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Friday Post

Aaahhhh... spring....
In a word, yes, the alleged scandal is dead:

Elections Canada launched its investigation in 2012, following complaints about deceptive telephone calls in electoral districts in the last general election campaign.

"Investigators have been able to determine that incorrect poll locations were provided to some electors, and that some nuisance calls occurred," notes the report released on Thursday.

"However, the evidence does not establish that calls were made a) with the intention of preventing or attempting to prevent an elector from voting, or b) for the purpose of inducing an elector by some pretence or contrivance to vote or not vote, or to vote or not vote for a particular candidate.

"The data gathered in the investigation does not lend support to the existence of a conspiracy or conspiracies to interfere with the voting process."

Who has to attend Trinity Western University? What part of Canada is North Korea?

Nova Scotia’s law society has voted to approve accreditation of Trinity Western University law school, but only if it drops the controversial policy prohibiting same-sex intimacy that some say is discriminatory.

It's also discriminatory to damn people for their opinions or choice of university. Does this go down well with the Muslims, Sikhs or Hindus, whose views on homosexuality aren't as liberal as fenced-in white liberals believe?

I ask: can undocumented Americans vote in Canadian elections?

The government is prepared to remove the requirement for all voters to show residency identification in the next election, he said, responding to widespread criticism of his plan to kill the "failsafe" of vouching for voters lacking full documentation.

This shouldn't be an issue. Let's ask again who benefits from undocumented voters. It's probably not the party pushing this legislation.

Tom Steyer, the billionaire who has Obama's leash ear, likes his fossil fuels and politicians lining his own pockets:

The key player in that effort was Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental extremist who has pledged to give $100 million to Democratic candidates who do his bidding. Though President Obama has flirted at times with doing the right thing and letting the project proceed, the result of the push from Steyer and the rest of the global warming alarmist crowd was as predictable as it was politically motivated. In a Friday afternoon news dump to guarantee minimal news coverage, the State Department announced that it would indefinitely postpone the decision on approval of Keystone.

Honestly, when was the last time a Palestinian was evicted from his tent in Jordan?

Oh wait....

A pro-Palestinian NYU group targeted Jewish classmates with threatening “eviction” notices that were slid under dorm-room doors in the dead of night, students said Thursday.

“If you do not vacate the premise by midnight on 25 April, 2014 we reserve the right to destroy all remaining belongings. We cannot be held responsible for property or persons remaining inside the premises,” read the notices, which were delivered by members of the Students for Justice in Palestine.

I'm sure the South Koreans were being polite in their pretending to listen to the Windbag-in-Chief. It's not like he matters anymore:

President Barack Obama warned North Korea on Saturday that the United States "will not hesitate to use our military might" to defend allies, showcasing U.S. power in the region amid China's growing influence and Pyongyang's unpredictable nuclear threats.

If the event wasn't tragic enough...

South Korea admitted Friday that some bodies from a ferry disaster were misidentified and sent home to the wrong families, an error that was only caught after many of the remains were brought to a funeral home.

And now, commemorating ANZAC Day.

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