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Ford is in!

What did Smitherman and all the other liberal elite think the overburdened citizens of Toronto were going to put up with? More taxes, waste and sloth? I bet they are now in a foul mood over Hog Town's outright refusal of socialist waste and rhetoric.

Also worth reading:

This year, Toronto officially became a "minority majority" city. 

Last night, Rob Ford was elected mayor of Toronto.
The fundraisers I attended for Rob Ford were among the more "multicultural" events I've ever been to in my 20+ years in this "multicultural" city. 

But the local media is trying to spin the Rob Ford victory as the last gasp of the Angry White Male. 

And there were lots of Angry White Males all over Twitter last night, believe me. 

They'd all voted for George Smitherman -- an urbane, left-leaning failure at every (government) job he's ever had. 

Smitherman also has a "husband" and a son. 

Someone decided to make an issue of that on the last day of the campaign. 

Smitherman supporters were outraged at these displays of blatant homophobia, and tried desperately to ignore the fact that the ads and flyers (regardless of their dubious origins) were addressed -- not to Angry White Males, but to Muslims and Tamils. 

Who don't approve of "gay marriage" anymore than Angry White Males do. 

The other "funny" meme, the one that was really popular in the hours leading up to the vote tally? 

"Gravy train." It was Rob Ford's catchphrase. He vows to cut off the gravy train that saw, among other things, a retiring counsellor throwing himself a 5-figure farewell party during a recession. With taxpayer money


North of the border, a fat white right-winger beat a gay liberal to get elected Mayor of Toronto and the media have fallen back on how his landslide is the last gasp of old, vengeful, angry white males...

In the very year that Toronto became a "majority minority" society, a liberal homosexual (and married gay parent) goes down to a far greater defeat than any of the Trudeaupian establishment predicted. Well, who do you think voted against him, geniuses? A few months after 9/11, I was strolling along the Boulevard de Maisonneuve in Montréal. Across the street there was an "adult" shop with its window full of very explicit gay sex paraphernalia. Struggling past it, laden with shopping bags, was a Muslim woman covered from head to toe. It's not hard to figure where we're going: In ten years' time, the Muslim woman will still be here, along with many others. The gay sex shop will be gone.

I guess those ballot sheets in twenty-four languages and extensive trolling for votes reaching out to minorities did absolutely nothing for the upper middle-class white liberals and their "ideals".


Omar Khadr is a sociopath:

In the midst of a deadly firefight in Afghanistan in 2002, a 15-year-old Omar Khadr — believing his death was at hand — wanted to kill as many Americans as he could, jurors heard Tuesday as they prepared to pass sentence on the Canadian-born man newly convicted as a war criminal.

A jury comprising seven U.S. military officers listened intently as U.S. prosecutor Jeff Groharing read into the record the 50-paragraph agreed statement of facts containing a detailed description of the crimes to which Khadr pleaded guilty the day before.

The statement described how Khadr, with U.S. soldiers on his doorstep in Afghanistan, tossed the Russian-made F1 grenade from behind a wall, dealing a mortal head wound to Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, who succumbed to his injuries 12 days later.

"Khadr threw the grenade with the specific intent of killing or injuring as many Americans as he could," Groharing said....

In the statement, Khadr — who pleaded guilty to five war-crimes charges, including Speer's murder — admitted to being "happy" at the news that he had killed an American soldier, and would take comfort in it while in custody at Bagram Air Base outside Kabul.

"Khadr indicated that when he would get 'pissed off' with the guards at Bagram, he would recall his killing of the U.S. soldier and it would make him feel good."

Khadr has also admitted to receiving terrorist training throughout his late childhood and early teens during travels with his father, an associate of Osama bin Laden, in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"Khadr considered himself to be an active member of al-Qaida and he shared the same goals as the organization, which are to target and kill all Americans — whether civilian or military — anywhere they can be found, and to 'plunder their money,'" the statement read.

Let me stress how much I do not want this mongrel back in the country. How can anyone reading that article not understand how monstrous he truly is. He is not a "victim" or a "child-soldier". He knew full-well what he was doing and was happy to do it. This is not someone who should return to this country.

Because he is Ezra Levant:

It’s all true. Omar Khadr admits to being a murderer, a terrorist, a spy and an al-Qaida member.
Monday, he confessed this to a U.S. war crimes court, also confessing he was motivated to kill Americans and Jews.
Khadr murdered U.S. army medic Christopher Speer. Speer’s widow, Tabitha, sat in court Monday weeping, comforted by her sister.
Her name almost never appears in the love letters to Khadr published in Canada as “news reports.”
Khadr tried to kill Sgt. Layne Morris, too. He was blinded in one eye. Morris was also in court. I bet you haven’t heard his name before. I bet you won’t read it again.
Because Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris interfere with the mainstream media’s project of turning Khadr into a Muslim saint.

Is someone planning on making a movie about Mrs. Tabitha Speer? I would rather hear how she dealt with the loss of her beloved husband than about the sociopath who killed him.

I think the French are getting tired:

Oil refinery strikes in protest against French President Nicolas Sarkozy's unpopular pension reform eased on Tuesday, with walkouts ending at several plants and unions sounding more open to talks with employers.

In another sign that long-running public protests against a two-year rise in the retirement age are losing steam, only a few hundred students showed up for street marches in Paris and other cities, the number reduced by half-term autumn holidays....

Prime Minister Francois Fillon said strikers should now back down as the protest movement "no longer has any meaning."

Economy Minister Christine Lagarde, who has estimated the cost of the refinery strikes at 200-400 million euros a day in lost production, said that should not knock France's 2010 growth off course. She also praised the CFDT's gesture to MEDEF.

"I salute the return to reason and to dialogue," Lagarde told Radio Classique. "To put talks on the table, to discuss youth employment, senior citizen employment and examine the underlying problems that are worrying young and old people, that's really a turning point and I think it's a good thing."

Energy Minister Jean-Louis Borloo said supply was back to normal at around 80 percent of the country's petrol stations.

The UFIP oil lobby said France had imported 100,000 tons of fuel products a day over the past week, up from 25,000 tons a day in normal times.

In the southern city of Marseille, garbage collectors went back to work after a two-week strike and began clearing some 10,000 tons of maggot-infested refuse piled in the streets.

A surge of families leaving town for half-term school holidays put extra pressure on petrol pumps at the weekend, fraying people's patience with the fuel shortages.

An Ifop opinion poll on Tuesday showed that 59 percent of those surveyed were opposed to fuel depot blockades.

 And now, Edith Piaf:

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