Friday, August 16, 2013

But Wait! There's More!

There always is.

Fidel Castro proudly admits supplying North Korea with military aid:

North Korea gave Cuba extensive military support in the 1980s, former President Fidel Castro said on Wednesday as the United Nations investigated a cargo of hidden Cuban arms discovered last month in the hold of a North Korean ship.

Castro, who turned 87 on Tuesday and is rarely seen or heard from in public these days, gave his people a lengthy glimpse of his thoughts in a column dated Tuesday and run in all official media on Wednesday. Topics included the origin of man, relations with the Soviet Union, the assassination of U.S. President John Kennedy, and the death of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

A U.N. team arrived in Panama this week to check the cargo of 240 tons of "obsolete defensive weaponry" Cuba has admitted were on board the seized North Korean vessel for possible violations of international sanctions on the Asian country.

Panama seized the ship in mid-July as it made its way from Cuba to the canal with a cargo of 320,000 sacks of Cuban sugar, under which the weapons were discovered.

Cuba said the weapons were being sent back to North Korea for repair and included two anti-aircraft batteries, nine disassembled rockets, and two MiG-21 aircraft, all Soviet-era military weaponry built in the middle of the last century.

Castro, perhaps in an effort to explain his country's close ties with North Korea, said on Wednesday that Cuba turned to its friends for military support in the 1980s after Soviet leader Yuri Andropov made clear his country would not intervene if Cuba were attacked by the United States.

"We decided to ask other friends for sufficient arms to field a million Cuban fighters," Castro wrote.
"Comrade Kim Il Sung (who died in 1994), a veteran and exemplary soldier, sent us 100,000 AK rifles and accompanying ammunition without charging a penny," he said.

Cuban officials have been mostly quiet on Panama's seizure of the Korean vessel, but not Fidel Castro, who ceded power to his brother Raul after taking ill in 2006.

Fidel, one day you'll be dead, mourned sincerely only by Pierre Trudeau's son and Kim Jong-Eun. The devil, on the other hand, will be waiting for you with a smile on his face.

Ezra Levant confronts clueless and irrational environmental activists; hilarity ensues. More to come.

Leave these people in some Third World hellhole. Let them know, firsthand, what it means to not have running water, food, fuel, freedom...

The list, it does go on.

Related: seven protesters against Line 9 in Ontario face more charges:

Also related: the director of the documentary, "Gasland", changes his initial story:

Josh Fox is the creator of the film Gasland and the person behind the celebrity bus tours of small Pennsylvania towns supposedly harmed by fracking. Ever since the release of Fracknation, a film critical of anti-fracking efforts in general and Fox in particular, Fox has avoided responding to criticism by claiming he has not seen Fracknation. [Full disclosure: I donated $25 to the film's production.]

But this week something unexpected happened when a public radio station in Aspen asked Fox directly about a scene in the film. First Fox became agitated and attacked the film, then he changed his story about his involvement in a land lease (to another lie it turns out), then he admitted he knew the scene in question. Finally, Fox begged the interviewer to go "off the record."...

When the interviewer refuses to go off the record, Fox spends the next five minutes complaining that Fracknation is not journalism and should not be taken seriously. Of course he offers no specifics. Asked near the end of the interview if he is willing to answer questions about Gasland via email, Fox suggests he does not have time and once again asks for the interview to be ended so he can talk off the record.

As to Fox's claim about being a part of lease negotiations and having "dropped out" prior to signing, the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance states that Fox was never part of their lease negotiations.

Well, that must be embarrassing.

Kathleen Wynne's idea of "a warm and fuzzy school year" usually involves gay porn in some way:

Premier Kathleen Wynne insisted Thursday all the bad blood is over between the Liberal government and Ontario teachers and students should have a protest-free, extracurricular-enriched school year.

In fact, she said it was one of her priorities when she became leader this past January to "repair that relationship" with teachers and they've gone some way to doing that.

"It is always my hope that parents and teachers and everyone in the education sector will have a terrific year," the premier said. "It's important that the government and the people who are working with our children are on the same page."

She said she expects kids will have "full access" to extracurricular activities this fall.

And they will buy it.

Abolish teachers' unions.

If this happens, it would be The Awesome:

‘That would be wonderful!’ Hugh Hewitt wants to draft Mark Steyn to run for Senate

Punch this douchebag in the face:

After tweeting the above statement that a number of Coptic churches that have reportedly been burned across Egypt should have expected that reaction from Morsi supporters because the Church supported the “coup,” Turkish journalist Mahir Zeynalov got some backlash that perhaps he should have expected. Zeynalov then deleted the original tweet, and went in search of a kinder, gentler way of saying the same thing...

The Coptic Christians- who have been in Egypt long before the Muslims, I might add - will always be the targets of abuse and murder. I suppose this "journalist" doesn't understand that.

The next time someone tells you that Planned Parenthood is a poor, little non-profit organisation that helps women, remind them of this:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today announced the winners of $67 million in “Navigator” grants. So-called Navigators will “serve as an in-person resource for Americans who want additional assistance in shopping for and enrolling in plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace this fall.” We know that Planned Parenthood has extensive experience in receiving taxpayer money from the government, but will the affiliates do a better job selling Obamacare than they do providing those mammograms? ...
On Tuesday, the District of Columbia awarded $375,000 to Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., to help people sign up for Obamacare.

Americans, this is your financially and morally bankrupt nationalised health service. YOU voted for it- twice.

And now, a happy story from Israel:

Before Haim the donkey arrived at the safari, he was regularly tied up with barbed wire behind his owners’ home, where local children would abuse the helpless animal.

Haim was eventually brought to the safari in Ramat Gan, the largest animal sanctuary in the Middle East and home to 1,600 animals of different species.

Haim began a long rehabilitation process, gradually learning to trust his caretakers and even overcoming his fear of children.

His physical wounds, however, took longer to heal. His lower legs, where he was bound, had the fur rubbed off, and flies would bite his raw skin. The flies caused Haim to bite and scratch his legs, leaving sores and cuts that in turn attracted more flies. The donkey was caught in a painful cycle. ...

Two caretakers, Becca Rivkin and Shira Inbar-Danin, came up with a solution. They spent four hours stitching a special pair of pants for the donkey that are held up by suspenders over his shoulders. The pants are double-layered, with a soft stretchy material on the inside, covered by a rougher baggy material that flies can’t bite through. The two women also rub cream on his legs every day.

The special pants are working swimmingly, and Haim will soon receive pants for his hind legs as well. With his skin protected, his fur is expected to grow back quickly, and then Haim the donkey will be able to trot around bare-ass once again.

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