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Oh, dear:

Liberal MP Geng Tan hand-delivered a letter to a top official at the Canadian embassy in Beijing and personally spoke to Chinese authorities on behalf of a Liberal Party donor who has been charged with money laundering and the fraudulent sale of hundreds of millions of dollars in securities to Chinese citizens.

Chinese-Canadian businessman Xiao Hua Gong, also known as Edward Gong, was arrested in Toronto last week and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has charged him with fraud over $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime, laundering proceeds of crime and uttering a forged document. None of the allegations have been proven in court.

On June 1, Mr. Tan acted as an intermediary for Mr. Gong, who at the time was under criminal investigation by the RCMP, Ontario Securities Commission [OSC] and China's Ministry of Public Security in connection with a $466-million pyramid scheme.

The rookie Liberal MP delivered an unsigned letter from Mr. Gong to Cindy Termorshuizen, the deputy head of mission at Canada's embassy in Beijing, according to an OSC affidavit filed in a Toronto court.

Ms. Termorshuizen turned the letter over to the RCMP liaison officer in China, who forwarded it to investigators in Canada, the document says.

The affidavit said Mr. Gong denied in the letter that he was running a pyramid scheme and promised to co-operate with investigators in both countries.

He claimed he was "running a legitimate marketing and sales method called multilevel marketing and direct sales" of health-care products in China. A former Canadian ambassador to Beijing, David Mulroney, expressed surprise that the Liberal MP would approach the embassy on behalf of Mr. Gong, and praised Ms. Termorshuizen for giving the letter to the Mounties.

"It suggests a pretty shocking misunderstanding on the part of the MP on how our system works," Mr. Mulroney told The Globe and Mail on Thursday. "It is the kind of thing you do in China … when you try to use your prestige or connections to smooth something over. It is not how things are done in Canada."

But, nowadays, what is the difference?

To wit

At home in Ontario, his activism barely raised an eyebrow. 

(Sidebar: because Canada.)

But when a quiet-spoken Chinese dissident travelled to the country of his birth last year, security officers shadowed him for weeks, booking hotel rooms next to his, even following him to breakfast. 

Before he left, they also had a disturbingly direct message: Stop condemning the Chinese government to Canadian media, or the family he had come to visit would face the consequences.

“They said if this (critical) story comes out in the Canadian press, then you are responsible for the life of your relatives,” he recalls.

That's right. The communist government of China would really appreciate it if one didn't bring up the forced abortions, infanticides, arrests of political dissidents, the fact that over ten thousand people were killed in Tienanmen Square, the corruption, that drug use among officials is on the rise, how it monitors its employees living overseas, the organ trafficking, its support of the Kim dynasty in North Korea, the sexual abuse of North Korean women and their forced repatriation, the censorship, the staggering pollution, the industrial espionage, its South China Sea expansions, the cheap labour, its support for Pakistan, that its leader thinks he is better than Jesus ... basically anything China does to make sure that the world does not have nice things. 

The Canadian government has done its level best not to stand in the Chinese bully's way:

Why hasn’t the Trudeau government released this report to the public?
Perhaps because it totally contradicts their effort to convince Canadians that the Communist Chinese government is kind and benevolent.

And why should it stand up to China? After all, like his father, Justin admires China's dictatorship:

"You know, there’s a level of of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say ‘we need to go green fastest . . . we need to start investing in solar.’ I mean there is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he can do everything he wanted that I find quite interesting."

He admires the hell out of its money:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the top draw at a $1,500 Liberal Party cash-for-access fundraiser at the mansion of a wealthy Chinese-Canadian business executive in May. One of the guests at the event was a well-heeled donor who was seeking Ottawa's final approval to begin operating a new bank aimed at Canada's Chinese community.

The Globe and Mail has learned that wealthy Chinese businessman Zhang Bin who, with a partner, donated $1-million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the University of Montreal Faculty of Law weeks after the fundraiser, also attended the event. Mr. Zhang is a political adviser to the Chinese government in Beijing and a senior apparatchik in the network of Chinese state promotional activities around the world.

Trudeau doesn't understand the nature of evil? Hardly. He doesn't care.

Apparently, neither do the voters (if they know what's good for them.)

Also - Chinese Christians are brave enough to ignore Xi:

Christians in China's city of Wenzhou are ignoring the official ban on Sunday School classes -- and have vowed to continue teaching children about Jesus until believers surpass the number of atheists in the country.

Tell me that there is not a war against small businesses in this country:

An Ottawa labour council has launched a hotline to publicly shame businesses cutting paid breaks and other worker benefits after the province's minimum wage hike. 

These miniature-brained fascists forced a minimum wage onto everyone and now it has the damned nerve to complain when businesses are forced to act accordingly.

This is what happens when armchair critic communists pretend to understand how the economy works.


Wynne naively seems to believe Ontario businesses can absorb that significant a hike to the minimum wage without consequence over such a short period. ...

Last September, Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office issued a report estimating as many as 50,000 people could lose their jobs in the province if the Liberal government proceeded with an accelerated minimum wage hike – and that teens and young adults would be hardest hit. ...

The Joyce family in Cobourg, regardless of their relative wealth, run a business, not a charity, and if Wynne had bothered to check her own labour ministry’s website she might have learned it’s not uncommon in Ontario for employees to be required to lunch on their own time, and own dime. ...

So, based on the fact few Timmies are unionized, appearances suggest the Joyce family had been generously providing paid meal and break times, and after looking at the books, decided they needed to reduce costs to offset rising expenses. That’s how you stay in business, and keep people in their jobs.


It’s not clear yet how much employers or insurers will save on prescription costs now that the provincial treasury is picking up the tab for child and youth drugs, the health ministry says.

You've just transferred the costs to more people.


