Monday, June 09, 2014

For A Monday

Quickly now...

Twenty-seven people were killed when the Taliban attacked Pakistan's largest airport:

Their backpacks stuffed with food and ammunition, a squad of highly trained Taliban fighters attacked Pakistan's biggest airport in what they clearly expected to be a protracted siege.

Seven fighters were shot dead by Pakistani forces after five hours of intense gunfire at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport. Three died after detonating their suicide-bomb belts.

The Pakistani Taliban said they carried out the attack in response to air strikes in their strongholds near the Afghan border and that their mission was to hijack a passenger plane.

"The main goal of this attack was to damage the government, including by hijacking planes and destroying state installations," said Shahidullah Shahid, a Taliban spokesman.

"This was just an example of what we are capable of and there is more to come. The government should be ready for even worse attacks."

At least 27 people, including 10 militants, were killed.

The Islamist government is insufficient for the Taliban (which should give one an idea of how badly this will all end). Western nations must sever aid to Pakistan today.

I'm going to believe the reports of greater ice coverage on the Great Lakes rather than the "consensus" that global warming climate change is a way to tax everyone back into the Stone Age real:

Stephen Harper solidified his government's like-mindedness with Australia's hard-right Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Monday as the two meshed their views on the environment, job creation and political manoeuvring.

There's not a single country in the world that would take action on climate change at the expense of its own economy, Harper said as the two leaders held a joint news conference in Ottawa.

Canada wants to deal with climate change without crippling the economy, Harper said.

"No country is going to undertake actions on climate change, no matter what they say ... that is going to deliberately destroy jobs and growth in their country," he said.

"We are just a little more frank about that, but that is the approach that every country is seeking."

For his part, Abbott made clear that while his government recognizes the issue, it does not consider tackling climate change a top priority.

"We think that climate change is a significant problem. It's not the only or even the most important that the world faces, but it is a significant problem," he said.

"It's important that every country should take the action that it thinks is best to reduce emissions, because we should rest lightly on the planet."

Still, Abbott told a business roundtable later in the day that, much like the Harper Conservatives have done, he will take further actions to reduce the "regulatory burden" that often gets in the way of job creation, and pointed to the number of environmental hurdles that have been overcome for Australian business by his government over the past nine months.

When one promises to arrest a director of some obscure Youtube video rather than acknowledge that an attack on an embassy was a planned one by a terrorist group one's boss declared was "on the run" and then cried "what difference does it make?" at a hearing, one's decision to run for office must be a masochist one:

Hillary Rodham Clinton said in an interview Monday that she feels emboldened to run for president because of Republican criticism of her handling of the deadly 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

And now, Reagan the Liberator. Enjoy.

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