that the plan was a trick could they have saved themselves. Those circumstances are consistent with all 20 women having a voluntary, if difficult, choice to defect or remain.

Then, how did the remaining 13 pass through Chinese immigration controls if they did not go freely? And while it was never controverted that South Korea’s National Intelligence Service helped the women escape, how could the NIS have expected to keep this outlandish abduction plot a secret after the 13 were released into South Korean society and enrolled in college? And if a government is willing to take the extraordinary risk of kidnapping 13 people from the territory of an unfriendly state and smuggle them through its immigration controls, why kidnap a bunch of waitresses? Why not computer hackers, money launderers, arms dealers, or diplomats?

Then, there was the fact that the voluntariness of the women’s defection was challenged in court, found credible, and then affirmed on appeal. Shortly after the women’s defection was announced, an organization of far-left lawyers known as Minbyun, which translates to “Lawyers for a Democratic Society,” intervened and sued to challenge the women’s asylum claims and the voluntariness of their defection. Minbyun claimed to represent the women’s family members back in North Korea, who were clearly acting in fear of retribution by the North Korean government. Its lawyers demanded the right to meet with and question the women. Because Minbyun’s “clients” were under Pyongyang’s direct control, granting them that access would have been a breach of the women’s confidentiality — a breach so clear and obvious to any human rights lawyer that the claim itself was a frivolous and unethical abuse of the legal process.
With a government like that, who needs to defect? It is like jumping from frying pan into the fire.

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