Saturday, November 04, 2017

The One Hundredth Anniversary of the Worst Mistake Russia Has Ever Made

The October Revolution (according to the Julian calendar), prompted by a blustery, syphilitic lawyer with no regard for human life and who was smuggled back into Russia by the Germans, took root in tsarist Russia and from there began over seventy years of mass murder, famine, torture, oppression, war and economic ruin.

None of this has any effect on people who think that communism is just groovy. They have never had to stand in breadlines, rely on silly cartoons to discover how the other half of the globe lives, had their countries taken from them because of assassination and war, or watched as half of their population was simply wiped out of existence.

Those who live soft lives end up soft-headed.

If the Russian experience (and the several that followed it) taught them nothing, undergoing it might do the trick.


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