Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Post

Yes, it is a slow week on Parliament Hill:

Edmonton MP Laurie Hawn says the recent criticism levelled at federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay for e-mails he sent on Mother's Day and Father's Day is "utter nonsense."

This is a non-story, the kind of non-story that will change its tone depending on who tells it. Had some Liberal wag extolled the virtues of its Liberal female MPs who bred and then passed their onelings off to the nearest nanny (instead of doing what millions of Canadian mothers already do and know to be true), then none of this would be an issue. As it was Peter MacKay (or whoever in his office sends the e-mails), it's now evidence of alleged Tory unsophistication.

Remember- this is the party of graft and admiration for the "basic dictatorship" that kills female babies and pawns North Korean women off to the grimiest bidder.

SEE: government, voted for:

The “horror” stories of Hydro One customers over their bills have unleashed an unprecedented number of complaints to his office, Ontario Ombudsman AndrĂ© Marin said Monday.

So far, his office has received more than 7,900 complaints about the provincial utility’s billing practices – and they keep pouring in, he said after releasing his annual report.

One knows Justin Trudeau means to say "carbon tax", not "carbon limits", which neither prevents pollution or preserves the natural environment (if one buys the theory that carbon is a pollutant). Carbon taxes add to the cost of everything. Where one once paid four dollars for those wretched bags of milk, one can expect to pay more. Add that to the cost of everything one buys or uses and watch the standard of living deplete while the costs of living rise.

Life is sucking for Obama right now:

The Supreme Court dropped a huge bomb on the Obama administration, unanimously rebuking the President for arrogating to himself the determination of when Congress is in session for the purpose of making recess appointments.

On Thursday morning the Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that Massachusetts’ thirty-five foot protest buffer zone around abortion clinics violated the First Amendment rights of protestors....

This was one of several unanimous decisions handed down by the high court in the past two days, along with this morning’s decision about recess appointments and yesterday’s decision about warrantless cell phone searches.

And now, Baby Got Books. Enjoy.

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