Monday, September 19, 2016

A Word About the CPP

The Canadian Pension Plan, or CPP, was introduced in 1965 and came into effect in 1966. It is a government-run pension.

It is taxable:

CPP payments are considered to be taxable income.

So, when the government tells you that it is going to "increase workers' retirement benefits will raise the limit on eligible wages by 14 percent" and that Canadians will have to wait until 2025 in order to experience the full effect of these roll-outs, one should be asking why he or she let the government screw him or her over.


Keen to boost returns, Canada's second-biggest pension fund is financing and overseeing the construction of a new 67 kilometer (41.6 miles) public transit system in Montreal, the third largest automated transportation system in the world behind those in Dubai and Vancouver.

It will own and operate the track once it has been built.

The venture is a bold move by the Caisse - more familiar with bond prices and rental yields than ticket fares and commuter habits - and one fraught with risks.
You know what you're doing, Quebec.

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