Wednesday, January 28, 2015

But Wait! There's Even More!

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited Kim Jong-Un to Russia for the anniversary celebrations of the end of the Second World War:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Moscow next year to mark the 70th anniversary of the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War, the Kremlin’s spokesman said on Friday.

It would be Kim’s first foreign visit since taking the helm of the reclusive east Asian state in 2011. His personal envoy came to Moscow last month in the framework of efforts by the two Cold War-era allies to improve relations. ...
Moscow needs North Korean co-operation in boosting natural gas exports to South Korea as Gazprom wants to build a gas pipeline through North Korea to reach its southern neighbour.

(Sidebar: we'll give you the g-d- gas, South Korea.)

I wonder if the portly lad will broach this delicate historical subject:

A North Korean who tried to bring a drunk Soviet lieutenant to justice said, “I cannot forgive the Soviet soldier who raped my wife. Many such perpetrators went unpunished. Though another lieutenant colonel urged the Soviet military police to punish the perpetrators to maintain military discipline several times, his words went unheeded, the report said.
The 25th Primorsky Krai unit commander of the Soviet Far East Army arrived at Pyongyang Airport on Aug. 26, 1945, and described the Soviet army as liberators. “Remember fellow Koreans! Your happiness is up to you. You have achieved freedom and independence. Everything is up to you now,” he said. The report, however, quoted the commander as threatening to hang half of the Koreans” if they rise up against the Soviet army in protest of their abuses.
The commander held a party with his subordinates for 22 hours in a row in downtown Haeju on Nov. 16, 1945. A fire broke out and burned houses, but he said the fire was an act of arson committed by dissidents and received 300,000 yen as compensation.
The report quoted another Soviet colonel as saying privately, “The Korean people were enslaved for the past 35 years. It’s okay for them be enslaved a little longer.

In the words of the very mortal and eternally damned Stalin:

" ... Can't he understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometers through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle?"


Visitors to North Korea's Rason special economic zone soon learn of company managers' desire to resume business with Japan and South Korea, which have slapped sanctions on Pyongyang. This is clear evidence of supreme leader Kim Jong Un's drive to reduce North Korea's reliance on China and find new trade partners.

Yeah, that's not going to work.

 North Korea is a pariah, one which China and Russia will still deal with, but a pariah nonetheless.

The Kaesong free zone has been a financial black hole and China has already divided up Rason for itself.

Only the basest companies might entertain doing business with North Korea and might be willing to lose money over it.


(Sidebar: if you're not getting your info on North Korea from One Free Korea, you're doing it wrong.)

Just a reminder: Obama did not attend the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz because he had to go to Saudi Arabia.

"Hitler did not win."

In an effort to appear smug and uninformed vigilant, a Maclean's reporter beclowns herself:

"One thing that you failed to mention is that the man who was saying these things was also Aboriginal."


Ezra Levant's sterling work on Nancy Macdonald's appalling lack of journalistic effort and integrity:

While stroking her ego, Miss Macdonald has shot a hole in her credibility, ignored real issues and has made it possible for real incidents of racism to be ignored in the future (SEE: the boy who cried wolf).


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