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A dose of verbiage....

Rather, he's not going because he knows what another colossal disaster this is:

President Barack Obama on Wednesday evening called on Congress to quickly pass a $3.7 billion supplemental funding request to deal with the humanitarian crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

During a Wednesday evening statement in Texas, Obama also rebuffed congressional critics who slammed him for not visiting the border during his two-day swing in the state. 

" This isn't theater. This is a problem. I'm not interested in photo ops. I'm interested in solving the problem," Obama said during a press conference in DalFort Fueling, Dallas, where he had met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, other local officials, and faith leaders.

(SEE: total crock)

Obama's entire presidency has been street theatre. Has he ever faced serious vetting during or after an election? When was the last time he calmly answered a question? Has anyone ever seen him be selfless or humble? Has anyone ever noticed how he refers to himself in virtually everything? He may charm the ever-obedient popular press but by now the American electorate (which had stupidly voted for him twice even though he promised to treat the mad theocracy of Iran with ease, let four Americans die in Libya, alienated Canada and Israel, has used the IRS and NSA to repress and spy on citizens, forced an unworkable healthcare tax that has left thousands without medical care, ignored the climbing debt and unemployment rate, stood idly by as countries like Russia and China made incursions into sovereign territory, treated Islamists as favourites, threatened to act unilaterally, golfed, vacationed and treated himself while the average American has struggled to get by) has soured of his antics. One would think the deaths of four American nationals would be the straw that breaks the camel's back rather than the floodgates of illegal immigration (bringing in things like drug-resistant TB). Obama has done his best to keep his distance and others have done their best to cocoon him.

There can be no distance from this. If Obama or any leftist won't own the messes they helped make, who can be held to account - the ones who caused the catastrophe or the ones who let it happen?

I'm sure this is embarrassing:

Numerous polls have shown that Americans who are also Latino oppose illegal immigration.

Fifty-nine percent of Hispanics in a 2012 poll by the Pew Research Center agreed that, “We should restrict and control people coming to live in our country more than we do now.”

A June 2013 Gallup poll showed that only 25 percent of Hispanics wanted immigration increased, while 30 percent wanted immigration reduced, and 43 percent wanted it to stay level.

A June 2014 poll of 800 registered Latinos by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed that “77 percent [support] for an E-Verify system for employers, 78 percent for stronger border security, and 90 percent for allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status if they pass a background check, pay a fine and taxes owed, have a job, and learn English.”

A 2013 poll by John McLaughlin that included 470 registered Hispanic voters showed that 64 percent wanted employees to verify that job applicants are legal, and 59 percent wanted enough border security to block 90 percent of border-crossers. Sixty percent of the respondents in the poll said they would delay legalization of illegals until the 90 percent border-security level is reached, and 56 percent would deny welfare benefits to illegals until the border is fixed.

I'm going to defer to the side that sees how unrestricted immigration with people who are decidedly unassimiable is not good for its native-born citizens or legitimate refugees and immigrants:

Australia on Wednesday rejected accusations of mistreatment by Sri Lankan asylum seekers returned to the island nation, saying the move sent a strong message to those thinking of following in their footsteps.

Israel batters Gaza for a third day after Hamas fires rockets Israel:

Israel pressed on with a punishing aerial offensive in Gaza for a third day on Thursday, killing eight members of a family including five children in a predawn strike, Palestinian officials said, while militants fired rockets at Israeli cities.

The Israeli military had no immediate comment on the deadliest single bombing raid since the start of the offensive on Tuesday. The attack destroyed at least two homes in Khan Younis in southern Gaza, killing the eight people, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

Sixty-one Palestinians have been killed in the violence, more than 50 of them civilians, Palestinian medical officials said.

Israel says its offensive is intended to halt rocket fire at its cities from the Gaza Strip. More than 200 rockets have been fired during the campaign, striking deep into the country's heartland, it said.

I'm sure the Palestinians can find refuge in the other Arab states, like Syria or in Iraq where those pesky WMDs have finally been located and taken by ISIS.

Wait - someone let them stay in a bomb shelter? Why?

A group of Canadian MPs and senators were shaken up by air raid sirens during their visit to Jerusalem on Tuesday, the trip’s organizer said.

The four MPs and three senators were dining in a restaurant when the sirens went off, indicating rocket attacks from Hamas militants based in the Gaza Strip, said Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

“When the sirens went off, they descended to the bomb shelter within the restaurant and waited there with the others who were there until the all-clear sign came,” Fogel said in a telephone interview late Tuesday.

The Canadian group, which included members from all three parties, was able to understand some of the challenges confronting Israel, he said.

I am a firm believer in air-lifting the congenitally stupid to the globe's hot spots and leaving them, even if they learn nothing from the experience. For far too long, such idiots have insulated themselves from the illogical and/or wicked things they support. What better teacher could there be than experience? Also, it's worth it to watch these yahoos soil themselves.

Forget it, guys: it's Toronto-town:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford walked past reporters at city hall Wednesday morning with no comment after a report published in the Toronto Star claiming Ford shoved, fought and was verbally abusive with other rehab residents at GreeneStone, a rehabilitation centre north of the city.


Toronto councillors expressed outrage on Wednesday after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford intentionally slighted World Pride organizers at city hall, refusing stand for two separate ovations while councillors and city staff celebrated the successful international festival.

(Sidebar: Kristin Wong-Tam was the registered owner of the website for the notorious Jew-hating group, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. Carry on.)


So how 'normal' is John Furr, someone who histrionically screamed at Rob Ford while the mayor was trying to explain his opposition to a proposed LRT line along Eglinton Avenue? ...

Furr is a supporter of Ford's rival Olivia Chow, which the media that interviewed him, such as The Toronto Star, didn't bother to ask or disclose. While it did emerge that Furr ran a brief candidacy for the School Board, the mainstream media neglected to note his positions, such as that education should not teach facts but values.

Jack Layton was found laying naked on a bed by Toronto Police at a suspected Chinatown bawdy house in 1996, a retired Toronto police officer told the Toronto Sun. ...

Olivia Chow, Layton's wife, denied her husband had done anything wrong in an e-mail statement late Friday night.

"Sixteen years ago, my husband went for a massage at a massage clinic that is registered with the City of Toronto," Chow wrote. "He exercises regularly; he was and remains in great shape; and he needed a massage.

"I knew about this appointment, as I always do."

What a festering pile of excrement Hog Town is. It would need a solid reason to avoid a disaster of Biblical proportions to keep it standing. It just would.

And now, the awesomeness of tae kwon do:

(Merci to all)

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Anonymous said...

"Wait - someone let them stay in a bomb shelter? Why?"

Because dead men learn nothing, and they certainly don't speak. Also, we are above letting people die just to preach over their bodies.

Though I wouldn't be opposed to making the run-and-hide process a bit slower so as to let them experience more.

Also, it's my understanding that as of late, our country has been supportive of Israel.

~Your Brother~