Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hoping to Dispel a Few Myths

Angered (as usual) over a list forbidding time-honoured traditions of stoning women and covering their faces, Muslim women (with their male escorts, of course) hope to dispel a few myths the residents of Herouxville, Quebec may have about Islam and, in so doing, bring understanding and peace. What myths would those be? That Islam is rational, peaceful and has added greatly to both Western and Eastern civilisations? Sure it has, if by progress one means shooting nuns in the back, flying planes into the sides of buildings, raping women for any reason whatsoever, attacking a country that has been all but fair to you, burning down consulates, bombing buses, trains, and general anti-Semitisim, misogyny and racism. I mean- if you have to actually tell people NOT to stone women to death and someone gets angry about it, then really, yours' is an insane culture. It just is.

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Slinky Pink said...

Okay, so they wanted to clear up some misunderstandings. Sounds fair enough. I'm game for that, so I read the article...

...and found not ONE single "myth" dispelled. Did the article deliberately leave out the contents of what the women had to say? There appears to be nothing offered by them except yet MORE cries from Muslims of "discrmination and hatred" towards their way of life. They had the chance to say their piece, but I didn't see a piece of anything said. Why is this? Were they going to explain that Muslims don't REALLY stone their women? Were they going to explain that Muslims don't REALLY teach that women should be veiled (or even better, covered from head to toe) in order that her hair and body not entice men to rape? Were they going to explain that Muslims don't REALLY hate non-Muslims and repeatedly refer to us as "pigs", "infidels" and "satan"?

They could have...but they didn't...because they can't. The truth of Islam speaks for itself and any "attempt" to "dispel misunderstandings" is just an excuse to cry "racism".

I'm so sick of them.