Monday, November 06, 2017

A Word
"My God, let me know and love you, so that I may find my happiness in you."

Much has been said about the twenty-six victims of a shooting at a church in Texas (which could have been avoided) but the thing that garners the most disgust is the unjustified attack on prayer.

I don't recall hearing that prayer would be a cure-all for this particular tragedy but it would not hurt either, say its proponents.

Its opponents, on the other hand, are fervently and obscenely against such notions:


When hashtags were issued to secure the release of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, did anyone say: "Shove your pasty white armchair liberal platitudes up your ample backsides, you lazy, sanctimonious @$$holes?"

Perhaps not quite in those words .

If prayer is meaningless to these "brave" Twitter warriors, what, then, does twiddling one's thumbs over a mobile device screen  constitute? There were no girls freed because of emojis. There were no rescue parties sent out from the safety of the West. In fact, nothing was done. It was a pointless gesture from people who regard doing the bare minimum of reading a news headline and re-hashing it as actual work.

Shallowness is its own virtue, I suppose.

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