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 Twenty-one more shopping days until Halloween ...

Ontario Premier Doug Ford marks one hundred days in office:

Ford, who officially took the reins on June 30 after promising to reduce government waste without cutting jobs or services, hosted the Tuesday evening event at the Woodbine Banquet Hall in his riding of Etobicoke-North.

"Over a hundred days ago, we promised we would restore accountability and trust to government," the premier told an enthusiastic crowd gathered for the event. "And I am proud to say we have delivered."

Summarizing his government's accomplishments, Ford touted the cancellation of the Drive Clean program and a number of solar and wind power projects, as well as the introduction of buck-a-beer.

None of that, he said, would have been possible without the voters.

"We have a great team, an all-star team, in Queen's Park," he said. "But we have an even better team outside of Queen's Park, and that's folks like you — thousands of people across the province that support us."

Consider the years the Liberals have been in office and all they have accomplished is debt and more debt.

Also - Benjamin Levin is a convicted child pornographer. It is his sexual education program that the Ontario Human Rights Commission is defending:

An interim sexual-education curriculum introduced by Ontario's Progressive Conservative government discriminates against some students and puts them at greater risk of sexual violence, the province's human rights commission said Tuesday as it joined a legal challenge of the document.

The interim curriculum, which replaces a modernized version drafted by the previous Liberal government in 2015, discriminates against students who are at the highest risk of exclusion, harassment and violence, the commission said.

"The Human Rights Commission believes that all students should see themselves and their families reflected in Ontario's curriculum," Chief Commissioner Renu Mandhane said. "We're concerned about the interim curriculum, in particular we believe it discriminates on the basis of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity and gender expression."

Maxime Bernier officially registers to split the vote the People's Party of Canada:

(Sidebar: awfully communist-sounding, isn't it?)

Maxime Bernier filed the final paper work with Elections Canada Wednesday to officially register the People's Party of Canada, allowing it to provide tax receipts to donors and potentially run candidates in upcoming byelections.

The Quebec MP — who was the runner-up in the Conservative  leadership race in 2017 but left the party in August after calling it "morally and intellectually corrupt" — announced last month that he would be forming his new party. The PPC advocates smaller government, the end of the country's supply management system, and a reduction in immigration to Canada, among other things.

"It's a great day. It's a big day for us," Bernier told reporters at the offices of Elections Canada. "It's another step toward the formation and the accreditation of our new party."

Bernier deposited the signatures of about 500 party members with Elections Canada on Wednesday, more than the 250 required.

More on Andrew Scheer's trip to India:

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he told Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he will make India a core player in Canadian foreign policy considerations and energy exports if he becomes prime minister in 2019.

Scheer met with Modi in New Delhi on Tuesday, less than two months after he announced that he would be going to India to “repair and strengthen” bilateral ties in the wake of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s troubled trip in February.

Modi didn’t meet with Trudeau until he was six days into his trip, but the Indian prime minister met with Scheer two days after his arrival in the Indian capital.

(Sidebar: Justin may not have been aware that even his presence was humiliating to Indians.)

It's just money:

Trudeau and his ministers have made it clear they want corporations to become benevolent organizations that put workers before shareholders. They favour taxing corporations and the rich, and adding regulatory impediments and red tape to corporate activity. They are big supporters of income redistribution as opposed to making the pie bigger for everyone. They want to regulate the economy and nudge corporations to submit to the Liberal government’s social views and economic philosophy.

Their policies take away economic entrepreneurship and wealth creation and replace it with handouts to every significant lobby and activist group. The Liberal government increasingly seems not to understand how people get jobs and how they get by, and how heavily favouring environmental issues stirred up by activists over economic concerns takes jobs away.

There’s an old saying that if you’re not a communist at the age of 20 you haven’t got a heart and if you’re still a communist at the age of 40, you haven’t got a brain. Canada today seems to be run by politicians in their 40s behaving like they’re in their 20s. Focusing only on the environment or on social engineering at the expense of working families is elitist. And Canadians are getting the sense that they are governed by a bunch of idealistic and dogmatic college students convinced they will save the world.


