Monday, April 28, 2014

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So cool they made him a saint.
The opening pages of the work week...

It is official: Pope John Paul II is now Saint John Paul II along with Saint John XXIII much to the chagrin of idiot anti-Catholics and American leftists who try to out-douche one another.

Like this one:

The former Ambassador related one story that demonstrated how Clinton was not aligned with the Pope. Clinton would not take a call from John Paul II, who wanted Clinton’s support to denounce leftist agendas being espoused in an upcoming conference in Cairo, including the advocating for abortion worldwide. Flynn broke all Ambassadorial protocols and flew from Rome to the White House without approval or an appointment and waited for sixteen hours until the President came out to see him and agreed to take the Pope’s call. Flynn said Clinton then called the Pope. 

Speaking of irreligious douchebags:

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Sunday that the rights of Myanmar's minority Muslim population were not being fully protected and warned that the Southeast Asian country would not succeed if Muslims there were oppressed.

Never mind that Muslims have more to fear from one another than anyone else. And then there's that pesky persecution of other religions. I have yet to hear Obama vociferously condemn that kind of persecution.

John Kerry insists his foot belongs in his mouth:

John Kerry has warned that Israel risks becoming an “apartheid state” if it fails conclude a historic peace deal with the Palestinians, in a graphic indication of his frustration at the collapse of his peace initiative. 

Israel has Arabs, Muslims, Druze and Christians living safely and equally within its borders. Neighbouring Arab states won't even treat the Palestinians with any sort of dignity. As usual, Kerry has no ruddy idea what he is talking about.

South Korean prime minister Chung Hong-Won resigns over a ferry disaster that has claimed over a hundred lives:

Prime Minister Chung Hong-won on Sunday resigned over the confused official response to the ferry disaster off the southwest coast on April 16 and the following days. ...

Chung took office just over a year ago and resigned 11 days after the Sewol sank with most of it passengers. He will stay in office until the salvage operation is complete and a candidate to succeed him has been named.

Well, this must be embarrassing:

Thousands of First Nations people became eligible for payments under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement for their experiences ranging from being deprived of their language and culture on up to physical and sexual abuse.

But a court is being told that many of the claimants allegedly have been strong-armed into handing over a large chunk of the money to lawyers and companies set up to help them fill out the complex forms needed to apply for part of the $1.9-billion settlement pool.

The charges do an end run around the court-mandated maximum fee that lawyers can levy for working on the most complex cases. The Globe and Mail reports the most that can be charged is 30 per cent of the settlement, supposedly including help with forms. The federal government pays up to 15 per cent of that fee, with the claimant responsible for the rest.

But so-called form-filling agencies have been set up at arms length from the law firms, allowing them to avoid scrutiny by adjudicators who assess whether the fees are fair and reasonable,...

I thought all of this was about justice.

Can anyone say "Phiesta"?

Two Greek organizations at Dartmouth College have canceled a fundraiser for cardiac care over concerns that the theme of the annual philanthropic event, "Phiesta," might be offensive, ...

Not the professionally aggrieved, I see.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Pogues.

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