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A happy Bastille Day to all.

Mais oui!

Mesdames et messieurs, La Môme, Edith Piaf.

But not all is parfait in France:

French interior minister Manuel Valls condemned "with the greatest force" attacks on two Paris synagogues Sunday by pro-Palestinian protesters who broke away from an otherwise peaceful demonstration.

Le Parisien reported six police officers who prevented the marchers from advancing were injured, as were two Jewish residents who also attempted to block the way, the paper said. The AP said the protesters attempted to fight their way into one of the buildings with bats and chairs. 

Gary Assouline, a former reporter for Le Figaro who lives near one of the synagogues, live-tweeted the incident, saying that members of the rue de la Roquette congregation were forced to stay inside for more than an hour as the assault occurred. He linked to a video posted by another resident that showed the scene 20 meters away from the building.

There is nothing peaceful about being barricaded in a house of worship. That sort of thing is expected in Iraq. In a land where streets are cut off due to Friday prayers and teachers are stabbed to death, this sort of thing will be considered normal.

(Make your own Picard facepalm here)

It's not the first (or, sadly, the last) time some ignoramus or a group thereof have attacked and/or blamed Jews for the trouble Hamas puts its own people in, as evidenced below:

Israel can do nothing, it seems, without scathing from a select community of the deliberately blind. No one understand that if Israel so wished, it could wipe out the entire Palestinian population in the West Bank. That it goes out of its way to warn and minimise injuries and deaths (ergo, not at all bloodthirsty) is just lost on those who side with the worst sort of fanatics.

If there is any ray of sunshine in this it is that the Palestinians only hurt themselves in the end:

A rocket fired from Gaza hit electricity infrastructure in Israel that supplied power to Gaza, cutting power to about 70,000 people in Gaza.


While Canada calls out Hamas' use of human shields and its violence toward the nation that feeds itObama takes a different approach:

 Obama patronizingly urged both sides to display “restraint” and not be motivated by “revenge.” His special assistant and White House coordinator for Middle East affairs, Philip Gordon, was the keynote speaker at a “Peace Conference” in Tel Aviv under the auspices of the Haaretz newspaper. With rockets disrupting the conference, Gordon slammed Israel for failing to come to terms with the Palestinian Authority and dismissed Netanyahu’s security concerns – pointedly ignoring that PA President Mahmoud Abbas had just consummated a merger with Hamas, which his government had effectively sanctioned.

Related: the same administration that now shows a callous disregard for its former ally has deemed it necessary to pour investigative resources into- wait for it- an outhouse float:

The U.S. Department of Justice has joined the discussions over a controversial float in the Norfolk Independence Day parade.

The department sent a member of its Community Relations Service team, which gets involved in discrimination disputes, to a Thursday meeting about the issue. Also at the meeting were the NAACP, the Norfolk mayor and The Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

The Odd Fellows organized the parade. One of the floats included a zombie-like mannequin standing near an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library.”
The float’s creator, Dale Remmich, has said the mannequin depicted himself, not President Barack Obama. He said he is upset with the president’s handling of the Veterans Affairs Department.

Lackeys of the African dictator don't need to exercise the same restraint a nation under attack must.

That is the Narcissist-in-Chief for you.

Liberal voters will be getting not only the government they voted for but the enormous budget, as well:

Ontario's newly elected Liberals steamrolled ahead Monday with the same big-spending budget that triggered the June 12 election, despite opposition warnings that the $130.4-billion plan will trigger a downgrade of the province's debt rating and lead to massive public-sector job cuts.

The US has made claims that a Chinese national living in Canada has been stealing air craft secrets:

The Department of Justice has charged a Chinese executive living in Canada, Su Bin, with stealing sensitive info for Boeing and Lockheed Martin warplanes like the C-17 cargo hauler and F-22 fighter. Reportedly, Su partnered with two people to hack into the aircraft makers' networks and either pass along or sell any secrets to interested parties in China.

Leftists/liberals create a political environment in which they not only eat each other but whose ideologies eat themselves:

Since race is merely an idea—a pinch of invisible magical dust held lightly between the thumb and forefinger—I can close my eyes, wiggle my nose, click my heels, and reconstruct myself as a black man of pure dark-chocolate 100% swampy sub-Saharan ancestry, and I don’t care if you like it or not. No, actually, I do care if you like it—in other words, I will MAKE you like it. And since none of you will be able to find my black parents, I will also register as an orphan, depending on whether I qualify for government assistance based on that status. I would think that being a poor black orphan would be worth—what?—at least $500 combined monthly from local agencies and President Obama’s personal stash? I can be whatever I want to be, and you can’t stop me, and that’s my right, and I’ll take it all the way to the Supreme Court, so don’t push me, or I will call you a hater and get you fired from your job.

If only people weren't so obsessed with the ideas of race and gender just accepted what they saw with their own eyes. 

It would also help people weren't douches to people who thought differently from them.
The Fur. That is all.

The Germans have won their fourth World Cup against Argentina in a drawn-out game in Brazil.

Good for them.

(Merci to everyone)

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