Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ethical Oil

Just finished watching Ezra Levant on "The Michael Coren Show".



Ezra Levant lays out a powerful case(s) for using the Alberta oil sands. He touches on everything from the liberal democracies of North America to Saudi Arabia to Sudan to China's dirty, bloody, oily hands. There are more details in his book, which is a must-buy, I might add.

A few quick quips:

- an oil company, Talisman, which briefly operated in Sudan, built schools, hospitals and a women's entrepreneurial clinic until it had to be shut down. The hospitals and schools have also shut down.

- Russia uses its oil dollars to oppress journalists and invade Georgia

- Greenpeace China does not criticise the communist government under which it operates (check out the web page yourself)

- Alberta caps the natural gas from the oil sands and uses it for industrial and domestic purposes. Nigeria lets its natural gas flame out, thereby increasing pollution and letting an opportunity escape them.

It's like Ezra Levant and Sarah Palin are the Wonder Twins of domestic drilling.

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