Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Very Good Reason Not to Repatriate Omar Khadr

This image says it all.

WARNING: this image is extremely shocking and graphic. If such things bother you, beware.

No terrorist should be granted refuge in Canada for any reason.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that he broke the treat on the international ban on land mines. what was that treaty called again? Oh yeah... the Ottawa Treaty.

Slowly but surely we are earning the name "Kanukistah."

You have to love all the petitions out there stating that Khadr's incarciration is against the Gevenva concention. Even citing the section, but conveniently overlooking the part that mentions "age fifteen" which show that he is the magical age in which these laws do not apply to him.

Tell me, are there any petitions out there to have his citizenship (and as a plus, that of his family) revoked?

~Your Brother~

Anonymous said...

Can that picture be verified as Omar Khadr? Maybe there is an innocent explanation to it...Lawyer DENNIS EDNEY would say that Omar simply found this freshly severed hand in the middle of the street,and , as any curous boy,picked it up to play with! But on to the heart of the matter (not hand.) The Canadian people are watching legal and political hypocrisy at it's BEST ...DENNIS EDNEY proposing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for "POOR LIL" OMAR" that includes de-programming, religious training,house arrest and psychological testing...The WHOLE IDEA behind this plan is to make an end run around the American and Canadian justice systems..KHADR would never face trial on ANY charges and would be set free(supervised foster home) upon his arrival in Canada! Lawyer Edney must think that all Canadians are morons and that they cannot see through his PUBLIC RELATIONS stunt...The Coalition opposition have also been hoodwinked by this same legal turkey ,and if possible ,the general public now think even less of politicians!The VERY,VERY,last thing KHADR'S lawyers want is to have an open trial for their client...Remember in the pre-trial hearing evidence was heard where OMAR admitted to throwing that grenade (just like in the movies) and that he was proud of his action.We also have footage of him assembling IEDs and further tape of him planting land mines..Imagine how much other incriminating evidence there must be in the Government's hands...NO wonder they want to avoid the courtroom,delay and obfuscate in order to AVOID giving "POOR LIL" OMAR" his rightful day in court....

Anonymous said...

The severed hands picture, taken in Kabul, does not depict Omar Khadr.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Anonymous, you are mistaken:

There is also a picture of him putting a bomb together:

How blithe he is in both activities.