Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mid-Week Post

For the middle of the week.

I think even the CBC knows it's useless but that is irrelevant as long as it still gets money from the taxpayer:

It always seems to be the political left telling us how we mustn't be frightened of change, but it's ironic how reactionary those same people can be when their beloved institutions are questioned.

Such is the case of the CBC, which has enjoyed a position of unquestioned status for so many years now. 

But times may be changing. Abacus Data has just revealed the results of its extensive survey of public attitudes towards the corporation, and what comes across particularly clearly is that the overwhelming majority of people do not trust the state broadcaster.

More specifically, most people, irrespective of politics, believe the CBC should be more open on salaries and spending. This money is, after all, paid to them by the hard-working Canadian taxpayer. So if we don't trust them with our money, why should we trust them when they tell us what to think, how to behave and - let's be honest here - how we should vote?

When questioned, only 17% of this representative and wide-ranging group knew how much money the CBC was given each year, and many of them had no idea at all. Just as significant, more than 60% were shocked when they were told just how much cash the state broadcaster was given.

It is, by the way, $1.1 billion. More than a thousand-million dollars of your money, given to highly paid broadcasters to make shows telling us how stupid we are, how awful the Americans are, how we should be more understanding of Islam, how Christianity is stupid, how your military tortures terrorists, how terrorists are actually militants, and how militants are justified.

And now, the only time when the CBC mattered:

If you really wanted to stop bullying, you would enroll your kids into tae kwon do classes. This has nothing to do with bullying and the real girls' blouses bullies know it.

Kim Jong-Il is a fat evil man:

Such people used to get by on a rice gruel made of potato or pumpkin. Now, said the source, unable to acquire the ingredients even for this they have taken to selling their possessions in the market. Often, however, they fail to make any sales and take back home what they brought. Unable to pay the market stall fees, they are not seen again the following day.

“They have no land, no fields or such and so no hope for tomorrow,” added the source. “They came to sell their possessions in order to stay alive. But they hardly make anything and can expect little beyond the destruction of their family or death.”

According to defectors, many North Koreans learned that they would have to fend for themselves at the time of the ‘arduous march’. Some of them made it to China and South Korea and subsequently let it be known that it was possible to live well in those places. But the general population is for the most part adapted only to the North Korean system and unable to escape the daily hardship brought about by the country’s continued economic misery.

It is agreed: North Koreans think Kim Jong-Il looks like a complete tool:

A source in Pyeongsong, South Pyeongan Province, reports, "People in Pyeongsong see Kim Jong-il in his routine jump suit style of dress and ridicule him as a pot belly." As they suffered starvation and malnutrition, North Koreans would wonder aloud how Kim Jong-il maintained his paunch. 

(Thumbs up)

If you wish only to shack up then you shouldn't be called husband and wife. Remember- you made the conscious choice NOT to commit the way other adults do:

Quebec Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier said Tuesday the province is determined to defend its citizens' freedom to choose before the Supreme Court of Canada when it hears an appeal of a decision that opens the door for common-law partners to collect alimony.

The issue is especially touchy in Quebec, where almost half of all couples don't get married.

And now, Japanese mythical creatures and the Euro crisis in LEGO.


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