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But Wait! There's More!

That is often the case ...

Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau's puppeteer advisor, lashes out against the multitude who suggest that maybe Justin is a moron:

On Thursday morning, after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had been widely mocked for his remark the previous Friday in which he corrected a young woman’s use of the word “mankind,” instructing her to say “peoplekind,” Trudeau's senior advisor, Gerald Butts, took to Twitter to blast critics of Trudeau, calling them alt-right Nazis.
When at first one does not succeed in convincing everyone that the perpetually un-serious Justin was joking, resort to calling them Nazis.

One would think that Gerald, as Justin's advisor, would succeed in getting the trust-fund baby to shut his yap or at least be quicker on the deflection draw.


But Gerald does have a point about that Nazi thing, though:

A Manitoba government backbencher is apologizing after calling asylum seekers a "drain on society" on Twitter and for retweeting posts that suggested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was a "scumbag."

Cliff Graydon posted a message late Tuesday saying he is undergoing sensitivity training and taking a break from social media after coming under fire for the posts.

Yes, about that: 

During Question Period, Justin Trudeau was asked a question about his law-breaking trip to the Aga Khan’s private island.

Conservative MP Rosemarie Falk pointed out that Trudeau told Veterans there isn’t any more money for them, while putting taxpayers on the hook for $200K in costs for his trip.

Then, Falk asked Trudeau when he would pay it back.
But instead of answering, Trudeau hid behind Bardish Chagger, having her answer the question instead.

Even worse, he chose to sign autographs instead of answer the question.


After Blaszczyk asked how Trudeau could take Veterans to court despite promising not to – while giving Omar Khadr $10.5 million without a court fight – Trudeau said Veterans were “asking for more than we are able to give right now.”

The comments have generated massive outrage among patriotic Canadians, and in Question Period Andrew Scheer demanded that Trudeau apologize.
Instead, not only did Trudeau refuse to apologize, he didn’t even answer the question.


Instead of waiting for the facts, Trudeau saw an opportunity for virtue-signalling, at the expense of many Canadians.

And yet, when the ‘attack’ was revealed as a hoax, Trudeau released an arrogant statement that took no responsibility for his role spreading it, and refused to apologize.

That refusal to apologize has caused anger to grow across the nation, particularly among many Canadians from an Asian background.
As a result, protests continued this weekend in Vancouver and Windsor.


In Question Period, Andrew Scheer continues to demand that Justin Trudeau repay the cost of his trip to the Aga Khan’s private island. …

Unsurprisngly, Trudeau has repeatedly refused to pay back the money.

Instead, he has pathetically tried to play the victim, accusing the Conservatives of launching “personal attacks,” – even though all they’re saying is the truth.


Two years into the Trudeau government’s term and the veneer of the “sunny ways” imagery has started to fade away to reveal a darker undercurrent of dangerous ideological division. We have seen how the steady tax increases by the Liberal government under the guise of taxing the so-called wealthiest 1% have stealthily evolved into attempts to tax the tips of hospitality and service workers. We have seen attempts to eliminate tax relief for families impacted by health challenges, such as diabetes, autism or mental health. Now, we are witnessing this same divisive and ideological movement set federal funding of youth employment in its crosshairs.

Without any consultation whatsoever, the Trudeau government began to apply an ideological litmus test to the popular Canada Summer Jobs program. This decades-old program supports students looking for summer employment by providing grants to community organizations doing programming over the summer.


Trudeau’s best excuse for his habit of sticking his foot in his mouth is to later say he wasn’t being serious. He simply shrugs it off and insists he was telling a “bad joke.”

Trudeau was just kidding, for instance, when he said he admired China’s “basic dictatorship.” Sure, someone posed a serious question — what country do you admire most? — and it appeared like Trudeau was sincerely responding. But given how stupid his answer was, he must have been kidding, right? ...

The “peoplekind” comment went viral across the English-speaking world because it’s an absurd example of the logical next steps for those pushing the dogma of political correctness. There will always be another offensive word to rid from our vocabulary, and another attack on freedom of speech in the name of political correctness. 