Bill Morneau wants you to know that nothing has changed and all the words on the page mean nothing.

Ask him about Section 32.10 of the new NAFTA, the USMCA, that requires Canada to notify the US and Mexico before signing a trade deal with China and he wants you to pretend the words have no meaning. ...

Let’s be honest here, this section of the deal is a major infringement of Canada’s sovereignty. Yes, the same section applies to all three countries but we know that it was put in by the United States over concerns about Canada dealing with China.

The Americans are in the middle of a trade war with China and we are now part of that war as a result of this clause.

Every treaty, including trade deals, infringes on sovereignty to a degree. This clause says Canada can’t negotiate with a non-market country without approval of our partners.

The Trudeau Liberals want you to think this means nothing.

They are lying to themselves and to all Canadians if they actually believe that.

Canada is certainly back WAAAAAY back.

How could any of this possibly go wrong?:

It’s a pretty shocking admission, the feds don’t know what the right level of THC is to determine that someone is driving stoned.

We are a week away from pot being legal and we still haven’t figured this out?


Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale offered few details on what to do with followers of the so-called Islamic State and their family members who want to return to Canada following a report by Global News, revealing at least a dozen Canadians being held in northern Syria for suspected ties to ISIS.

“The first priority of the government of Canada is to collect the evidence and to make sure that where criminal charges can and should be laid, they are in fact laid,” Goodale said in Saskatchewan Tuesday.

Here is your evidence, you fat, dumpy, useless @$$hole:

A high-profile Canadian member of the so-called Islamic State has been caught while attempting to return to Canada, Global News has confirmed.

Muhammad Ali, 28, who left Toronto in 2014 to join ISIS, was captured by Kurdish forces as he tried to flee from Syria to Turkey. ...
The former Ryerson University student, who went by Abu Turaab Al-Kanadi, was taken into custody four months ago in Ras al-Ayn, on the Turkish border. ...

(Sidebar: Ryerson seems to spit out thugs like this but more on that later.) 

His capture is significant because, aside from serving as a sniper, Ali used social media to encourage others to join ISIS and conduct terrorist attacks.
Ali’s case has placed the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a difficult position. Kurdish officials want to hand Ali and a dozen other Canadians over to Ottawa.

However, with the RCMP struggling to bring charges against Canadians who have taken part in overseas terror groups, there is no guarantee Ali would face arrest upon his return.

If returned, Ali will no doubt be compensated for some absurd reason and allowed to lead a normal life even though he belonged to a terrorist organisation that raped and murdered innocent people. Nothing about him is Canadian or even human. Ralph Goodale and the RCMP's deliberate time-wasting is an attempt to make Canadians forget that this admitted murderer will be brought to Canada despite his actions.

Being a fat, ugly, bitter thug is no way to go through life, Chubs:

The police claim to be looking into this incident (one of many).

I hope that Miss Gabriela Skwarko (that is her name) is charged with assault and that her tantrum, typical of self-absorbed, anger-prone, Cro-Magnon leftists, becomes so publicised that society collectively tires of that bullsh-- and acts accordingly. She deserves to be expelled, to not land full-time employment and to be treated like a rabid hyena because she does exemplify everything that is ugly and thuggish of the post-modern social scene and people should be sick of it.

Just because someone is thinner and has a different opinion than you doesn't mean that you can shove her and smash her belongings.

Frustrated much? Can't you grunt out an argument without throwing your literal metric tonnage around?

Nothing about you, Gabriela, is heroic or pathos-inducing. You're a fat freak and as pathetic as someone who brings a rodent on an airplane. Relish those high-fives you get from the handful of "friends" who aren't appalled by your embarrassing behaviour. That is all you are going to get out of life - that empty cyber-praise from people you've never met and are just mentally stunted as you.

If this post sounds petty, take a good look at the rhinoceros in the video and tell me if that creature is capable of reasoning. When you allow people to be as absolutely thuggish as her, don't expect to hug the violence out of her.

