Thursday, September 01, 2016

But Wait! There's More!

There is for the first day of September...

Yes, but Trudeau loves China. Canada, not so much:

...  The resource economy, mineral extraction in the north and oil and gas in the west, is the last bastion of well-paying private-sector jobs accessible to workers without advanced degrees. Consider the jobs that will accrue from the massive up-front investment — upwards of $50 billion, given the various projects currently stymied — in pipeline construction, refurbishment and expansion.

Even given the continuing collapse in the price of oil, pipeline capacity in 2015 virtually matched the supply of 3,981 million barrels a day, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers notes in its 2016 outlook. By 2021 an additional 850,000 barrels a day will be on-stream, with nowhere to go but the rails. Every additional month that passes without new pipeline capacity to tidewater has a social cost, in the billions in lost government tax revenue, corresponding to higher deficits and, ultimately, a lower living standard.

The Liberal strategy so far has been to remain aloof, while imposing new layers of oversight that will supposedly yield broad public acceptance of the need for pipelines. It isn’t working; indeed the opposite is happening. And now Trudeau is in China, laying the groundwork for a bustling  future trade in oil for which Canada is utterly unprepared.

It's no accident that the Energy East pipeline talks were stalled and fifty-six deals worth over a billion dollars were signed.

The National Energy Board is, after all, run by Trudeau.

Trudeau is loathe to criticise China or Norman Bethune, Mao's favourite useful idiot.

What, exactly, has China guaranteed Canada?

According to the article, China's new agreements with Canada are similar to the ones China signed with Australia and New Zealand, ones that cost Australia jobs and reduced tariffs.

There has been no change in Kevin Garratt's situation and Trudeau bravely declined to comment on China's militarism in the South China Seas.

This is why the rest of Asia needs a new pan-Asian alliance. Hand-Puppet-Boy is nobody's special friend.

Um, yes:

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch wants to know what her supporters think about vetting would-be immigrants and refugees for “anti-Canadian values.”

Maybe Miss Leitch could show some backbone and not go where the political wind blows.

Immigrants who don't acclimatise often make excuses for their stabbiness.

The public demands some action:

74 per cent of Canadians support more security on Middle East immigrants, and 39 per cent of Canadians want fewer immigrants overall.

Ontario Liberal voters want this:

The Ontario transportation ministry said in a news release that the fee hikes are necessary to help maintain roads, bridges and highways across the province.

The cost of an original driver's licence and of renewing a driver's licence, including the driver licensing fee as part of the enhanced driver's licence, will increase from $81.50 to $90.

The cost for renewing a licence plate in southern Ontario will increase from $108 to $120. The cost of renewing a licence plate in northern Ontario wil rise from $54 to $60.

"Updated fees help maintain the province's transportation infrastructure and provide resources to help keep Ontario's roads safe," the ministry said.

Other fee increases are scheduled to come into effect on Jan. 1, 2017. 

What happened to the taxes paid on gasoline, as well as municipal, provincial, federal and hidden taxes?

Can't we just take it out of Kathleen Wynne's pension?

In 2008, Obama promised to meet Iran without pre-conditions:

The United States and its negotiating partners agreed "in secret" to allow Iran to evade some restrictions in last year's landmark nuclear agreement in order to meet the deadline for it to start getting relief from economic sanctions, according to a think tank report published on Thursday.


I'll believe it when I see it:

Donald Trump’s latest deportation priorities could target more than six million individuals for immediate removal, according to a Washington Post analysis. If elected president, he said Wednesday that his administration would also seek to bolster staffers devoted to immigration enforcement.

ISIS cannot be destroyed fast enough:

Former hostages say an Arizona woman slain by Islamic State militants remained steadfast in her Christian faith and stood up to her captors despite being tortured, raped and verbally abused.

Four ex-hostages who had shared cells with Kayla Mueller spoke publicly for the first time in an interview with ABC News set to air Friday.

Frida Saide of Sweden and Patricia Chavez of Peru and Belgium were among the women held with the 26-year-old Mueller for six weeks at an abandoned oil refinery in Syria in 2014. They said guards targeted Mueller more than other prisoners.

“They would scream at her and they would, you know, blame her for everything that America has done in the world,” Saide said.

Leftists are the same no matter where one goes:

What also resonates in Straub’s book is how disturbed he was — as I also was — by the incapacity of so many South Koreans on the political left to perceive the danger North Korea represents to the peace, prosperity, and liberty their parents worked and fought so long and so hard to achieve. Korea is as polarized as we are becoming. Its left is very far left; its right is very far right.

Very much like the later generations in the West whose comfortable lives were often punctuated with pointless and very needlessly vocal causes (cough-transbathrooms-cough). Having always had peace and prosperity, they can appreciate it nor the struggle for it as their parents and grandparents who worked hard and said little did.

But on principle, the South Korean left should be shaken from their idiotic insistence that North Korea works. If starving droves of North Koreans are trickling (now flooding in these days) into the country, that should give them a clue.

But, instead, it's easier for the left to go all psycho hose-beast than ever admit that he or she was wrong.


And now, dogs at the water-park. Enjoy.

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