Trudeau can try to shrug it off as just another stupid joke. But the truth is far more revealing. 
When Trudeau accidentally lets his guard down and goes off script, we get a glimpse of the man, err, the person, in charge of running our government: a smug feminist with a dangerous agenda. 

Sounds like a scumbag to me.


There was a meandering question from a young woman who associated herself with a kind of schismatic feminist evangelical Christian church based in South Korea, and the woman used the term “mankind.” Trudeau interrupted with this: “We like to say peoplekind, not mankind, because it’s more inclusive. We can all learn from each other.” There was, of course, a video, which went, of course, viral, and everyone, of course, started shouting. ...

Canada is reduced to the butt of jokes, the world round. Maybe it’s not fair, but it is a fact, and on White Wednesday, in what you could call a debate that touches upon gender equality and the emancipation of women, we’re all reduced to arguing with one another about whether one of our prime minister’s town hall events most closely resembled a rerun of an old Jerry Springer episode, or something from the heyday of The Phil Donahue Show. Or maybe something from Doctor Phil.

It is also a fact that even if it were something as effortless as a strong and stern public statement warning the ayatollahs that we are all watching them, or some small gesture of affection and encouragement the House of Commons might make towards the Girls of Revolution Street, we are instead reduced to this.

Remember - Justin admires China's basic dictatorship:

Whatever Gui’s fate, the underlying lesson is that in China, “rule of law” is whatever suits Beijing at any particular moment. Diplomatic norms can be ignored, international practices violated, rights and freedoms disregarded and solemn promises scorned if it suits important figures in the government. A second foreign ministry spokesperson, responding to questions on the case, warned that “any foreigners in China, including officials at the foreign embassies or consulates in China, should not violate international law or Chinese law.” Whatever Chinese law happens to be that day.

None of this appears to have filtered through to Ottawa, where the Liberal government remains bedazzled by the prospect of China’s vast market and the prospects for expanding trade relations. McCallum, the former Liberal cabinet minister, was recently found rhapsodizing about the supposedly shared visions of the two countries. ...

Breaching the Liberals’ starry-eyed visions of free trade with a country of 1.4 billion consumers is a difficult task, however. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his ambassador’s outburst, noting that it’s government policy to find ways to get along with foreign countries. While Gui Minhai was cooling his heels in jail, two top Chinese officials were in Ottawa looking for ways to push forward on the trade deal Ottawa so fervently desires.

The visit didn’t get a lot of press. China is upset that Trudeau wants language protecting labour rights in any trade deal. Beijing doesn’t like being told how to deal with its workers. The two sides are seeking a way to keep everyone happy. “The idea is we want to sell more widgets in China with or without free trade,” said a senior adviser to Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Of course we do. And if that means living with China’s willingness to lock up anyone its pleases, such is life.


The Conservative Party is calling for a formal national-security review of the $1.5-billion sale of Canadian infrastructure firm Aecon to a Chinese government-owned construction giant.

Federal Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, whose department is overseeing an Investment Canada "net-benefit test" of the takeover, faced a series of questions about the contentious transaction in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

"The Chinese company poised to take over Canadian construction giant Aecon is rampant with corruption and has just been blacklisted by Bangladesh for that very reason," Conservative MP Tony Clement told the House. "We know Aecon has been awarded numerous sensitive Canadian government contracts, including working with our military and in the nuclear sector. When Bangladesh is sounding alarm bells, why is Canada staying silent and not calling for a full national-security review of the takeover of Aecon?"

Mr. Bains would not say whether the Aecon takeover by China Communications Construction Co. (CCCC), which is 63 per cent owned by China's one-party state, would be subjected to an in-depth national-security review.

Instead, he told MPs that all foreign takeovers face a national-security review when, in fact, most of them only go through preliminary security screening.

Bull. Sh--. 

This is the same government that gave this country a $3.19 billion trade deficit

Screening, my @$$.

Climate Barbie has done it again:

The federal government is proposing to overhaul the way environmental assessments are conducted in Canada, aiming to reduce red tape, provide greater transparency and allow more input from the public and Indigenous populations.

