Friday, February 06, 2009

The Cracks Beneath the Surface

Not even a month into his presidency, Obama has performed the way one would expect an inexperienced civil servant with a completely undeserved sense of importance would perform. Now remember- his experience consists of being a “community organizer”, a law lecturer who has neither written anything substantial nor added insight to existing laws, and a senator whose sole achievements are arriving on time and voting against a measure countering one of the most pernicious acts in the land. Now, it appears Obama- the “Chosen One”- is buckling under the pressure. Take the economy, for example. Now, to be fair, it wouldn’t be a cakewalk for any politician but handing the reins of fiduciary power over to a champagne socialist is like giving control of a bus to a monkey (with the exception of Curious George). The stimulus package, which some believe is just some hype to print money that won’t actually help, has already bothered America’s neighbour to the North. The “Buy American” policy didn’t work in the Thirties and will only put Canadians (and probably more Americans) out of work. Whither the love affair? I have no doubt in my mind that Obama will pass the “Buy American” resolution in the stimulus bill no matter how hard he tries to sell his “disgust” and will blow smoke at Harper when he comes for a visit this February. His efforts to backtrack after hearing the outrage in Canada (and the EU) only shows the grave insecurity he possesses. Way to bulk up the confidence of a nation by flip-flopping, at least in words. How will Obama stoke the flame of love with Canadians after he reduces them to poverty? I don’t know. It’s hard to love a man who took all your money and then walked out on you. Not that any of this would matter because no one in the Great White North voted – or ever will- for him.

Then there’s the failure to vet his non-tax-paying aides, Biden the idiot, Pelosi, the girl-Biden, whose outrageous claims of five million jobs lost a day can’t possibly be correct even in Zimbabwe, the land-brokering deal of Kashmir and the money for eugenics programs overseas because the size of your carbon footprint can be determined by how black or Asian you are (don’t look at me like that- if it was up to me, it would be fair-trade, not eugenics). And let’s not forget the ingratiating apology to the very Muslims who hate the West and who have completely forgotten how the US has done so much good for the Islamic world that they should be embarrassed to even lift their heads and shout “Allah Akbar!” In fact, the US has done so much for the world that people should welcome them and their precious money wherever they are.

I don’t know what offends me more- that Obama is such a complete glory-hound or that people can’t (or won't) see what a total fraud he is.


Speaking of brain-trusts, the very thought of stopping Sarah Palin from doing anything is just anathema to me. So you could imagine my surprise when I found out that some extremist group wants to rid the world of Sarah Palin because she hunts wolves. First of all, I don’t approve of hunting wolves, or any other animal, unless it is necessary. I also don’t approve of giving anyone a carte blanche to wipe out a species because their ancestors may have walked the land before anyone else built a bungalow on it, nor do I approve of people who, under the guise of protecting the environment, are actually doing more harm than good. Enter Ashley Judd. There is a reason why she is an actress and not a scientist working for NASA. In fact, if she did work for NASA, one might say: “Hey! We should listen to her because she sends guys to the moon!” Instead, her claim to fame is a string of crappy movies with hunky, brooding and/or fantastic actors in them. For her or Matt Damon or any other leftist Hollywood celebrity completely divorced from reality to even think they have the requisite knowledge or moral compass to tell others how to live is just appalling. If the real world needs help drinking excessively, doing drugs, yelling at their kids, hating the country that made them disgustingly rich and getting away with crimes, then we’ll let you know. When will there be an act of government for them to lose ninety percent of their earnings and property? It’s socialism, baby, and it’s fair- at least for the people who pay eight bucks to watch their self-congratulatory crap.

As for the masses who cannot define a reason or articulate their intense dislike for Sarah Palin but slag her behind the cyber-mask of anonymity, there is a way to vent your misery: walk up to her and tell her what you think of her. You’ll be met with one-hundred and ten pounds of niceness or moose-wrestling fury. If you can put aside your crippling cowardice and give your displeasure some actual volume, only then will you know cloying magnanimity or Kryptonian fury.

And yeah- she knows how to rock a pair of knee-high boots. How many mothers of five can do that? Soak that up, why don’t you?

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