Monday, September 11, 2006

A few reflections on what everyone was thinking

I said I wouldn't do this because nothing I could post or say would erase the enormity of the disaster (I use the word deliberately) or sway those who, for some reason, believe the events of September 11th are some how the fault of the Great Satan- the West. But I have been thinking.

The West may have risen economically (so too has the Middle East with their outrageously priced barrels of oil) but has declined spiritually and culturally. This should not suggest that it is a society worth abandoning. It is the only society we've ever known and the only one worth clinging onto because the alternatives are worse. Can you imagine a worldwide caliphate run by bin Laden? Sharia law? Morality police? Departments of Religious Genocide? That is what Islamofascists and all the audacity they possess would inflict if we lose our anger and our resolve.

Don't tell me about other religions being at fault or imagined or real crimes. No other religion I can think encourages people to kill in the Name of God (alot of hospitals, museums, soup kitchens and schools have been built, though). As for crimes, who hijacks planes? Who flies them into buildings? Who gathers dangerous materials for wanton destruction and death? Who restricts the movements of women? Who restricts the freedom of the press? Who burns embassies? Who keeps their people impoverished and without hope? Is it us?

Of course it isn't. We have nothing to apologise for or amend. Others do and it's high time we make them do so.

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curiousg said...

Here, here! It's such a pity that our younger generations are used as political mouth-pieces by liberals in academia.