Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Post-Debate Talk Redux

I knew that Obama would have to be a mean SOB for this debate due to his incredibly lacklustre performance the last time and boy, did he ever (with Candy Crowley's help, too).

Obama seemed more fluid in his manner. As one would advise a student to raise one's head and speak in a clear voice, he did so, rattling off lie after lie.

Cases in point:

Healthcare costs for the middle-class have been rising:

Two new independent studies of health insurance premiums and health care spending indicate both are rising at an accelerated pace, despite President Obama’s 2008 promise to contain those costs and his pledge that his health care legislation would reduce premiums.

Spending on health care rose 4.6 percent in 2011 — up $4,500 per person, on average — according to the nonpartisan Health Care Cost Institute. That’s up from a 3.8 growth rate in 2010.

Health insurance premiums for individuals and families also climbed year-over-year, up 3 percent ($186) on average for an individual and 4 percent ($672) on average for a family, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

During Obama’s term, between 2009 to 2012, premiums have climbed $2,370 for the average family with an employer-provided plan – a rate faster than the during the previous four years under President George W. Bush, according to Kaiser.

 Middle-class incomes are down.

 Raising taxes for the wealthy certainly won't help.

Obama outsources to China. He owns shares of Sensata:

 For many sophisticated and wealthy investors, as well as for ordinary workers invested in pension funds, China is a part of any diversified investment strategy. President Obama, a former Illinois state senator, has as much as $100,000 in a state retirement plan that contains shares of Sensata Technologies, the same auto parts company controlled by Bain that is closing its Illinois factory.

And who borrows money from China?


Where's the Keystone Pipeline, Obama? Surely, it would lower gas prices from $4 USD a gallon to a much lower price. If one is not going to increase domestic oil production, then where are Americans going to get their oil or other energy? From Solyndra?

Executive privilege in the "Fast and Furious" case certainly creates the appearance of impropriety or cover-up.

What Obama said after four Americans were killed in Libya (months after extra security was asked for and denied) and before he went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser:

“I want people around the world to hear me, to all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished,” the president said at a campaign rally in Golden, Colo. Thursday. “It will not dim the light of the values that we proudly present to the rest of the world. No act of violence shakes the resolve of the Untied States of America.”

Not terrorism, terror. Big and crucial difference.

There was the "apology tour" which Romney should have reminded the townhall this evening until Obama's ears bled.

The biggest killers of women in the US are heart disease, stroke and cancer. Giving enormous amounts of funding to Planned Parenthood (which doesn't do mammograms, by the way) is hardly a constructive use of one's resources but certainly is a divisive and anti-woman one.

Romney, on the other hand, still seemed presidential and raised some remarkable points but did not hammer Obama on the Libya question. He should have done so and will have to do so in the next debate.