Friday, February 20, 2009

Didn't See That Coming

Activists- mainly from the one-sided Amnesty International- are "shocked" at Hillary Clinton's stance on human rights in China. Why? This woman wants to normalise relations with North Korea. Not only does North Korea's human rights record seem unworthy of discussion, Indonesia has some how been elevated to the status of "moderate" despite the Bali bombings and the killing of Indonesian schoolgirls.

Speaking of North Korea, analysts say it is going to test-fire more Tapdong missiles. I wonder what North Korea could want this time.

The failure to properly incarcerate human filth who torture the mentally disabled or freeze their children to death doesn't leave the average Canadian with faith in the justice system. All we need is ONE system that adequately punishes perpetrators of crime and helps victims recover. Is it too much to ask?

Finally! It's really refreshing to hear someone else talk about how poor writing, planning and character development really mess up what was once a watchable show. Those were the days....

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