Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Week: Venez Divin Messie

The Lord will give you a sign in any case: It is this: the young woman is with child and will give birth to a son whom she will call Immanuel.

An explosion in Jordan has killed ten people, one of whom was Canadian:

A Canadian tourist was among 10 people killed Sunday and her son reportedly injured when gunmen attacked a castle in Jordan that dates back to the time of the Crusades.

Normally, this sort of thing happens elsewhere in the Middle East.

Like in Yemen where forty-eight people were killed.

The powder keg that is the Middle East just got larger.

Yeah, "mentally ill". That must be it:

A 29-year-old mentally ill man is in jail on charges that he killed two of his sisters in a south-end housing co-op Friday night.

Musab A-Noor is charged with first- and second-degree murder in the deaths of Asma A-Noor, 29, and Nasiba A-Noor, 32.

A-Noor was arrested near the scene Friday night and transported to hospital for minor injuries.

The accused killer is suicidal and refused to leave his cell at the police station to make his first court appearance Sunday morning.

Because excuses.

Why get off of drugs when the taxpayer provides them for no charge to the junkie?

Nine people died from overdoses in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside overnight, says Vancouver’s police chief.

Chief Adam Palmer made the announcement on Friday morning, and joined Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson in calling for the provincial government to shift its focus from harm-reduction to addiction treatment in fighting the region’s opioid crisis.

Don't even bother. People embraced "harm reduction" instead of treatment and now they can own the drug-addled corpses that are fast littering the place.

The minister for the entitlements of fat white chicks who want MOREMOREMORE status of women was caught spending $1.1 million on new offices:

Status of Women Minister Patty Hajdu approved a $1.1-million price tag to build a new suite of offices for herself and her staff earlier this year, even though she was told the cost might raise some eyebrows.

This Patty Hajdu:

Kellie Leitch’s pitch to change the country’s laws to allow Canadians to carry pepper spray for self defence has drawn the ire of the federal status of women minister.

Patty Hajdu’s office issued a statement to The Huffington Post Canada on Friday in response to Leitch’s proposal to protect women by amending the Criminal Code, calling the idea “unrealistic and offensive.”

... says the broad who wasted taxpayer money on a whole suite of offices because money.

"Knocked around"? I mean - the entire article is a fluff piece. How many times has the compliant popular press noted how super-duper popular China's favourite puppet is?

“He and I had a conversation about being knocked around by the media because — present company excluded — that’s the experience that I’d had for years of people just slamming me and saying ‘he’d never become prime minister,'” Trudeau said.

That might have something to do with the fact that Pierre's son is a useless g-d- mouth-breather who has proven time and time again what an incompetent and repellent bit of excrescence he is.

It's like he can't help himself.

Speaking of China's puppet...

During the transition, plenty of people who make a living studying North Korea from abroad predicted the system’s demise, doubtful that a Swiss-educated Chicago Bulls fan with no military background and none of the revolutionary myth of his forebears could retain control of a country run by hard-line octogenarians.

But he has.

(Sidebar: yes, it's called brute force and it's what his grandfather and father used to keep the North Korean people in line.)

What does one mean that it's a wonder Kim Jong-Un defied the odds and remained in power? Is anyone poised to take him out? China, perchance?

But... but... Brexit!

The original story, published on November 30th by Personal Finance reporter Brian Milligan, reported brightly that “Christmas 2016 may be the cheapest ever”. It cited research by Good Housekeeping, which has been publishing a Christmas dinner index since 2009.

Tracking eleven essential ingredients, Good Housekeeping calculated that a family of six could tuck in for as little as £2.48 per head this year, provided they shopped around for the best prices. If buying all the items at a single store, shoppers would get their best deal at low-cost retailer Aldi, where they could gather all the necessaries for just £22.03.

Milligan also cited separate research on Christmas trees, which can be bought for a mere eighth of their price in 1975, when Britain held its last European referendum.

Three days later, however, the BBC ran a new and entirely contradictory story, this time claiming that prices were up by an astonishing 14 per cent. The supposed “uncertainty caused by the UK’s Brexit vote to leave the European Union” was in the dock by the fifth sentence; a theme the BBC would return to again and again throughout the article.

The publicly-funded broadcaster arrived at its sensational “costs rise 14 per cent” headline by throwing out Good Housekeeping’s methodology of going by the best available prices and instead working from its own “average prices”.

The BBC also added items not included in the original Good Housekeeping index to their list, which just so happen to have gone up in price since 2015.

And now, a medieval carol, "Nowell Sing We", to be antiquely festive.

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