Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've Got Mail!

By gar, it's been a while!

This relates to the sedate entry for Thursday.

Unedited for your reading enjoyment:

No, I do not mind if you call me Yahoo, however if you are going to use "Yahoo" as a proper name, you will need to capitalize the "Y" to make it grammatically correct. Yes, I must know, however; you saying so, does not make it so. I would hope faithful readers would comment, sadly they do not. Just keep writing darling, I'm sure some dipshit out there enjoys your spewed filth. 

Well, anonymous, you've had your five minutes of attention and that's all you're going to get. I have other things to do. Play somewhere else.

Do keep a civil tongue when speaking about my readers.


Anonymous said...

Such charming language. Intriguing. Feigning intelligence, while using slang "cuss words" and making baseless, easy remarks that are easily disproven by doing what they claim others aren't doing. Reading your blog.

I an only assume that this person just showed up and posted that remark for no particular reason, assuming out of infantile egocentric behaviour, that since she was not willing to read, no one else was either.

And technically, shouldn't you only capitolise "yahoo" if it is a proper name for a person, place or company? I mean, you don't capitolise the "b" in "boy" do you?

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

This person wanted fifteen minutes of fame but only managed to get five minutes.

Anonymous said...

People still say "darling"? Could it have been Phyllis Diller? Or maybe Chloe from the Psychic Network wanting us to call now for a free reading?

I have a longshot to put forward here. This sweetie who messaged would say your IP Address is # ******* Drive. Hahaha! (Actual street address asterisked for privacy concerns).

Democracy is a charming form of government that dispenses equality to equals and unequals alike. That "filth" is Plato. The internet is also a forum where every joker has a voice. This heckler is of those. Some impressive people have actually visited your blog. Since it's the quality that counts, pay no mind to this a*****e. Don't dumb it down and start talking about new drapes or something. Keep doing what you're doing. Some of us work too hard to comment daily, but we are reading.