At the same time, Ottawa says it will replace the National Energy Board with a Calgary-based oversight body designed to respond to emerging energy developments that will make faster decisions guided by science and Indigenous knowledge.

Let the last part sink in.

 But ... but ... Moon promised greater dialogue! :

North Korea has no intention of meeting U.S. officials during the Winter Olympics that start in South Korea on Friday, state media said, dampening hopes the Games will help resolve a tense standoff over the North’s nuclear weapons program.  


Amid signs of a gradual thaw in inter-Korean relations and a growing divide between Seoul and Tokyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and visiting U.S. Vice President Mike Pence reaffirmed Wednesday their commitment to a policy of maintaining “maximum pressure” on North Korea days ahead of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Oh, dear:

Just one day after signing a $233 million agreement to sell 16 helicopters to the Philippines, the Canadian government on Wednesday ordered a review of the deal amid concerns the aircraft could be used to fight rebels. 

I guess they should have thought this through.


A report put out by McGill University concludes that a student's being voted off of the student council's board of directors had nothing to do with anti-semitism:

The controversy has its roots in McGill’s long-running debate over the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. At an Oct. 23 general assembly of the Student Society of McGill University, a routine motion to elect a slate of directors turned contentious.

Supporters of a group called Democratize SSMU, formed to fight a decision of the board of directors declaring BDS counter to the SSMU constitution, brought a motion to divide the election vote. In the past they had been ratified as a bloc.

The first five candidates were overwhelmingly approved, but when they got to Lew, the only Jewish director, he was rejected 105 to 73. In a subsequent Facebook post, Lew wrote, “My Jewish identity was now public, and a target was placed squarely upon me by the McGill BDS movement.”

This Noah Lew:

Noah Lew, a third year student who joined the board of the Student Society of McGill University after being elected as vice-president finance of the Arts Undergraduate Society, was one of a dozen board members who were up for ratification by a vote that was open to all students in attendance at Monday’s general assembly. ...

Earlier this year, he had been publicly identified in the protest literature of a group called Democratize SSMU, which aims to thwart the implementation by the current president of a decision taken last year that BDS was discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional.

In its writings, Democratize SSMU identified “layers of corruption” within the student government, alleging favouritism in appointing board members, then singled out three Jewish members of the board “who are all either fellows at the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, an organization whose explicit mandate is to promote pro-Israel discourse in Canadian politics, or primary organizers for the anti-BDS initiative at McGill.”

“Essentially what they did is accuse (Lew and two other Jewish students) of exercising undue political power, of being corrupt,” said Jonathan Glustein, a fourth year political science and economics student who was also targeted in the ad. He is an SSMU board member, but his term is about to end.

Democratize SSMU later apologized unreservedly, for being “insensitive to anti-Semitic tropes of Jewish people as corrupt and politically powerful.”

This anti-semitism:

One immediate fix would be for more students to take an active role in their student society. Much of the pro-BDS lobbying comes from a mobilized vocal minority — Lew’s candidacy was opposed by only 160 votes, at a school with more than 20,000 undergrads. Past online referendums suggest that most students don’t support BDS, but their inaction allows its supporters to drive the agenda.

Of course, some of these problems could be resolved by eliminating student unions and asking donors to no longer donate to these former institutions of higher learning.

A lot of walking back on this one:

The Toronto District School Board has amended its controversial policy involving trips to the U.S.
The board now says school trips to the U.S. related to student competitions and professional development opportunities for staff and trustees will no longer be subject to previously outlined travel restrictions. 

"The students are going to be just over the moon. I expect that we will be getting a lot of emails saying, 'Thank you,'" TDSB trustee Alexander Brown told CBC Toronto on Wednesday. "Really the whole point that was made in the boardroom was that we don't want to clip their wings. We want to give them those opportunities."

Last year, the board said it would stop booking trips to the U.S. indefinitely due to uncertainty surrounding border restrictions placed by the Trump administration's attempted "travel bans."

The TDSB trustees are the ones who should apologise for letting their hatred of Trump get in the way of their duties to the students. Like or dislike Trump, that is all irrelevant and unnecessary when teaching and taking students on school-related trips.

