Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Post

When is a news event not a news event?

Four Americans, one of whom was an ambassador, was killed. For two weeks, the Obama administration blamed these deaths on a "spontaneous reaction" to a video on Youtube that offended the ever-offended Muslims. It was then discovered that (1) there was no rioting outside of the consulate at all, (2) that requests were made before and during the attack for assistance but were denied, (3) that a drone observed the attack and that an armed response team (and a gunship) could have been dispatched but was not, (4) the ambassador was a "pointman" for a gun-running scheme and (5) the administration haa shown as much tact and thoughtfulness about this entire situation as some loudmouth cretin on a reality TV show would when relating on camera some part of his or her life no one should ever know about.

So- what the hell is everyone waiting for? Why are blogs and conservative news agencies running with this election's Watergate? Since when were the deaths of four compatriots and the subsequent mysteries surrounding them never news? The accusations that one is "politicizing" these events is fatuous at best. A government is far from forthright about an attack on one of its diplomats and then misdirects, misleads or outright lies about the entire thing. Why would someone not ask questions about this?

Better yet, is Obama so worth going into the tank for that this would be touched on as little as possible?


Yes, any communist country with a Great Firewall and a propensity for killing its own people and forcibly repatriating others is not a country we should be handing over our resources to.

If Richard Falk is going to punish every single bean-counter in companies that deal with Israel, I do hope he will also after North Korea and China for their labour and goods abuses. You know- just to be fair.

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