Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Tuesday Post

Something for after Easter Sunday....

The trial of Mike Duffy has begun today:

Suspended Senator Mike Duffy faces a maximum of 212 years in potential prison sentences in addition to possible fines if convicted on all 31 charges.

First of all, no one in Canada ever serves a sentence like that. It's laughable to even mention it. Not even murderers get sentences like that and they've actually killed people.

Secondly, as appalling as these charges are, the former and current premiers of Ontario have bankrupted the province, hired people to delete incriminating details and continued a controversial sex education program partially developed by a convicted child pornographer. The NDP owes the Canadian taxpayer 2.7 million dollars. Two of its members went against Canadian interests when they appealed to the Americans to stall on the Keystone Pipeline.

Don't even get me started on how the Fils plans on destroying this country.

Is political corruption only wrong when some people do it?

It's time to de-fund the United Nations:

Palestinian fighters clashed with Islamic State militants in a heavily contested Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital on Monday as a United Nations official described the situation in the embattled camp as "beyond inhumane."

Since ISIS' capture of major Iraqi cities last year, thousands of Christians have fled their homes. In November 2014 alone, ISIS murdered 2, 206 people. Eight thousand rare books have been destroyed in Mosul.

Yet the UN is more concerned with Palestinians not even other Arabs care about.


Just as in Kenya, Islamists murder Christians:

Islamist Boko Haram militants disguised as preachers killed at least 24 people and wounded several others in an attack near a mosque in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, a military source and witness said on Monday.

With these atrocities in mind, reflect on Obama's words this past Easter Sunday to remind one's self what a horrid douchebag he truly is:

“On Easter I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian I am supposed to love. And I have to say that sometimes, when I've listened to less-than-loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned. But that's a topic for another day,” the President said to a laugh from the audience.
Was it Christians who separated Muslims from Christians and then proceeded to murder the former?

Obama is wasting no opportunity in being vile and petty in the last two years he has in office. The Americans are too weak-willed to remove him from power.

Rand Paul has thrown his hat into the ring:

Sen. Rand Paul launched his 2016 presidential campaign Tuesday with a combative message against both Washington and his fellow Republicans, declaring that "we have come to take our country back."

Good luck with that.

And now, while skate-boarding here is insufferable, it's liberating in Afghanistan:

When Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich first visited Afghanistan in 2007, he knew he had to do something.  Wheeling through the streets of Kabul, he was struck by the number of kids working the roads, begging for money. As he saw it, the youth of Afghanistan had clearly been hit hard by the country’s 30 years of conflict. He was also stunned by how restricted the young girls were—they couldn’t play sports or ride bikes due to their prohibitive clothing.
(Sidebar: you don't say.)

But skateboarding, he realized, could provide a solution. So he and his friend took their three boards and started letting the kids play, teaching them to carve sidewalks and do kickflips. That’s how he started Skateistan, a non-profit that uses skateboarding as a hook for education and empowerment. ...

The most heart-warming example I found was from Fulford-Dobson’s first photo. She spotted this beautiful 7-year old determined to master the board gripped in her “tiny hennaed hands.”

(Sidebar: henna is for brides. Carry on.)

But that ferocity resonated in other ways as well. One year after attending Skateistan’s Back to School program, she had not only advanced three grades—enough to enter public school with her peers—but was still coming back to ride in her free time. The story makes me so happy. Since Skateistan launched, skateboarding has become the #1 sport in Afghanistan with female youth. And just reading the quotes from other girls at the facility, like this one, should warm your heart:   

 “When I’m up there, I feel free, like I’m flying. I like that feeling a lot.” – Hanifa, 14, Afghan Skater


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