Nova Scotia is losing family doctors to other provinces, notably New Brunswick, because of the "antiquated" way it pays for their services, says the president of Doctors Nova Scotia.

On Saturday, a group of family doctors met in Dartmouth to discuss different options of being paid for their work.

"We're in an antiquated model right now where the majority is fee-for-service, so it's a volume-driven service. Nova Scotia has to consider options other than fee-for-service or salaried models that don't really, frankly, do much for anyone," Dr. Manoj Vohra said.

Well, this must be embarrassing:

A former Ontario high-school principal will face charges of professional misconduct later this month on allegations that she tampered with the provincial literacy test.

Christine Vellinga, who was a principal with the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board, north of Toronto, is alleged in a notice-of-hearing document to have, among other things, called 21 students back after the test was over to complete parts they had missed, and directed them to specific areas of the booklet. Andrew Burke, the acting vice-principal and a teacher, and teacher Gregory Quinn face similar charges.

A disciplinary panel of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) is scheduled to hear Ms. Vellinga's case on Jan. 26. Hearing dates for Mr. Burke and Mr. Quinn have not yet been set.

The college did not disclose the name of the school. ...

It is alleged that in March, 2016, Ms. Vellinga "inappropriately administered" the OSSLT by reviewing test booklets to identify incomplete ones, according to the OCT's notice of hearing. The college alleged that Ms. Vellinga called 21 students back.

Ms. Vellinga is also alleged to have directed the acting vice-principal, Mr. Burke, to instruct students to complete specific parts of the test booklet.

She is alleged to have told one student, "You were never here."

Mr. Burke is accused of reviewing test booklets, providing the principal with the incomplete booklets and directing the students who were called back to the parts of the test they had not done. It is alleged that Mr. Quinn reviewed test booklets to identify the ones that were incomplete and returned those ones to the principal. ...

Ms. Vellinga was suspended for 20 days without pay in 2016, and demoted to a vice-principal position at another school. Mr. Burke was suspended without pay for 10 days, and Mr. Quinn was suspended for five days without pay, according to the notice of hearing.

"The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board was very concerned when it learned of allegations of test tampering," Ms. Stevenson said in an e-mail statement. "We immediately conducted an investigation, reported the incident to the Ontario College of Teachers and addressed the issue directly with those involved."

Standardized testing in Ontario has been the subject of debate, with teacher unions questioning its merits. Supporters say it measures how students are learning the curriculum and keeps the education system accountable. But critics say some people use it to rank schools, and that it puts pressure on children, teachers and administrators, and has a negative effect on the learning environment and student well-being.

Liz Stuart, president of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association, said her union believes the test should be eliminated and the funds redirected to the classroom.

"We believe resources currently being allocated to [standardized testing] initiatives should be reallocated to the classroom to directly support student achievement on a day-to-day basis," Ms. Stuart said.

Why? So another kind of fraud could take place? 

You can boot a senator from the caucus but you can't boot her from the truth:

Sen. Lynn Beyak, who famously declared “some good” came out of Canada’s residential schools, was removed from the Conservative Party caucus after refusing to remove a “racist” comment from her website, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer said Thursday .

Everyone knows that the Indian Act is one long gravy train that has served to keep aboriginals poor and paint-huffing. 

One can kick Senator Beyak from anything one wants but Big Aboriginal will still want a pay-out.

Prove me wrong.

Pro-lifers need to get a clue and start sticking it to the same corrupt government that is happy with no abortion law and zero accountability:

A Toronto anti-abortion group is alleging in federal court that the government is violating its rights by requiring it to endorse reproductive rights in order to access a grant for hiring summer students.

(Sidebar: note the use of the phrase "reproductive rights" by this hack. Biased much?) 

Starting this year, the federal government is requiring Canada Summer Jobs applicants to check off a box attesting that the organization’s core mandate respects “individual human rights,” with reproductive rights specifically mentioned.

The Applicant Guide says the attestation reflects the government’s commitment to human rights and Charter case law. “The government recognizes that women’s rights are human rights,” it says. “This includes sexual and reproductive rights — and the right to access safe and legal abortions.”

The court document, filed on Thursday by the Right To Life Association Of Toronto And Area, says the application process makes it clear the request won’t even be considered if the attestation box isn’t checked off.

And right they are to oppose this because this is bullsh--.

No government has the right to legislate what one regards as right or wrong, especially a government that regards the mutilation of girls and women as "not barbaric".

One could go on with the filthy, sleazy Liberals and their endorsements of misogynist practices and cultures but right now, Canadian pro-lifers need to get it together and create their own internship programs with co-operating private businesses. Let the government know that the average Canadian needs it the way a Great White shark needs a bodyguard.

Iran may be on the cusp of great social change but the popular press would never depict it as such:

What’s Canada’s role in all this? Why is the west so quiet about this uprising?
The Liberals have always had the wrong policy on Iran — of appeasement. They want to keep their options open. It’s economic.

The others pay lip service, but they want to see where their interests go. Most have investments in Iran … Germany, France, the Netherlands — their people go there, even though there are people with dual nationalities in prison in Iran. They do nothing. We have Iranian Canadians in prison there.

Also - dabbing - it's what the kids do nowadays, except in Saudi Arabia:

A player for Saudi Arabian club Al Nojoom is apparently in trouble after his “dab” was caught on camera during a King’s Cup match against Al Wahda on Wednesday.

North Korea is just crying uncle. Don't believe it:

The rival Koreas will sit down for their first formal talks in more than two years next week to find ways to cooperate on the Winter Olympics in the South and to improve their abysmal ties, Seoul officials said Friday. While a positive sign after last year’s threats of nuclear war, the Koreas have a long history of failing to move past their deep animosity.

And now, the art of making winter kimchi. Enjoy.

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