Saturday, August 31, 2013

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The summer, it does wind down...

Nearly fifty churches and other institutions have been destroyed in Egypt (as toys are deemed most offensive) Syrian Christians have been murdered and Obama thinks that the time to act against Syria is now:

The White House believes Congress will vote in favor of a U.S. military strike against Syria because of the threat that chemical weapons pose to the security of Israel and other allies in the region, senior administration officials told reporters on Saturday.

I find it adorable that he thinks he will naturally get the support of Congress (as he did get the support of the British... oh wait...). Even Israel was invoked. The belief that chemical warfare has been waged is not a new one, however. What was Obama waiting for? Or not attending meetings for? Who does he think will fill the void left by Assad? The same people in Egypt, perchance?

Perhaps the British, tired of Obama's contempt and rudeness, have bucked a loser for once and for all. Who needs to get involved in this mess? No one cares about Israel or Christians except the former and the latter. Obama will gladly see both hang.

It's time to stick it to him.

By the way, the president does need congressional approval for war.

Justin Trudeau is a douchebag. It's alright to say that because he is:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau isn't ruling out compensation for Omar Khadr for the time the convicted terrorist served in Guantanamo Bay.

"Omar Khadr needs to be treated the way we treat Canadians according to the rules that exist, according to the laws and principles that govern," said Trudeau, adding the former teen soldier should be treated like "any Canadian who as been incarcerated outside of the country.”

"We need to be fair to the way we treat Canadians, and if people don't like the way the laws are now, well then, they need to change them," Trudeau said.

Confessed murderer and terrorist. Admitted money-grabber. There you have it.

An old article but well worth a read:

Rejected and marginalized by a regime that has only recently begun to acknowledge their existence, disabled North Koreans live under effective house arrest and are routinely expelled from the capital, Pyongyang, defectors and aid groups say. 

Defectors now living overseas have described a society that routinely uses derogatory language about the disabled, and an almost total lack of rehabilitation facilities or social services for them. 

“In the North, disabled persons are looked down upon and contemptuously called ‘cripples’ or ‘freaks,’” North Korean defector Lee Aeran said. “This is unacceptable and unthinkable in the South, where the use of such terms could even have serious legal repercussions.” ...

Disabled babies are seen as persona non grata in Pyongyang and their families are banished from the capital city and forced to relocate in rural areas. 

“If a child is born with a disability to parents living in Pyongyang, the whole family is expelled from the capital city,” she said. 

Lee said the isolated Stalinist state wants to promote the image of Pyongyang as an immaculate showcase city. 

“Disabled babies are seen as persona non grata in Pyongyang, and their families are banished from the capital city and forced to relocate in rural areas,” she said. 

“The disabled are thus forced to live in a difficult environment that does not provide for their special needs, and that makes North Korea a terrible place to live for persons living with a disability,” she said. 

Disabled military veterans are honored, she said, while those who are born disabled or become disabled through accidents or malnutrition are despised.

And now, this is actually a cake- a Nutella cake.


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