The TDSB has proven to be a great hindrance to the people they claim to serve.

Ontario Provincial Police say they will not lay criminal charges after a six-year investigation into allegations of wrongdoing by senior staff at the province’s air ambulance service.

The force says its probe of top employees at Ornge left it with insufficient evidence to support laying criminal charges.

The investigation began in 2012 and came at the request of Ontario’s Ministry of Health.

At the time the investigation launched, Ornge was under a cloud of controversy over high executive salaries, questionable spending and business practices.

Police say 58 people in Canada, the U.S. and Italy were interviewed during the probe that cost almost $250,000.

Remember - Justin laid out the welcome mat for everybody:

Harris County prosecutors say a 41-year-old Pakistani man who fled Texas where he’s charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl is being returned to Houston after he was arrested and unsuccessfully sought asylum in Canada.

Authorities say Aamir Khan was being extradited Thursday from Quebec.

The head of the fugitive apprehension section of the Harris County district attorney’s office, Kim Bryant, says Khan was “walking through the woods” in November in Canada when he was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Officials believe he was planning to return to his native Pakistan.

I don't recall Canadians of Mediterranean extraction crucifying Christians:

The man asked a clear question, asking Trudeau how his stance on ISIS would help Canadians in any way, saying “I need to know how you’re going to protect future Canadians like my young daughter 10, 15, 20 years from now when you’re letting people in with an ideology that just does not conform to what we’re doing here.”

It was a good question, a clear question, and a question obviously focused on Trudeau’s refusal to eliminate ISIS fighters overseas and instead dangerously risk the lives of Canadians by “reintegrating” them into Canada – something even his own public safety minister doesn’t believe in.
However, when it came time to answer it, Trudeau totally dodged the substance of the question, and then made a disgraceful and insulting comparison.

Trudeau started talking about refugees, even mentioning the Italian, Greek, and Portuguese community. He tried to make a comparison of past attitudes towards those communities, and then apparently link those attitudes to returning ISIS fighters.

People wanted the right to kill their grandmothers and they got it.

Why should that mean that if one elects in not killing the elderly, that is tantamount to violating someone's rights?

Free choice works both ways - or does it?

If one wants Granny gone, one should get one's own hands dirty and no one else's:

What if the patient instead asks to be killed? Then, according to the CPSO, the doctor becomes a service provider, not a professional with a different judgment, much less a citizen with conscientious objections. A doctor can refuse to prescribe the latest weight-loss drug, but must “effect” a lethal injection.

The court, in a unanimous decision, found that the CPSO policy violates doctors’ charter right to religious freedom. (It did not rule on freedom of conscience, but presumably the same would apply.) It further found that the infringement was neither “trivial” or “insubstantial.”

So the court found a serious infringement of a fundamental freedom guaranteed by the charter, and yet upheld the “effective referral” policy, finding that it was a “reasonable limit on religious freedom, demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

Yea, the Lord approveth not of thine malparkage:

There’s bad parking, and then there’s, apparently, unGodly parking.

Or so Courtice yoga instructor Greg Bradshaw discovered when he finished his class at Courtice Community Complex around noon on Jan. 29.

Bradshaw went out to the parking lot and found a business card on his windshield saying, “Hey, you suck at parking, seriously. If I see this again, I will key the f— out of your s—. Learn how to park, a——.”

It was signed from jesushatesyou.god with a picture of Jesus giving the middle finger.

“(It’s) highly offensive to anyone who is Christian,” said Bradshaw, adding he wasn’t aware of anyone else getting a similar card on their windshield.

“Being a yoga teacher, I’m Christian first, Buddhist second.”

(Sidebar: you can't be both, Mr. Bradshaw.)

And now, literal highway robbery:

The state-run China News Service reported on 1 February the arrest of a man identified as “Zhu” by media for a truly unique theft.

On 24 January, several residents of a village in Jiangsu Province noticed some unannounced road work taking place as an 800-meter (half-mile) stretch of street had been removed. However, after no such work was found to have been authorized, police began to investigate.

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