Saturday, April 04, 2015

Holy Saturday

I remember a sermon given during an Easter Sunday Mass quite some time ago.

I will paraphrase it heavily here.

There was a boy named Peter who attended Sunday school. He was a weird little kid who had an odd way about him, not making eye contact and such. No one thought too much about him.

On Palm Sunday, the kids attending Sunday school were given Easter eggs in which they were to place an item relating to Easter or spring.

The next Sunday - Easter Sunday - the kids presented their eggs to the class. One girl placed a flower in her Easter egg because flowers started blooming in spring. Another boy placed a rock in his Easter egg to symbolise the boulder moved from Jesus' tomb.

When Peter's egg was opened, the teacher, the parents and the other kids saw that he had put nothing inside it. Eye-rolls could be detected on the Richter Scale. Peter had either fundamentally misunderstood the directions or had not bothered to do the assignment.

"Okay, Peter, why is there nothing inside the Easter egg?"

Peter looked up.

"Because when they opened the tomb, there was nothing inside it."

Think about it.


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