Who will look after the interests of the South Korean people? Not bloody Moon, that's for sure!:

Where is this country headed? The U.S.-based Human Rights Foundation said the South Korean government has shown that it is more interested in improving relations with North Korea than upholding the human rights of North Koreans. The U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea said it was "very regretful" to see activists in South Korea face "censorship and restrictions" and their budgets shaved.

Many South Koreans, especially young people, rightly remain suspicious of North Korea's sincerity. But who is speaking up for them? Xi Jinping? Vladmir Putin? Kim Jong-un? U.S. President Donald Trump says he and Kim "fell in love," and South Korea's own president is acting as Kim's loudhailer on the world stage. Who is standing up for us?

North Korea, even so, only let those who were allowed into the stadium that day hear Moon's speech, and most North Koreans have not seen Kim's latest gestures of humility and respect for his people that have been all over the news here. All of it was a show aimed at duping South Koreans, because the South holds the key to achieving the North's goals. People here need to be vigilant at a time when nobody is speaking up for their interests.

This North Korea:

Food supplies remain low in North Korea, where nearly 40 percent of the population is still suffering from malnutrition.

The UN World Food Programme said on Tuesday that more than 10 million North Koreans are undernourished and need humanitarian aid. But the WFP, which provides fortified cereals and enriched biscuits to some 650,000 women and children in North Korea each month, may have to cut aid due to a lack of funding.

North Korea's forest area has shrunk about 40 percent over the last 25 years, according to a UN study. The finding brings home the urgency of the two Koreas’ recent agreement to cooperate in restoring forests in the North.

In 2015, forests took up 41.8 percent of the North's total land area, according to the report by the UN Development Programme, down from 68.1 percent as recently as 1990. That was the seventh fastest shrinking rate in the world.

Of 195 countries surveyed, only Togo, Nigeria and a handful of others saw more devastating deforestation at a time when preserving and replanting forests has become vital in trying to tackle climate change.

The rapid shrinkage of its forest area is mainly due to the famine of the 1990s, when starving North Koreans felled millions of trees for firewood, to earn hard currency, and to clear land for agriculture. 

(Sidebar: now do leftists care?)

The same North Korea that the US and South Korea hope will not launch any more missiles:

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday alarmed observers of his attempts to persuade North Korea to denuclearize by saying, "If it takes two years, three years or five months -- doesn't matter. I think we're really going to do something that's going to be very important, but we're not playing the time game." 
(Sidebar: I am afraid you are, Donald.)

President Moon Jae-in will deliver an invitation from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Pope Francis when Moon meets the pontiff later this month, Cheong Wa Dae said Tuesday.

Moon will pay an official visit to Italy on Oct. 13-18 and the Vatican on Oct. 17-18 and hand over the invite, according to presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom.

This is immensely sad:

Korea has seen an alarming rise in suicide attempts among schoolchildren in recent years, despite sporadic campaigns to reduce academic stress and bullying at school. 

According to a detailed analysis by the Education Ministry, suicide attempts surged from 37 in 2011 to 451 last year. The number of students who succeeded in killing themselves fell from 150 in 2011 to 93 in 2015 but then rose again to 114 last year. 

One alarming trend is that children who make suicide attempts are getting younger and younger. High school students accounted for 47 percent, but the proportion of elementary schoolchildren is rising. In 2011, no elementary schoolkids tried to kill themselves but 19 did in 2015 and 36 last year. Out of the 114 students who took their own lives last year, five were still in elementary school.
The main reason seems to be intolerable academic pressure, compounded by bullying and family problems or alienation due to double-income parents who are rarely available to talk. Among the students who attempted suicide last year, 277 cited depression and anxiety and 125 anger. 

But suicide is also dangerously fashionable, and exposure to harmful online content depicting or glorifying suicide also played a role. Early this year, a song became popular on YouTube that sounded like a children's song but featured the word "suicide" more than a dozen times. Teens also often share photos of self-harm on social media.

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